How to outwit the devil in your mind

How To Outwit The Devil In Your Own Mind

Do you know How To Outwit The Devil In Your Own Mind?

Most people get so caught up in this, and completely miss out on their abundance in life.


Do you want to learn how to overcome some of your fears?
Do you feel like there is a devil set up to help you fail?
And do you keep finding yourself hitting the same mental blocks, and feel stuck like there is no way to overcome those mental blocks?
In this episode we will dive deep into strategies on how to outwit the devil in your mind.
How To Outwit The Devil In Your Own Mind
How To Outwit The Devil In Your Own Mind
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Michael Baptiste’s story:
I come from very humble beginnings. You see, I was born in the ghetto projects of South Miami Florida, to a teenage single mother while my father was in prison.
Fortunately for me, I made it out of the hood through a basketball scholarship. Later I suffered two knee surgeries, fell into a depression, lost my $42,000 NCAA scholarship, went back home to the hood, I hated my life.
I wanted to die everyday for a year straight without basketball, an now dead dreams.
I enrolled back into school at Florida Memorial University on a basketball scholarship, however I knew basketball wasn’t going to be the way for me.
Then in college I discovered digital marketing in 2010, and my life changed ever since then.
Fast forward to today and I am an entrepreneur and founder of High Ticket Freedom, an online education platform that teaches experts, consultants, and coaches how to consciously convert their expertise into an online business.
I’m also a co-founder of Banana Wave, a beverage brand that sells in mass market retail stores.
And later in life I became a professional overseas basketball player and was able to live out my childhood dreams thanks to the flexibility provided by my online business.
Now I spend a lot of my time educating clients, testing new campaigns, coming up with innovative ideas, and being present in this beautiful everlasting now.
If you’d like to learn more about my story please get started here:
Thanks again for tuning in here today.
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