The Truth About Being An Entrepreneur

I admit there are times when being an entrepreneur has it’s challenges, and no I’m not just talking about business challenges…

I’m talking about the other sacrifices that people don’t see…
High Ticket Freedom
Truth about being an entrepreneur
Being scared to death of quitting your job because you don’t know how you’ll earn money
Having people around you that doubt you, they tell you that you can’t do it, and most times laugh at your dreams
Long days and nights staring at the screen trying to figure out how to make this thing work
Losing sleep in order to complete projects and get things done
Setting your own hours and committing to a work routine that works best for you
Sacrificing things that you want to do, in exchange for doing the work you need to do so you can live the life you desire
Becoming so focused on your goals that you lose track of what’s happening in other areas of your life
Working so hard that you begin to gain weight and forget to stay in shape
Not knowing whether or not a deal or a project will go through
Waiting months or even years for companies to say yes and do business with you
Falling down 99 times and being brave enough to get back in the game and go for attempt number 100
Spending hours researching, reading, watching videos, learning, absorbing, and becoming obsessed with your craft
Showing up to work to get things done even if you don’t feel like working that day
Being forced to learn new skills on the fly and step far out of your comfort zone
Supporting customers and clients even when you don’t feel like it
Pushing for that last sale at the end of the day when you are tired, and the market is closing down
Believing in your dreams even when everyone else around you doesn’t want to see you WIN more than them
Being willing to ignore the naysayers, haters, jealous ones, and the having ability to transform all negative energy into something positive
Understanding the basics of business language, sales psychology, customer avatar, traditional and digital marketing, branding, accounting, legalities, taxes, contracts, and more
Although being an entrepreneur has an abundance of rewards…
Like being able to earn a great living by helping solve peoples problems in real life
Being able to travel the world
Having more time to share it with people you love and care about
Being able to live a more comfortable lifestyle
Being able to wake up without an alarm clock
But you see… It does have it’s fair share of challenges too.
Like being alone with just your fears, insecurities, ideas, and dreams
Being timid of what other people think of you
Feeling like there is no point when you don’t succeed right away, and wanting to quit
Not knowing how to handle the technical aspects of business
Fear of failing and poverty
I’ve experience both sides of the token… and I’ve learned that it’s part of what comes with the game of being an entrepreneur.
So you just have to say “F my fears” and just do it anyway.
I admit sometimes as an entrepreneur, not every day is a sunny day… because sometimes it rains, thunders, and lightening strikes while you just want to stay inside, or hide in the closet…
Then there are other days when the sun is shining without a single cloud in the sky and all you want to do is be outside and enjoy the good weather…
You have to be willing to accept multiple possibilities of your desired outcome when you are an entrepreneur.
Just like everything in life, being an entrepreneur comes with 2 sides to it. A Dark side, and a Light side.
The best way to grow is to acknowledge both sides of being an entrepreneur and proceed in the direction of your dreams.
To all my entrepreneurs out there looking to make those big dreams a reality…
Keep dreaming, keep focused… and remember you’ll get to the treasure if you keep going forward no matter what.
Peace until the next post.
Your trusted online life and business guide,
Michael “Mr. Dream Bigger” Baptiste