Whats Mental Health Got To Do With It

What’s Mental Health Got To Do With It

Whats Mental Health Got To Do With It, Got To Do With It?
(In my Tina Turner Voice haha)

There I sat, with a blank stare looking at a ceiling while contemplating ways to end my life…

WTF is wrong with me? Why am I thinking running out into highway traffic to end it all…

I didn’t know it, but I was suffering from poor mental health.

You see, I suffered from my 2nd knee surgery, I dropped out of college, I went back to the ghetto hood of South Miami, Florida where most people in my community who believed in me – had given up on me, and I became a “shoulda, coulda, woulda” type of story where no one thought I would make it…

I wasn’t in school, I wasn’t working, instead . . . I was lost on the block, dipping my toes into the street life again, soon to be swallowed up and end up just like my father…

It was terrible, everyday I cried silent tears inside… I was a wreck… I didn’t even want to get out of bed each morning…

I literally almost quit, gave up, and felt like more alone than ever before…

It was the dark knight of my soul, and one that I’ve been able to heal from.

Whats Mental Health Got To Do With It
Whats Mental Health Got To Do With It

But, how many of us go through similar or more traumatic experiences that rob us of our sanity…

…and that send us into depressive modes of thinking…

…and that make us feel like our life is worthless and meaningless because we don’t know how to solve our problems…

…and that keep us trapped in a vicious cycle of negative thinking, negative self talk, and negative results…

Man this sucks like a vacuum cleaner!

I know because I’ve been through my dark knight of the soul… in fact, I was born in the darkness…

I had no plan, no silver spoon, no rich relatives to call on…

Because you see, I was born in South Miami, Florida to a single teenage mom while my father was in prison for being a street hustler.

I had no way out, I saw no plan for my life, I wasn’t given a roadmap on how to succeed…

Most days my mom was at work putting in 10 or 12 hours just to pay the lights and keep food on the table!

I didn’t know it, but those younger years would have a significant impact on me as an adult.

In fact, I’ve had to open up a lot of discussions with my mother about my childhood so she could learn from our past, and also learn how to heal herself. And thank god that she has learned from her mistakes, because she is the best mom in the world to me!

Anyway, just recently I had to go and seek some professional help, and education to learn how to improve my mental, spiritual, and economic lanes of speciality.

Keep in mind…

…seeking professional health does not mean something is wrong with you, in fact – seeking professional help is an effective way for anybody to improve the quality of their results in any area of life or business.


Here are a few tips on what I did to improve my mental health.

1 – Seek a professional therapist

2 – Got out of my own way by helping other people

3 – Learned about emotional intelligence

4 – Learned how to unlock more of the inner me through chakra activation

5 – Tuned into my spiritual aides (ancestors, guides, higher self)

6 – Adopted a consistent self-care practice

7 – Enjoyed more time in mother nature

8 – Surrounded myself with winners and true tribe members

9 – Talked about it with people that I trust

10 – Took consistent action in a positive direction

11 – Intentional journaling and epigenetics

Now, I know this might seem super simple to you – but these are all things that worked for me to help me see the bigger picture of my life.

However, they all took work and for me to dig deeper into the pain and dark parts of myself to shine light and love on those areas.

Recently, I overcame some major mental blocks and now I’m in full on GO MODE with everything that I’m doing in my life.

I noticed that my health is better, I’m doing more things for my business that are getting results, I’m communicating with some of my love ones more, I’m being more active on working towards my dreams, and I feel lighter!

The inner work, and inner freedom is a part of the Great Freedom Flow. This is an ideal that I created back in 2018 that is focused on helping people unlock inner and outer freedom.

You see, mental health is something that is so overlooked because we are taught to be super tough, and to be such bad@$$e$ that we forget to take care of our Generator at the top of our body…

…by this I mean your mind.

Yes, your mind is the most important thing to take care of. Like my mama used to say “Mind over matter sun”!

And so I share this with you…

Mind over matter!

If you have experienced struggles with mental health, then share in the comments so we all can know that we are not alone in this.

I know many people deal with it, I’m just the type who is fearless enough to share the inner workings of my mind with you.

For now, I hope that this helped!

If it did then great! And if it helped so much that you would like some more help with transforming your life, then let’s talk.

I’m here, I’m a good listener (my girlfriend thinks I am), I love what I do, and I would love to see how or if I can help you grow your business online and transform your life.


For now, drop those comments below so we can get the discussion popping.

Otherwise, stay tuned for my next post.

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Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste