How to create your legacy

How To Create Your Legacy

When you think about your legacy, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Based on my experience legacy is about the wealth you acquire, it’s about the words and thoughts people have about you when you are gone, it’s about what assets or liabilities you are leaving behind for the people that come behind you.

So how does one go about building a powerful legacy that they can be proud to pass on?

In this post I’ll do my best to enlighten you on the first few steps on how to create your legacy.

First and foremost decide what it is you want, and get clear on WHY you want it. Without this clarity, nothing will happen with anything you try to do. So always have clear desires and clear intentions before you begin anything in your life.

When it comes to creating your legacy there are several components you should focus on in your creation process. We will discuss only a few components in this article that I believe can help you to get started.

What are you going to be doing in order to grow your wealth?

This is the first step in your legacy, which is understand how the economics work of your chosen venture.

Most people don’t know the basics of business and entrepreneurship, which is why I always focus on the foundations of anything.

The foundations of any business are what kind of sales is your business going to be making?

Are you going to be making recurring/subscription based sales or transactional based sales?

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For example, when you go to buy a Mercedes Benz car you are making a one-time transactional purchase.

Versus when you sign up for Netflix you are making a subscription based purchase.

The difference is that you have to get a new customer each time for your transactional business, and with a subscription model you are selling products and services over and over to the same clients.

So before you go to create your legacy, decide whether you are going to be building a subscription based or a transactional based empire. At the end of the day it is up to you though.

Below are a few recommended vehicles for wealth generation at the high ticket level.

These include vehicles things like real estate, luxury items, high ticket consulting, high ticket copywriting services, high ticket coaching, high ticket memberships, live events, high ticket ecommerce, high ticket corporate consulting/advisory, exclusive experiences, equity/royalty consulting, high ticket courses, just to name a few. 

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A vehicle is a vehicle

At the end of the day these vehicles are just vehicles just like a car, or a train, or a plane, or a bus.

They all will help you get to your end destination as long as you know where you are going. Just be sure that whatever vehicle you choose for your legacy, that is solves real life or business problems for people.

Then once you figure out the type of business model you will pursue, next comes the brand experience and the brand feelings you want to create for your clients.

A lot of people skip over this and jump straight to the next step, but you can’t count to 3 properly if you skip the number 2.

Why should you focus on the experience and feelings you want to create? Here’s the simple reason why…

After a person experiences your product, or service – they will remember the experience and feelings they had when engaging, consuming your solution. You better believe that once they do, they will share their feedback with people around them.

What do you think will happen next? Other people will now associate your brand with the feedback they received from their friends. This means that people will be inclined or declined to take up your solution based on what they hear from other people.

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People talk, what does your brand experience communicate?

This can make or break in you most cases, so your focus should be on creating a memorable brand experience that is remarkable – meaning it causes one to remember it, and make remarks about it. The remarks people make about your business is a part of the legacy that will live on beyond you.

Now that you have the revenue model in place, and understand the experience or feelings you want to create – you have to set a mission and vision for where your company is going.

This will set the tone for what your business is looking to accomplish over the short, medium, and long term. This will also establish a vision for you, as well as your people to follow and believe in. Think of this as you creating your own ideal that you want to strive for.

These are a few key components to add into your thought process when it comes to creating your legacy.

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For now I truly hope that you enjoyed this article, and that you have a better understanding for how to create your legacy.

If you did enjoy this article, then please comment below and let us know what was your favorite component of this introduction to creating your legacy. Be sure to subscribe and follow us.

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I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the rest of our movement.

Remember if the dreams you are dreaming can be accomplished in this lifetime, then you are dreaming too small. I challenge you to dream bigger baby. Yes, dream bigger baby.

Peace until next time.

Your trusted online source for knowledge,
Michael “Mr. Dream Bigger” Baptiste

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