What I Learned After Traveling To 5 Cities In 5 Weeks

The information I’m about to share in this article is something that will transform your thought process as you digest it.

This is heavy on content, heavy on real world experiences, and heavy on transformation.

There I was… 30,000 feet above the earth soaring across the United States and traveling from Miami to Las Angeles Airport.

When it hit me that traveling and flying on planes is all about 1 major thing, which I’ll get to in a moment…

So after traveling and staying for 4 – 7 days in Las Angeles, Anahiem, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, then back to Miami I learned 5 key things.

And before I get into them, I realized that flying and traveling is about expanding your mind, business, spirit, and universe.

When you travel you get a chance to meet people, to make contacts, to network, to gain new experiences, and to explore new horizons.

Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer by the way.

So onto the good stuff…

Lessons #1 – Think BIGGER

There I was sitting at a lunch table in Atlanta when the conversation started and shifted from “hey what do you do?”

All the way up to…

“Yeah we’re spending 7 figures per month in advertising…” in the most casual tone ever…

It was then and there … that my entire world shifted.

While sitting in front of one of the most successful marketers online – I was taken aback and couldn’t think properly.

It became hard for my brain to think of what could come to a person’s life if they spent 7 figures per month on just promoting their products & services…

He’d shaken up my entire paradigm speaking about 7 figures in ad spend like it was small talk…

Come to find out later on in our lunch conversation, spending 7 figures per month on advertising was literally small ball – because his friends who he was surrounding himself with were billionaires with billion dollar businesses, and billon dollar funds.

You’ve got to think big and realize there is no difference from selling a $7 – $47 product compared to a $5K or $25K product.

The only difference is you, so think bigger – ask yourself how can you deliver more value, and increase your overall net worth.

When it comes to high ticket selling online, the fastest way to think bigger is to increase your prices right now by 2X – 3X and shift your positioning so people are more inspired and compelled to pay you any prices you demand.

Since my travels I’ve added a few higher priced packages and I’m super excited about rolling them out.

Lesson #2 – Take Massive Action

The difference between long lasting success, and the short lived success most people experience… is constant, nonstop, massive action.

What do I mean by this?

I stayed in a big 5 bedroom house outside of the Las Vegas strip in Henderson, Nevada.

I stayed there in that big house because I wanted to think bigger and be more inspired to live like this all the time while traveling, and once I’m done with this digital nomad phase of my life.

Then once the event ended I stayed in Vegas 3 extra days more than I planned.

And while I stayed there for this extra time, I shared time with a 7 figure earner for the next 3 days.

We literally stayed in a 2 bedroom hotel room in a good hotel on the strip together, where we spent the next 3 days…

Sharing meals, working out in the gym, going to the sauna, juicing, masterminding, partying, and I even got to watch this 7 figure earner do a 5 figure webinar LIVE and in person.

It made me realize that the key to his success wasn’t that he was super smart, or possessed magical powers, and he didn’t have the power to fly and shoot laser beams out of his eyes.

His success was based on 2 things…

The first principle was that he focused on one simple system that worked.

The second was that he took non-stop action promoting, selling, asking, helping, and most importantly building relationships with big players in the industry.

So whatever project you’re working on right now. I invite you to take more action to get it to the market. And if you’re already selling it, then I recommend hiring a paid FB specialist like David Schloss to help you scale.

Also if you need help with webinars then for sure reach out to people like Ricky Mataka, Jay Cruiz. Mike Balmaceda, or even Jon Shugart.

All amazing guys at webinars.

And if you need any help putting together your very own signature high ticket offer, then go to High Ticket Freedom and get started.

Long story short – take massive action on getting yourself out there, and building profitable productive relationships with the best of the best in your industry.

Lessons #3 – Stay Uncomfortable

With each conversation with every single multi-millionaire that I’d met and connected with, I felt super uncomfortable – almost like I wasn’t doing what I’m supposed to be doing…

And this feeling is something that I fell in love with, and I got used to over the last few weeks.

It was a feeling that challenged me to think bigger and keep doing what’s hard in business so my life can be easier.

Sitting at different tables listening to conversations about billion dollar buyouts, how people are doing 7 figure months, and even how 1 guy has been doing million dollar days definitely made me feel small.

That feeling of being uncomfortable mixed with inspiration is exactly what I needed in order to re-program my mind and create a paradigm shift within.

So for you, with your current programs/e-Books/courses I would recommend you get uncomfortable by taking what you already have – or what you want to do…

And I would recommend crafting a high ticket offer around it.

It’s simple to do – and this is a strategy you can follow.

– Reach out to your following – maybe your current customers, your email list, social media following, etc and ask them what’s their biggest problem.

– Once they tell you – craft a solution for them to get from point A to point B.

– Explain the results of your survey and hit on pain points that people have. Deliver this content in a webinar, or a video series, or even a salesletter.

– The people that really want to work with you, invite them to apply to speak with you on a call.

– Jump on a sales call and sell them into your solution for $3K – $5K.

– In the process, be sure to include 6 – 8 points or milestones they need to reach every week in order to reach their desired outcome.

– Make each of those 6 – 8 points or milestones a week long module of training designed to help them move towards their point B.

– Deliver 1 LIVE group coaching call each week answering all questions that people have and really dig deep to provide them solutions on your weekly group calls.

– Store all of your content in a membership website, and give all members access to you on Skype, email, and in a private Facebook mastermind group.

– Once people go through your initial 6 – 8 week coaching program – offer them a chance to work with you again in different formats.

