3 Simple Strategies For Creating High Ticket Sales On Demand

3 Simple Strategies For Creating High Ticket Sales Offers On Demand

Hey, what up!

In this post I’ll share something that’s opened up a world of instant income creation, powerful client attraction, and incredible results for my clients in a matter of days.

Let’s talk all about HIGH TICKET SALES OFFERS and how to create them to hit your income goals fast!This is only for you if you have a focus on delivering high level results for your clients, and creating more free time in your business.

We only advise our clients to create HIGH TICKET SALES OFFERS that actually provide value, and solve a real problem for others.

This is not for you if you’re looking to chase a quick buck, or if you practice the low ticket launch launch launch launch launch business model.


After seeing people come and go in this business I’ve found a few things to be true of all of them.

Each person who’s come and gone has done 1 thing wrong – they’ve focused only on selling with no intent to deliver value, or solve the problem that the person on the other end is suffering from.

They’ve only focused on making money for themselves, and not long after found themselves spiraling to a painful crash and burn…

Problems comes attached with solutions every single day.

You just have to shift you focus to seeing every problem as an opportunity to find a solution and be rewarded by your prospects and clients for finding solutions.

I’m going to dive into a few reasons now in this section as to why people will buy your high ticket offers, then we’ll move into 3 different strategies that I’ve used to create high ticket sales offers and services on demand.

1 – You provide a unique service that is unlike anything that anybody else is selling.

In a world of familiarity and monotony where the same thing is being done with a different spin on it, it seems there’s no way to set yourself apart.



The way you set yourself apart is by digging into the depths of who you are and allowing your light to shine through.

What I mean by this is allowing the thing deep within your core being that makes you unique to be put out there for the world to embrace and enjoy.

You are a one-time phenomenon in this universe – you have only happened one time, and you will never happen again the same way.

Inside of you are gifts and talents and abilities that on one else has.

That is your starting point for separating yourself from the crowd.

Meaning what you’re doing is putting your unique personality out on the front line, and using your personality to attract clients and sales to you.

2 – You scratch the scab of your markets MIP (Most Irritating Problem).

Most people don’t know they have a problem, and the other half of people will blatantly deny they have a problem until they have to see the doctor, only to find they have stage 4 cancer and should have come in sooner to see the doctor.

When your high ticket solution speaks directly to the MIP of your prospects, they’ll become far more conscious of it and begin to search high and low for a solution.

Here’s the kicker, while they become conscious of how horrible their life is – you MUST remind them over and over that you have the solution to their problem.

This creates awareness in the prospects mind, awareness to the point where even if they don’t take you up on your solution right away – they now know that you have the solution.

I’ve had people on my email list for 6 months who never joined my program before, but one day they got a job – saved up the money, and then finally joined one of my high ticket programs because they were aware of it, and I continued to promote into the marketplace letting them know about my transformational high ticket sales offer that has been changing lives around the world since 2015!

3 – You keep the focus on them and how bad their life is.

The medical and health industry is the one of the most profitable markets on earth for a few reasons…

One of them being that they constantly sell the fear of how miserable your life will be if you continue your current lifestyle, and how things will only get worse for you.

Think about it, if you’re a little overweight – doctors will tell you that you’re on the verge of being obese, so you better slow down with gaining so much weight or you’ll contract diabetes, or worse yet – you’ll suffer a heart attack.

Then to help you prevent those nightmares they recommend a prescription pill that will help you avoid those painful health issues.

Or if you have a hard time focusing for a set period of time, the doctors will diagnose you with ADHD or ADD and tell you to take these prescribed pills or else…

And in order to avoid losing your sanity, you buy and take the pills as the doctor ordered so you don’t face the nightmare of going to the crazy house.

Same applies to making your high ticket solutions sell like that A1 dope back in the 80’s.

Keep the focus on your prospects, what they stand to lose if they miss out, how much worse they’re life will become, and also how horrible reality will be if they stay on the path their on VS taking you up on your solution.

