What The Crossover Move In Basketball Taught Me About Success In Business

What The Crossover Move In Basketball Taught Me About Success In Business

What The Crossover Move In Basketball Taught Me About Success In Business

I remember I would get crossed up in high school when an opponent would fake in one direction on offense…

…and then quickly change speed + direction and go past me because I didn’t expect it.

It wasn’t long until I became aware of what they were doing, and began to anticipate their crossovers to slow them down from scoring on me.

Soon my anticipation of the opponents moves led me to becoming one of the best defenders around at the time.

And later on in my college basketball career, I was able to learn how to do a professional style cross over from a friend who had great handles…

…that changed my game once I started using this super effective move to get by defenders to create enough space to take my jumpshots.

Similar to how one see’s a move being done on them by others in the game of basketball, and they find themselves unable to properly react because they didn’t expect it…

It’s a very similar process that’s happening in the real world of business and life.

We are being hit with marketing, media, and ads left and right everyday all day…

…and most people are unable to react because they don’t expect it, nor do they understand how it works.

This leads to overwhelm, stress, frustration, and a lot of other pain due to limited options.

I know, because I’ve been there too. I come from the ghetto projects of South Miami, Florida. I was born to a single teenage mom, while my father was in prison.

I know what it feels like when life sets all the odds up for you to fail, and to not succeed…

You see, I was born as a negative statistic… yet I defied the odds.

In fact, I didn’t how business worked, I didn’t know how digital marketing worked, and I didn’t know how the retail product business worked…

Maaaaan, I didn’t even know how life worked at that time.

You see, I was getting crossed up everyday and didn’t even notice what was happening…

But then, later in life I met my business mentors, later I met my business partners, and I was fortunate that they all taught me the game of business and success in life!

Now I come to share this because maybe you’re getting crossed up in life or in business, and you want to change things.

Maybe you feel it’s time to learn how to play better offense, so you can crossover in business, and create enough differentiation or separation to win in business!These are some of the things that the crossover move in basketball taught me about success in business.

Whether you’re ready or not, now is always the best time to crossover and move towards transformation.

I can help you transform your business, and your life.

Let’s talk and see how we can go about helping you become better on offense, and start scoring more clients in your business.

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