How To Attract A Client In The Next 7 Days Without Paid Ads

How To Attract A Client In The Next 7 Days Without Paid Ads

How To Attract A Client In The Next 7 Days Without Paid Ads

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In this article I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned and shared with a client of mine who went and made his first $5K sale after a quick coaching session with me.

We are going to learn about how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads. 

There’s 5 steps to this that you should follow in order to get your first or next client in just a few days, and we’re going to get right into those steps.

After you go through what I’m about to share with you, you’re going to learn how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads. 

How To Attract A Client In The Next 7 Days Without Paid Ads
How To Attract A Client In The Next 7 Days Without Paid Ads

Right now as you read, you have an audience of fans, friends, followers, email subscribers, contacts, social media friends + contacts, and so forth.
Because we are here to share with you how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads. 
Each person is connected to somebody out there in the world who has money, assets, capital, or something beneficial to you.
They each know someone who can help you.
It’s the same principle of the 6 degrees of separation at work here.
If you pick up the phone and make 5 or 6 phone calls you’ll be voice to voice with Donald Trump, or Barack Obama.
So here’s my point, each contact in your database is a contract – the only difference between the two is an R – and that R stands for RELATIONSHIPS.
How do you convert all those relationships within your power circle into contracts?
Simple – you leverage them, and you ASK.
Your tribe and audience has a problem and they follow you for a reason. Most times it’s because you provide value for them. So now it’s time to reach out and ask what the problem is. 
Remember that we are here to share with you how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads. 
Specificity Rules in Advertising.
Use Google Forms, WuForms, GetResponse Survey, anything – just create a simple 4 – 5 question survey asking a few questions like
*What is your biggest problem in your relationship/health/career/spirituality/practice/business/etc*
*If you could solve that one problem what would your life/business/marriage/family/body look like?*
*Why should we choose to help you solve your biggest problem?*
*Name, Email, Skype*
This simple survey does 3 major things…
FIRST: It tells you exactly what your audience is suffering from, so now all you have to do is create a solution and offer it to them on a silver platter.
Present & package your solution as the best of the best – package it like it was created especially for them, and in your sales material speak to the common problems that you find in your survey results.
SECOND: It forces them to experience the pain at a deeper subconscious level, forces them to create a pleasurable reality of what’s life like now that their problem is solved, and takes them from paintown to pleasureville.
You’re also making them sell themselves on why they should work with you.
This is powerful NLP and including this in any survey will tip the sales in your favor.
THIRD: It gives you specific contact details so you can literally reach out to that person directly and get them on the phone and close them into your high ticket offer or service.
Once they’ve completed this survey your next move is to push them into a content series, a webinar, or a teleseminar.
Webinars by far are the best converting sales mechanisms for bigger ticket offers & services.
Invite all your prospects who completed the survey onto the live webinar and at the end present them with a call to action to apply for another strategy session.
I’ll get into the script we’ve used that has converted wonderfully for us – but now let’s shift the conversation to the offline clientele and bringing in big deals offline.
If there’s one thing we all know as online marketers, offline business owners are leaving money on the table by not maximizing the online marketing component to their businesses.
Here’s what you do so you can learn how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads.
First you MUST have a product or service you provide.
When I presented the $300,000 of financing deals to my merchant loans client, he provided the service, did the negotiating, helped facilitate the underwriting, all I did was pound the phone and send him deals for my commissions.
Your priority must be to provide a service that actually benefits your client, this includes website design, SEO, social media, email list management, lead gen, etc.
You take out your phone, and go to your contacts.
Then – from your list of contacts write down your top 20 power players in your address book that you feel uncomfortable calling.
These people are the movers and shakers, they are the CEO’s, the entrepreneurs, the millionaires, the chief officers, the lawyers, the doctors, yeah those guys.
List them out, because you’ll be calling them first.
Then everybody else in your contact book.
YES, literally every person in your phone book.
Hey, how bad do you want it?
Let’s now shift to the offline script so you can immediately begin to leverage this for bigger faster sales leaving no stone unturned.
Now here’s where the rubber meets the road – and a simple blueprint script to follow. 
Let’s go deeper into how to attract a client in the next 7 days without paid ads.
“Hey is this John?”

“Hey there John, this is Mike I know it’s been a while but I only have a few minutes to talk, do you got a minute?”
Johns going to say “Oh ok man, yeah I got a minute what’s up?”
(If John doesn’t have a minute ask when you can call him back when he does have a minute.)
“Good, John I called for 2 reasons. First off, how are you/how’s the family/how are the kids/how’s life?”
Start making some small talk so that John feels the rapport between the two of you is still there.
John will begin to ramble, but you must stick to the script and be in control of the conversation.
He’s going to tell you how things are going… you nod, and interject with small “yep, nice, good, cool, sounds good.”
Once John turns and ask how you are, you keep your responses brief and summarized.
“Thanks for asking bro, I’m good, family’s well, kids are getting bigger, and life is good.”
Then you move in for the second part of this equation.
“And John the 2nd reason why I called is because I currently do (tell John about your service, or offer or program) merchant loans for small businesses who need capital to maintain or grow their business. Do you know anybody who (insert the ideal prospect who would need your service or offer) has been in business for at least a year and needs funding to grow their business (if the service is well known like website design then say ‘anybody who needs my products and services’)?”
At this point, John will pause and stop to think about who he knows.
Within 3 – 8 seconds he’ll normally respond “Not off the top of my head I don’t know anybody”
This is where you get the sale before you sell and say “Think about your cousins, uncles, sisters, friends, old teammates or roommates.

Who do you know that has a business/store/firm/practice/office/etc.”
Typically at this point John will say “As a matter of fact, yes I do know someone.
My (listen carefully as John tells you who they are and the relationship they have, this will be important when it comes time to close the deal) actually has a business and is looking for some funding right now.”
“That’s great John, what’s their last name?”
John will tell you “Their last name is Smith.”
“And what’s Mr. Smith’s first name John?”
John will say “Mr. Smith’s first name is Bob”
“Got it, and what’s the best way I can get in touch with Bob, does he have a cell number, an office phone?”
By this point John will now go to work and find his exact contact information inside of his phone and hand it over to you.
I recommend getting an email address, and a local address if you don’t mind taking a ride to close a big sale.
“Hey John thanks a ton for this info, do you know anyone else who is in need of my products and services?”
If YES – get those contacts down and make plans to call.
If NO – then end the conversation and move on to the next power player baby.
“Thanks a lot for your help I appreciate it.
Look I gotta run, and get back to business.
I’ll circle back up with you about these contacts.
Take care, bye bye.”
Do that for 2 hours straight with your current power circle of contacts and you’ll have leads ready to buy what you have to offer in a week, just as long as you sell something they truly need to solve their problems.
Depending on the level of your relationship ask John to make an introduction via phone, text message, or at least give Bob Smith a heads up and pre-frame you as an expert at your chosen service or offer.

This makes the sale so much easier because you’re leveraging their relationship with Bob Smith and you’ve been pre-framed and conditioned in their mind to be a credible expert.
And so not only is that the fastest way that you can tap into your power circle in the real offline world that people forget about at times, that’s also the exact script that can help you get clients this week with zero paid adverting.
Now at first when I was asked for the script to help people sell online much easier and with way less work, I guarded this powerful script.
This script has been responsible for my clients being able to close their first clients online in just under 2 weeks, and also with no paid advertising.
The reason this script is so powerful is because it forces your prospects to think from their emotions (limbic system) VS their rational (neocortex).
This script is so effective the very first day I used it back in late 2014, I closed all 3 of the people who applied to work with me in one of my initial programs.
Just like any script out there, it will only work if you believe in it.
I’m going to share the script with you in my next post so I can diver into all the juicy details about why this script will work for you as soon as you apply it.
This will be covered in full detail in my next post, so keep your eye open for it.
For now, let’s wrap up “How To Get A Client To Pay You $1K – $5K In The Next 7 Days Without Spending A Single Dime On Advertising” post here.
So to recap very quickly everything we just touched on…
Knowing what you want to sell is easy to figure out, but knowing who’s buying it must be your #1 priority.
Is your ideal audience hanging out on Facebook, are they on your email list?
Are they spending time at the golf course?
Cigar shops?
Doctors’ offices?
This should go without saying, but it’s important that your offer or service be outlined or ready to serve for your client.
If you’re doing an online workshop then do only that, if you’re providing an offline service, then provide only that and focus on one thing only.
The ways you do this are send out a simple survey to your tribe and ask them what their biggest problems are.
Then from that point, find out who needs what you have to offer, and how can you solve their biggest problems.
If you’re providing any kind of service offline then use your existing contacts to create contracts.
Brah you can get bring a deal into your business in the next 3 days if you really move and hustle.
And use the script outlined above to get the leads coming in!
Due to the highly actionable level of this information, I advise you develop your own sales script or work with us inside of High Ticket Freedom to get access to our powerful sales closing script.


This post was long, and at the end of it all – I hope that you’ve received some good value from this post.

And if this post inspired you, then I invite you to join me for a free training session where I’ll be sharing with you how we are able to help people get results in their online business. 

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Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

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