Now that we have a few reasons of the many down, let’s shift into some real world strategy and how to make it a reality.

3 Simple Strategies For Creating High Ticket Offers On Demand
3 Simple Strategies For Creating High Ticket Offers On Demand


It’s no secret that small business owners are interested in growing their business and making more money…

but most business owners don’t have time to sit in front of a computer clicking buttons and interpreting data and campaigns all day.

This is where you can come in and provide them with the help they need by letting them know how much they’ll miss out if they don’t get your help.

Best part about it is with the power of Facebook advertising, you can target local businesses in your area, get them onto a list and market to them over and over…

Let me walk you through the process…

So you decide that you want to target chiropractors and help them double or triple the amount of clients that they get coming into their business over the next 30 – 90 days.

Next create a domain or website that’s congruent with your offer ie: Miamichiropractormarketing.com or newyorklawyerseo.com – those are just a few examples to get your noggin crankin…

Then create a landing page that says something like “Are you a chiropractor? Are you interested in doubling or tripling your number of clients in the next 30 – 90 days? Leave your name and information below for the FREE quick start guide.”

Once they opt-in you send them a FREE 5 – 12 page eBook that’s really a salesletter describing to them why their business will hurt if they don’t use professional marketing services.

You also inform them on the specific solutions, but let them know that it’s super time consuming and will take them some serious time to make it work.

Then at the end your offer them the chance to reach out to you for help.

The next step is you get them on the phone and close them.

Or send them to a page with your packages described in detail as to what they get, and disclose the price on the page.

Once you close them, you deliver the service yourself, or broker the services from a master at service fulfillment.

This is one of the ways that I started handling offline clients with the use of Craigslist and Fiverr – a simple yet lucrative combination as long as you’re not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and putting in the workNow on to the next


Ever wanted someone just for you? Ever wanted all of the attention of your most beloved celebrity?

Regardless of your answer there are millions of people who will answer yes to these questions, and if you can position yourself as the person they want – then they’ll gladly throw money at you.

When it comes to positioning yourself there are 4 main types of positioning in the marketplace that really matter to help sell your high ticket sales offer

Those 4 types of positioning are:

GENERALIST – this means that you’re good at several different activities in your industry and the clients come to you for general advice.

EXPERT – you’re a go to person and someone with a specialization in the marketplace. Your knowledge is more than a generalist, and you are typically booked more than others in your space.

AUTHORITY – when you’re here this means that you’re more than a regular expert, you’ve really mastered one area and can make a visible difference in your client’s life. At this point you are far more desired than any other expert or generalist in your space.

CELEBRITY AUTHORITY – this means that you are literally famous in your industry. You are the crème of the crop, and perceived as the best in the business. This also comes with tons of perks like you are paid the most, people don’t care what your price is, and in most cases people are waiting in line and fighting for your attention to do business with you.

The fastest way to sell high price tag offers and services is to create yourself into a celebrity authority.

There are other levels of which you can apply in order to influence others, but the highest level is celebrity authority – and it’s relatively simple to create.

You don’t have to have years of experience to become a celebrity on the internet.

And you also don’t need a video to go viral on YouTube or Vine in order to become a celebrity authority and get more business so chill brah.

All it takes are a few simple strategies which anyone can accomplish.
Here are a few to start you off:

1 – Have Professional Images
Always have a professional picture of yourself online, in your media, magazines, and books. It’s also a best practice to use 1 single image for all media locations to keep the consistency of your brand.

2 – Crown Yourself
In order for other people to know you as the leader or celebrity in your space, you first have to give yourself that title and let it be known to the public that’s who you are.

3 – Be Known For 1 Thing
There aren’t many celebrities that are masters in multiple different fields. Plus when you’re first getting your status known as the celebrity authority, its best to make yourself known for 1 single thing. Trying to be the Celebrity at SEO, Article Writing, Webinars, PPC, Sales Funnels, and Media Buying will hurt your credibility more than it’ll help. Be known for 1 thing first, then add more skills if you choose to do so.

4 – Get Featured On Major News Sites
This is simple, and many people will have their biased feelings about this one – but it’s super simple. Submit a press release to major news & media outlets, then take the logos of those media companies and add them to your site, your cover photo, and so forth to increase your celebrity branding.


How many times do you lay awake each night staring at the ceiling?

How many days do you wonder how you’re going to cover all these bills, gas for the week, food, and still enjoy your life?

For most people in the financial marketplace this is an epidemic problem, and part of the reason why they want to make money online?

For some others their problems revolve around how can I get out of this constant launch launch launch mode with my business and onto something else that requires less work, makes me more money, and allows me to maintain my livelihood?

Then there are others who have the problem having good clients, making good money, but they have no idea how to create more free time so they can do more of the things they like while still growing their business income.

Well it’s these life altering and mind boggling problems that need real world and real life solutions.

My clients have to come to me with each and every single one of these problems and each time my team and I have provided solutions to them.

In your case, your market has problems right now that they are suffering from, and need instant solutions to.

All you have to do is come up with a way to permanently solve that 1 single problem for your prospect and you’re golden.

The beauty is that once you scratch the scab and let people know they have a problem, they’ll be willing to pay you any price tag for that solution.

Think of a person who discovers they have brain cancer and that swallowing a few pills won’t solve it…

That person will seek out the best doctors, they’ll fly across the world for consultations, they’ll get chemo, or undergo surgery, they’ll change their diet, and bottom line they’ll pay whatever price to save their brain and their life.In your situation, you want to be the doctor that has the solution for your patients MIP.

This involves you crafting out a powerful solution that will take your client from point A over to point B.

Here’s a real world strategy you can do right now to identify a solution to your prospects MIP…

Take out a sheet of paper and turn it sideways.Now on the left side of the paper draw a big letter A with a circle around it.

On the right side of the paper draw a big letter B with a circle around it.

In between both letters draw a connecting line to each of them.

Next create 5 – 8 individual dots or points on the line.

What will happen now is that each individual point, or dot on the line is a step that will help to solve your prospects MIP and help them go from point A (BIG PROBLEM) over to point B (BIG SOLUTION).

Think thoroughly on what exactly needs to happen in order for your prospect to go from point A to point B and think about how they can do it efficiently in the fewest number of steps.

5 – 8 steps is typically the normal number required to solve most major life issues that people experience.

Now that you have your ultimate solution it’s time to go into the marketplace and let people know that you have it.


People are going to buy high ticket offers from you because that’s their identity, they want to be around other high ticket buyers, they want the status, they want to have access to you or to the network of others, or because they want to join the exclusive community.

They also will buy because they truly do need help with growing and marketing their business online.

They need to know they are buying from someone who is an expert, a generalist, an authority, or a celebrity authority.

People want to feel confident that who they’re investing with understands their problem, and has their solution.

And they’ll pay a premium price for an expert, authority, or a celebrity authority before they pay a generalist any day – just keep that in mind.

You want to create more value and income from selling high ticket offers, this is the way that you start.

Do you want to get my help, guidance, and advice on helping you to create your own high ticket sales offers?

This was only a small taste of what our High Ticket Freedom Academy can do for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you, then please sign up for our free training – and then book a consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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Get out there and take action, and let me know if you got any questions.

I’ll see you next time.

Dream bigger baby,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. You can easily create more demand for your high ticket sales offers and services by creating a small shift in your positioning.

And once you get yourself going, you’ll quickly realize that creating and selling high ticket sales offers and services is easier and more rewarding than you can imagine.

The key is identifying opportunities, problems, solutions, and adjusting your positioning to create more opportunities for yourself.

Please comment your thoughts and feedback below, we love hearing from our readers. 🙂