Hi, thank you for your interest and desire in working with us at High Ticket Freedom to become a partner in success with our online business training academy.

We would like you to know more about our criteria and qualifications to look out for when sourcing influencers or affiliates to promote our offer.

Niche: Consulting, coaching, digital marketing, online entrepreneurship education, personal development.

Influencer audience suggestions: Influencers that have a following or email list in these related niches: Consulting, coaching, digital marketing, digital service providers, experts, authors, speakers, trainers, lifestyle design, lifestyle business, travel entrepreneur.

Find influencers that are personal brands and real people. We recommend this because people follow people, and people buy digital intangible products from a personalized brand more readily than they will from a generalized brand.

Influencers with an audience of 20K – 250K real authentic followers is preferable.

Influencers we don’t suggest: Make money online scammers, crypto currency spammers, low quality motivation quote pages, pages that have little personalized touch.

Pages that are very general and broad in nature are better when selling physical ecommerce related products that a person can receive physically in the mail.

Don’t work with an influencer/affiliate if their followers are spammy, don’t speak English (the current language of our course), bots. No associations with influencers or affiliates in the these or related niches/categories pornography, narcotics, paraphernalia, hate, violence, racism, sexism, politics, religion, dating, sex, and other negative or derogatory accounts.

Email list: We look to work with influencers that can send 1,000 registrants to our webinar (we are willing to work with influencers that can send 100 registrants or more).

Affiliate tools: We will provide an influencer with the tools for a successful promotion. This includes email swipes for before, and after the live webinar, as well as social media creatives.

Webinar details: Once you establish a connection and deal with an influencer we can get together and arrange a time to do the live webinar together. We can discuss the details for this webinar in the next step.

If you are not sure about the quality of an influencer or if you want to know our thoughts, we ask you to please send all influencers to us first to vet and verify this influencer is a good fit for our offer.

Once you have reviewed this page please let us know if you have any further questions.

You can email us here to learn more about the next steps to get started with us successfully.


I’m looking forward to hearing from you and creating more success.

Michael Baptiste