I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror

I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror And Make A Tough Decision

I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror And Make A Tough Decision

If you had an opportunity to start your life over again with the information you have now, what would be different for you?

Would you have reached your destination sooner in life?

Would you have navigated those bad decisions you made earlier in life?

Would you have attended a different school? Or chose different friends? Or avoided certain habits?

Would you have chose a different spouse? Or waited to have children? Or had children sooner?

Would you have chosen a different career? Or started your business sooner? Or become an investor sooner?

These are questions I’ve had to face as of lately in order to learn more about who I am, and where I’m going.

I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror
I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror

You see, I was laying in a hospital bed 10 years ago depressed after having my 2nd knee surgery and seeing my professional basketball dreams go down the drain…

…then I fell into the worst depression of my life after dropping out of college, losing my $42,000 NCAA scholarship and going back to the hood in South Miami, Florida with nothing to show for it…

While down and out I decided to solve my problems by becoming an entrepreneur of some sort, and that I would also help other people make their dreams a reality.

That one decision over ten years ago completely changed my life, and the way that I view the world.

I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror And Make A Tough Decision
I Had To Face The Man In The Mirror And Make A Tough Decision

Fast forward to today, and I’m an entrepreneur who has actually gotten results for myself and my clients that I’ve worked with.

Now what does having to face the man in the mirror have to do with this session at all?

Well think back to when I was laying in that hospital bed…

…I had to decide whether I was going to continue to lay down in life, or whether I would stand up and win in my life.

Then when I made that decision, which only took a single moment, it changed everything in my life over the years to come.

What decisions have you been putting off, that if you made that decision it would change everything?

What choices have you been making that no longer serve you, or the person you are working to become?

What actions have you procrastinated on, because you somehow think that you can just put it off until tomorrow?

But with the way things are going, we are blessed to see each moment, tomorrow is not promised for anyone.

I have news for you, the person in the mirror is the one who is hardest to face.

And with where our society is, it’s becoming tougher to look in the mirror and for some folks to be flat out honest with themselves…

You see, I had to look in the mirror and be honest with myself.

And I gotta keep it one hunnit with you, it felt good to see myself and where I’ve come from and what I’ve accomplished…

But I also had to be real about the good feelings…

Because you see, things are not perfect in my life or in my business.

And to be real these times have caused so much pain for my entire family, for millions of people around the world, and so much pain in my heart for those who are suffering.

I’ve felt anger, I’ve felt sadness, I’ve felt racial pressure, I’ve felt alone, I’ve felt a lot of joy, I’ve felt happiness, I’ve laughed so hard tears came out of my eyes, I’ve felt the love of community, I’ve felt appreciation to be able to breathe, I’ve felt so many different things, and I’ve been searching for the words to say over the last few months…

…yes, I felt all of these things because I’m HUE-MAN…

…but I’ll be real…

I had to face the man in the mirror, in full truth, and I had to be honest with myself…

…I’ve been afraid of certain mental roadblocks, and I let my fears take me over for years.

That mental block is gone now, the fear is smashed!

But you see, I went on a search over the last few months, shedded some old skin, shedded some old belief patterns, adopted some new belief patterns that serve me, sharpened my skills, I went deep on an inner journey, and it’s been leading me onto a path of elevated vibrations.

I had some spiritual experiences that have been helping me gain more clarity from within as well.

I have been learning more from my coaches and mentors on how to improve who I am, and what I am producing.

I have been updating, and creating new content. I’ve even gone back to update content that I forgot to get done when things were moving at a different pace.

I’ve been working with a handful of clients, and I’ve seen some of them actually get their businesses off the ground, generate sales, generate clients, and I’ve seen some of them produce real results.

I have been working on my inner frequencies and elevating my vibrations so I can step forward and lead the people from a place of authenticity, innovation, and love to a place of personal Freedom for them!

You see, through all of my inner work I’ve been doing one thing that remains consistent is…

…the man in the mirror is the one who must remain present in this everlasting moment of now, be responsible for everything that happens in life, and the man in the mirror is the one who must understand that this life is a community experience that starts within.

Today I invite you to look within for the answers you seek starting within. I invite you to face the person in the mirror and really ask yourself “have you been doing all that you can, while you can?”

People are leaving this planned-net due to transitions of life, the pandemic, other dis-eases, and all types of malevolent acts…

…meaning the next moment isn’t promised, and all we have is NOW.

NOW is the time to do all that you can while you can, because the next moment is not promised.

Now if you’re at a place where you are trying to grow your business, and need some help with doing so – then let me help you solve some problems that you may be experiencing in your life.

I tried to do it the hard way, and struggled for years, until I faced the man in the mirror, swallowed my pride, and asked for help.

You’d be surprised how close help is, if you only ask.

So I ask you this, do you feel like you are chapter in your life journey where you want some additional help and assistance with accelerating the vision of your business?

Do you want to finally take your business online, and learn a simple, yet advanced system to help you start attracting more clients to your business daily?

I can help you, and this is what I’ve been helping people do for years.

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Remember to face the man in the mirror, and keep pushing forward!


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