how to silence your critical inner voice

How to Silence Your Critical Inner Voice

How to Silence Your Critical Inner Voice

how to silence your critical inner voice
How to silence your critical inner voice

Have you ever heard a voice enter into your mind while working that told you, you can’t do it?

Or maybe you should slow down there?

Or maybe you should stop, turn around, and go back to your comfort zone?

And have you ever had experiences where that small voice took you out completely?

If so, then you are not alone…

…and there is hope for you.

This has happened to me too many times, and I can relate to you, if you’ve been experiencing something similar.

In this article, I am going to do my best to share a few ways to help you learn how to silence that ‘critical inner voice’.

First, we must look at what is this “critical inner voice” that is so destructive and detrimental to our dreams, goals, and visions…

Based on an excerpt from they share these details about what is that inner critical voice…

“The critical inner voice is a well-integrated pattern of destructive thoughts toward ourselves and others. The nagging “voices,” or thoughts, that make up this internalized dialogue are at the root of much of our self-destructive and maladaptive behavior.” –

Now that we have a better understanding of what this voice is, let’s now tap into some ways that you can learn how to silence your critical inner voice so you can allow the bigger voice of your dreams to step up and lead the way.

1 – Visualize yourself holding a mirror up to that inner critic, and witnessing it disappear.

Most people live their lives inside of their head, and fully believe some of those rogue and bogus thoughts that come to their mind.

The next time you find yourself in a situation where thoughts appear that don’t actually serve your higher purpose…

…imagine yourself holding up a mirror to those thoughts, and then visualizing the thoughts disappearing as they look at themselves, and realize that they too are not real.

You’ll be surprised at how effective this one tactic is.

Now let’s push forward into other strategies to help you learn how to silence your critical inner voice.

2 – Imagine sounds of laughter, static, or a crowd of people around drowning out the sound of that critical inner voice.

As the small voice begins to snowball into all types of malicious thoughts, imagine that there is a growing sound of people laughing, or static, or even a crowd of people cheering.

Soon you’ll find that you can’t hear that voice anymore, and that it is overtake by the other sounds of people laughing, static, or a crowd of people yelling.

While this one may seem too simple to be effective…

…it is a real tactic that actually works.

Shoutout to my client Matt who is a professional phycologist who taught this to me during one of our coaching sessions.

With that, let’s proceed forward to learn how to silence your critical inner voice.

3 – Imagine yourself turning down the ‘sound dial’ on the voice of that inner critic.

This one is just that simple.

Visualize a giant volume dial, and visualize that volume being connected to your silent inner critic.

Then visualize yourself turning that volume button down to zero.

As you do, visualize the sound of that small voice getting more and more quiet, until you can’t hear it anymore.

This one is simple, and it works momentarily.

You are making good progress, now let’s step forward to the next tactic to help you learn how to silence your critical inner voice.

4 – Think about your accomplishments, achievements, and things that you have done in your life and career.

When that small voice comes into play, it can be a real killer to your success and ambitions.

One effective strategy is to remind yourself of all of the things that you’ve done over your life and career that you can be proud of.

It may even be smart to write down a list of your accomplishments which you can refer back to during moments like this one.

Doing this will quickly stop that invasive intruder, the “Critical Inner Voice” of the mind, dead in it’s tracks.

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”

~ Dr. Seuss ~

5 – Think about the people in your life who love you, cheer for you, celebrate you, and want you to win in life.

Most of our problems are imaginary, and most of us live our lives thinking about things that won’t happen.

But what about the people we share this life experience with that care about us?

Is it fair to let that small voice take us over, and ignore the people who are praying, thinking, and wishing the best for us?

You see, the people in our lives make life an interesting experience, and the people who love you want you to experience good things in life (I hope).

When that critical inner voice comes up again, remind yourself of the people who love you, and the fact that they want you to win.

Doing this is very effective, and one of my ‘go-to’ tools when it comes to silencing that critical inner voice.

These are some simple ways to learn how to silence your critical inner voice that have worked for me in the past.

Keep in mind that this voice comes through to effect us in all areas of our life, from personal, recreational, community, family, personal relationships, dating, communication, career, and…

…one of the most common times where this takes place is during the process of building your start up business.

I know because I’ve been there, and now we have been able to help many people around the world create companies that solve problems for others.

If you are looking to grow your business, or turn your ideas into a digital product, high ticket products, or a retail product… then let’s talk because this is what I’ve been helping my clients do for years.

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At this point if you got value from this article, then please share below, what was one of your favorite ways to overcome that critical inner voice.

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Thanks again for tuning in today.

I’ll see you in the next episode.

Wholeness, high vibrations, and GREATNESS,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste