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Professional Work So Inexpensive It’s Hard Not To Make Money… 

Dear Respected Entrepreneur,

I want to show you how you can outsource for a profit, save hours of frustration, propel your business forward and make huge gains.  

You know, really leverage your time and money properly so you end up ahead of the game.

No matter if you’re new to the game or a vetted pro, if you don’t have an outsourcing team for pennies on the dollar, this message is important.

Its about time someone gave you the keys to turning outsourcing into freedom, leverage and quality so you can finally get big profits while working less.  

Let me show you why most business owners outsource blindfolded and how to avoid the most costly mistakes and incredibly painful pitfalls before you hire your team to do all your work.

But before we go into that, if you’re struggling in your business, I entirely understand your frustration. It was hard for me too….

How I Took My Soul Back From The Clutches Of Soul Sucking Work…

It started back in 2010.

Shamefully, for years and years I found myself glued to my computer struggling every moment.

The entrepreneurial dream of a good life slowly slipping away…

The list of tireless and endless tasks piled up, read tutorials, set-up wordpress, drive traffic, SEO, landing pages, video creation, keyword research.

Long heartbreaking, tedious hours of work that sucked more energy out of my soul than I had. 

I felt more desperate and alone, overwhelmed and paralyzed than EVER! 

 If you’re like me then you know all the tasks that only keep you spending money to learn and the frustrating hours of tedious work that end in banging your head against your desk just to make it though the day.

It was a nightmare, I was trapped in a cycle of piled up to-do lists with never-ending, horrifying, soul sucking work. Exactly what I was trying to get away from!

Even worse, some of the tasks on my list required skills I would need to learn to do. It was all I could do to keep my head held high.

I had it up to my ears with work!

I wanted to wake up from my nightmare but it wasn’t a dream.

I had two options throw my hands up and scream: AHHHH, NO MORE! That or find a new way to freedom.

I kept thinking to myself, “man if I can just get something to work for me…in a major way…I could be free…” 

Then I discovered the secret I needed to make my business take off and go BIG.  

It even allowed me to spend less time doing what felt like work.

Instead of being piled under tedious, soul sucking work hardly making any money I was moving my business forward faster than I ever imagined.

I now have a new revitalized focus and I’m making steady gains in profits.

I can work on the important tasks and rest knowing that the work is getting done.

Not only did I discover that once I did this, I was able to grow my business exponentially, but I was totally stunned that I could get someone to fill my place for pennies per hour!

Keep reading to find out just how little it costs. 

Outsourcing made my business GROW!!!

In a great way of course. 


I was excited!

Are you tired of trying to learn, and wasting your time trying to do the following:

Website development


Product creation

Software development

Mobile app development

Traffic generation

Sales funnels


Affiliate marketing


Social media

Offline client acquisition

Graphic design

You need to be running your business, NOT letting your business run your life… 

I’m Living Proof This Works! 

I’m From America, But I Lived In China & Traveled Through Asia While Doing Business And Outsourcing For (exact amount of time).

(Picture of you on the Great Wall)

I’ve been outsourcing for nearly 2 years and have had multiple teams from China, India, and the Philippines.

I have a ton of insider knowledge that the average person wouldn’t know about the Asian work culture. I’m here to share that knowledge with you. 

I don’t know about you but I’m done spending 3 weeks trying to figure out how to optimize a blog.

Think about figuring out how to have the tech from that last training course you bought set up properly.

Isn’t about time to really dive in and more forward fast?

Instead Of Spending Ages Tearing Your Hair Out Working Endless Hours Let Me Help You Get Professional Work For Pennies On The Dollar. 

Imagine this…

You have an online training course ,

You know it can make you money this week…

But you realize that it’s going to take time to set up.

In fact, even if you’re experienced with tech and do everything it is going to take you a full tedious week or two to get everything in place.

Even longer if you’re not tech savvy.  

Probably a month or more.

Oh and don’t forget your current schedule and list.

There’s a better way…

Instead of working your butt off for the last week you now have everything in place and ready to go. 

A week went by and your virtual Assistant has just come back to you with a complete website and sales funnel set up…

SEO optimized…

Social media profiles…

email follow up messages in place exactly how the course explains.

It’s only been 7 days, it would have taken you longer and you didn’t have to do any of the hard work.

Your virtual assistant did it all. 

In fact, while your virtual assistant set everything up over the last week you spent your time working with other people to get 3 new ways to leverage your new sales funnel to its maximum.

Which sounds better?  

I know that is an easy choice for me. 

In 1 week you got it done and it may have taken you months to do it…and more than likely, you would have been irritated, angry and gave up, then moved on to the next set of soul sucking tasks.  

But you see, once you have your virtual assistant do all the hard work…your new business is set up, banking money and profiting fast…

Get 40 Hours of Work From A Talented, College Educated, Hard Working Assistant For $75 – $150 per week! 

YES, I am telling you for LESS THAN $6.00 an hour YOU CAN get someone hard working, college educated, fluent in English, diligent, extremely experienced and loyal.

 I was shocked when for pennies per hour I was able to get a talented, college educated, fluent English speaking and writing assistant to help me grow my entire business for me!

How much would that explode your business and profits?

It would almost be hard to not make a profit even if you just resold the outsourced work.


Just look at what others are saying:


Originally Posted by SteveSRS
Full disclosure: I received a review copy from MichaelLoved this quote:“Trying to build a business without the help of outsourcers is like cutting your grass with scissors.”The book focuses mostly on Filipino workers. A very good aspect is that it really dives into the mindset of the workers there and it provides great instructions to search for some specific traits of the people, how to hire, where to hire etc. It provides a lot of examples to use instantly.I also like the fact the book has some exercises to get you to take direct action with the information.I think it is a very complete guide and I can def recommend it!


Originally Posted by moneyman2010
Just went through your guide and its one of the best outsourcing guides out there hands down. No fluff right to the point step by step instructions newbie friendly!I’ve been personally hiring outsources for the last three years and have built a nice team and made a ton of money doing it. But yet your outsourcing guide was still able to give me some additional tips and strategies to make even more money outsourcing.People just grab this outsourcing guide now it will save you a lot of time and make you tons of CASH..[Many Thanks Michael for creating this powerful outsourcing resource!MoneyMan..


Originally Posted by jamescanz
I got to get a review copy of this and I must say that this REALLY packs a punch.It’s stuffed with boatloads of valuable content for anyone is serious about getting an outsourcer, the right way.Trying to figure it out on your own can be frustrating and costly, but not anymore!You just can’t go wrong here.James
Originally Posted by Alicia Thibadeau
Michael sent me a review copy and I really enjoyed it.He doesn’t leave you hanging, he teaches exactly how to hire the best outsourcers for whatever project you need done, he tells you what kind to stay away from too. I say grab this report if you’re looking for some quality outsourcers who won’t break the bank. It was an easy and enjoyable read. 


Originally Posted by webmarke
Outsourcing is a great way to leverage your time versus money. If you have more money to invest then time and knowledge, then you need to get this report.


Originally Posted by CashMoneyOnline
Michael is real living proof of using outsourcers as leverage in his business. This has been really hard for me to find a dedicated team of workers before coming across Michael’s report. Thanks for putting this out there.  

Listen to Ed:


Listen to Felix:

Outsource Your Way To Profits With This Step-By-Step Blueprint Created To Help You Work Less & Make More Money Online!


You Don’t Have To Let Another 24 Hours Pass You By Without Being Extremely Productive.

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I’ll teach you how much to pay your workers inside of the outsource report and how much you can earn. Even if you’ve never done it before.

The best source for hiring professional outsourcers who are looking to work for you on a long term basis.

I’ll be covering the reasons why you should outsource to the_______ and why this country is best to accelerate your business and profits.

My secret method for recruiting your superstar outsourcer with my tested and proven ad copy template (only available here).

How to pay your outsourcers and save money for yourself and them at the same time. No, it’s not mandatory that you have to use PayPal.

Easy management and productivity tracking to make sure your team is working the hours scheduled and being highly productive for you.

How to outsource any service you want, and where the best of the best outsourcers are hanging out and desperately waiting to provide solutions for your business.

The top 6 reasons why these outsourcers are extremely happy to work for an American boss online.

How to do thorough background research on your outsourcer without going to the FBI.

The top 3 things to look out for when searching through your outsourcers profiles, resume, and so forth.

A highly proven script to get your outsourcer to commit to working for you full time for less than $450 for the first month.

And so much more.

You’re getting several years of hands on experience and hundreds of hours of work perfecting and building steps, strategies, and plans that simply work.

The is the last outsourcing manual you will ever need inside of the outsource report

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STOP working 40 – 60 hours in your business by yourself…

How much money can you save and how much can a top notch outsourcer make you? 

How much do you think the answers to all your questions on outsourcing would be worth?

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