How To Design Your Dream Lifestyle

How do you go about building and ultimately living your dream lifestyle?

This is a question that has puzzled many ambitious, serious, and self-motivated people since the dawn of this modern capitalistic system.

A great question that I will do my best to answer in this article, and as all of my content – you can be sure that this will be based on my personal experience with creating a lifestyle based business, traveling all around the USA, and the world for the last 3 years.

First things first when you choose to set sail on the journey to designing your dream lifestyle is to clarify what excites you.

It’s not about what kind of stuff do you want to accumulate, but more so what kind of experiences and memories do you want to create?

Next question my young grasshoppaif you had $100,000,000 USD in the bank right now, what would you do every single day that excites you?

High Ticket Freedom
Do what excites you?

Would you visit a theme park each day? Would you go to a movies each day? Would you share more time with family and loved ones? Would you do exactly what you are doing now? Would you travel to as many cities around the world as you can? Would you play worlds of Warcraft all day until you morph into the highest level creature you could?

It’s up to you, but you must get clear on what makes you excited, and what you would do each and every single day.

There is an exercise that I walk my clients through that helps them create the perfect future for their life – it’s an exercise I call “Your Best Life Today”

So the jist of that exercise is this… say you have that $10,000,000 in the bank right now, what would your best life look like today? Meaning if you had to live that same 24 hour day again and again – what would it look like from the moment you wake up, to the moment you lay it down to rest at night?

Once you get clear on that, then comes the next step of gathering your FREEDOM numbersThis is a very powerful tool I learned from a good friend of mine name David Schloss. Here is a link to his Facebook profile, let him know I gave him a shoutout, by the way he’s one of the best in the world when it comes to Facebook ads. If you need help, tell him I sent you and he’ll take care of ya. 😉 

Getting back to our session here… Yes, you must identify what is your freedom number.

high ticket freedom
What is your freedom number?

This is simply tallying up your expenses each month that you need to live a good life, and then double that number to ensure your expenses are covered and that you have a cushion. From there, the next step is to identify how much money do you need in order to go on for the next 6 months, and then the next 12 months.

I advise setting up additional amounts of money that you will set aside for things like giving back to others, and investments for example.

Once you identify these individual numbers, you are one step closer. Yes, it’s that simple – so let’s move forward.

OK, now that you’ve nailed down what excites you, and you understand what your freedom numbers are… the next step in building and living your dream lifestyle is the process I have coined the ‘Inner Me, Inner Key’.

I won’t dive too deep into this because this is our powerful process we walk our clients through in order to help them create a clear vision, and perform internal work that will help them crystalize their vision.

A lot of trainings miss out on this ‘Inner Me, Inner Key’ system for one reason or another. But in fact – this is one of the most important components of success in life and business. Your inner world is a major component of success in all that you do.

high ticket freedom
Do you have the key to high ticket freedom?

There is an ancient universal law that states ‘As above, so below’.

What is created in your internal reality is what will be reflected in your outer reality. How does one go about changing their internal reality? Goals, affirmations, and incantations are a good place to begin. But beyond that most people get stuck because they don’t understand how to apply the most powerful universal knowledge that can change everything for them.

We do, and we share with our clients the effective tools and strategies inside of our High Ticket Freedom Academy

Essentially if you can shift your inner reality and inner knowing to the reality that you have the object of your desires – then you can eventually have it in the physical realm.

Keep in mind these are only ingredients in the recipe that is the ‘Inner Me, Inner Key’ system.

When you set your goals, create your affirmations, and recite incantations then you move a step closer to unlocking your ‘Inner Me’ and reaching your dream lifestyle. I always recommend mixing in the right attitude and perspective so you can persist and overcome all challenges as they come along.

But these are not merely enough – no. You must add a few more ingredients to bake this success cake. Those include determination, resourcefulnesswillpower, all out consistent and great action, and others.

How do I know? Well these are literally the ingredients I’ve used in my success. They have worked for me, and they have worked for 100’s of clients from all over the world. Please keep in mind that not everything will work for everybody, so what I do is make suggestions and provide strategies that have worked for me. It’s up to you to decide what will work for you based on testing, experimenting, and gathering your own results.

So what else is there in this process of building and living your dream lifestyle?

I don’t have time to dive into the rest of the strategies and tools to use for ultimate lifestyle design

This article was solely meant to enlighten you, and share with you straight forward ideas you can implement to go about building and living your dream lifestyle.

If you enjoyed this article, then please let me know below – what was your favorite thing about this article, and which tool/strategy do you feel can help you the most? Please share your opinion below.

Like all good things in this life, this awesome article must come to an end. If you do want to learn more about building your dream lifestyle? I highly recommend joining our High Ticket Freedom online business training academy.

Check out the High Ticket Freedom Movement here

I hope you enjoyed this article, and find the tips shared inside practical.

That’s all for now, remember if the dreams you are dreaming can be accomplished in this lifetime – you are dreaming too small. I challenge you to dream bigger.

~ Michael Baptiste ~

Peace until next time.

Your trusted online life and business guide,
Michael “Mr. Dream Bigger” Baptiste