Day 28

Welcome, and now we’re almost at the wrap up point of this 30 day challenge.

What you’ve done is built an entire funnel around your high ticket offer, meaning front end landing page, webinar, video series, or salesletter, email follow ups, and application for your sales calls.

You’ve started building your team of outsourcers to help you scale and manage your business.

Now what’s left is to continue to scale your business up systematically.

As you grow your business you’ll encounter more challenges, and more fires to put out on a day to day basis. 

What’s important is to continue to set your goals at 10X levels to keep yourself motivated, and inspired to constantly grow your business day in and day out.

So if your goal was $10K per month, and you surpassed that – then set your goal at $100K per month.

Or $1,000,000 per month.

And once you hit that goal, 10X it!

Never settle, never stop, and never give in.

I’ll see you in the following day.

Michael “Your High Ticket Freedom Coach” Baptiste