– This includes, 6 month long masterminds, yearly mastermind societies, live in person masterminds, retreats, 1 on 1, year long done for you, general seminars, and so forth. All of which you can charge between $25K – $100K or more.

Be uncomfortable and take action on this.

What I just gave you alone is priceless and can transform your entire life if you’re the person with the right set of eyes and creativity.

So there are levels to this game, and the best way to reach the next level is to stay uncomfortable.

Lesson #4 – Always Go For The Close

I’ve found it to be super interesting how most people who don’t find massive success are afraid to sell other people solutions.

While in Vegas I spoke with two brothers who have collectively done more than half a billion dollars in sales online…

And one of them told me about a small little $2K offer that they were going to sell on stage, with an invitation to a private in person mastermind at their house…

Where they would then sell a $35K offer…

I stood at the back of the room and watched to see what would happen. Before I knew it, one of the brothers came and asked me to help.

My help was handing out application forms to tell people to write the information, and how much they wanted to spend on their high ticket offer.

Before my eyes I watched as the back of the room became a herd of people, and the brothers sold roughly 6 figures in a few minutes all in front of my very own eyes…

Paradigm shift = YES!

Always be closing, and always be moving towards what you want in life.

You see, we’re all courtiers planning out our next move to advance our best interests. It’s all a big game we’re playing in right now.

There is no way to opt out of the game, so the only thing you can do – is learn how to play the game better and win.

And what I’ve come to realize is that the people who are really winning in this lifelong game and court we play in, is that they are all good or focused on closing.

Closing the sale is not just monetary, I mean close the sale on the new relationship by getting her phone number and letting her know you’ll be following up with her.

Close the sale by calling your friend and getting them to come out and watch that new movie with you over the weekend.

Close the sale by writing your goals down, and committing to make your goals a reality by take immediate massive action on all of your goals.

Closing the sale pertains to everything in life, and the first person you should work on selling is…

Yourself – sell yourself on the fact that you can accomplish your biggest goals in just a short amount of time.

“Just sell baby sell” @Eric-Louviere

Lesson #5 – Focus On One Thing

The bulk of the business you do in the 2nd 3 months of the year will come from the contacts you made in the 1st 3 months of the year.

So if you were to venture off and do something else, then all the contacts, conversations, relationships, time, energy, and effort that you put in … would be completely lost.

The most successful of all the multi-million dollar folk I met over the last 5 weeks all had 1 simple funnel, 1 simple business model, and 1 thing that they primarily focused on to bring in more income.

Of course they had multiple streams of income, but those streams only came because they took 1 simple system/funnel/model and they stuck with it until it worked before they moved onto something else.

Are you focused on 1 thing right now?

What is that 1 thing you’re focused on?

What is the most important income generation strategy in your business?

Do you have a business? How about a business plan or mission?

Do you have an idea where your business is going to be in 12 months?

Do you have any goals for yourself?

If you don’t know any of these things, or have them yourself…

Then you’re going to severely miss out on the opportunity to take everything to the next level.

This is what I recommend you do, based on my success, and the success I’ve been learning from these high level achievers and high level thinkers.

Pick 1 niche, or 1 single business model and commit to sticking to it and making it work over the next 90 days – 120 days until it works.

Then once it starts working, record your workflow process, and the things that are required to make your business grow.

A good idea is to record your screen while doing all the important things you need to do in order to grow your business, and record an entire day using Google Hangouts on air.

Then once you’ve recorded your workflow process, start hiring VA employees with specialized skill sets, and have them watch your videos to understand what needs to be done in order to grow your business.

Hire only A level players and have them do the things you don’t want to do in your business. Yes spend some real money, and hire the best you can find.

You can hire them to manage your paid FB ads campaigns, customer support, managing media buys, training other employees, managing teams, creating graphics, emailing your lists, handling sales calls, recording content, creating content, etc.

Basically hire people to do 1 specific task in your business. This way they can be super productive and get their main ONE thing done each time.

Now once you hire people to replace you in the areas of your business you don’t like, you then have more time to do things like THINK, spend time with family & friends, have more free time, and more freedom.

All it takes is focus, and 90 days to completely change your life.

I am not perfect, I’m working on building up processes in my business, so I can start team building and replacing myself.

So just because you know something doesn’t mean everything is fine and dandy.

No, you actually have to do it – apply it – stick to it – commit to it – and most importantly you have to “laser beam” FOCUS on your ONE THING.

The Wrap Up

Wrapping this whole trip and experience up in a few words, or even in this post doesn’t serve the last couple of weeks it’s due justice.

But what I do hope for, is that this article has given you some massive value, and direction going forward in your business.

Following the advice and taking immediate FOCUSED action on this article can change your financial life – and improve your life overall.

I wrote it with my heart, and with the intention to help you think bigger – and think differently.

If you’d like to learn more about high ticket offers and how I’ve been able to travel all over the USA while still running a high ticket coaching business transforming lives, then get started by going here: High Ticket Freedom.

For now comment your thoughts on this article below and let me know what you thought about it.

I’ll talk and see you soon somewhere in the world.

Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. The 5 things I learned are only scratching the tip of the iceberg. The most important takeaways are deep within this article, and in between the lines. I recommend re-reading this article again and extracting as many jewels as you can from it. And if you want to accelerate your high ticket education I recommend you get started by going here: High Ticket Freedom

P.P.S. High ticket is the way. Whatever your business model is, I highly recommend implementing a high ticket funnel, or a high ticket service to create explosive income.

P.P.P.S. There is a customer at every level in this world. Go for the customers at the highest levels and you’ll reach your goals much faster with each sale you make.