Are you an Internet Marketer, Consultant, Speaker, Service Provider, or a Coach?

This Will Be The MOST Profitable Mastermind Experience For Your 2016… The “High Level Beast" Mastermind This Is The Only Mastermind Experience Designed To Get You CLIENTS And High Level Results Immediately.

You’re Getting Everything You Need To Create And Sell High End Packages And Add An Extra 4 – 5 Figures To Your Business Per Week Or More…

Brandon Made $27K In His First 35 Days

Trey Made $7K In His First Few Weeks.

Troy Made $5K In His First 2 Weeks

Zak Made Over $15K In 9 Days

Aliz Made $2K In 7 Days

Hey what up,

I appreciate you for your interest in joining our “High Level Beast” Mastermind.

It’s the ONLY mastermind group designed to get you results from DAY 1!

Do you want more clients?

Do you want more profits and income from your existing client base?

Do you need new marketing strategies, funnels, and advertising strategy?

Are you interested in creating more free time and more income?

Then we got you covered, it’s all done.

If you want REAL results, and you want them FAST – literally clients flooding your business (more than you can handle all paying you premium prices, then this is the right place for you.

But if you’re here for motivation, hype, re-hashed garbage, and pure fluff – then this is not for you.

This is exactly what’s happening.

We’re going to spend the next 8 weeks together, depending on which exact package you select, where our primary focus will be to help you…

Create a High Ticket Business for you that can be set to HANDS OFF status and potentially bring in 4 – 5 figures per month or more…

If you’re here in business to deliver results through coaching, services, or you want to create more free time by attracting high paying clients – then you have to be a part of this mastermind.

Over the last few years we’ve helped…

- Fortune 500 Executives

- Luxury Automobile Dealerships

- Universities

- Financial Consultants

- Online Marketers

- Affiliate Marketers

- Product Creators

- Inventors

- High School Principles

- Award Winning Song Writers

- Forex Traders

- Public Speaking Coaches

- Investment Coaches

- Health & Wellness Coaches

- Realtors

- Real Estate Investors

- Television Producers

- Solo Ad Coaches

- Relationship Coaches

- Experts

- Motivational Coaches

- Lead & Generation Funnel Specialists

- Logistics Consultants

- Airport Consultants

- Food & Beverage Distributors

- International Entertainment Consultants

- Nomad Consultants

- Ecommerce Coaches

- Branding Coaches

- Fashion Consultants

- Done For You Service Providers

- General Consultants

- Marketing Agencies

- Sales Consultants

- And so many more…

Here are 3 powerful reasons why you’ll get bigger better and faster results in the next 8 weeks than most people normally get done in 6 – 12 months from now…

The 8 high level business models 

Most people focus on high ticket offers from a 1 dimensional stand point.

In this 8 week intensive mastermind we’ll focus on the most powerful high ticket business models that you can start implementing and getting results with immediately.

Step by step coaching intermixed with weekly Live Feedback for immediate improvement.

You’re getting high level LIVE feedback sessions to make sure that you completely understand each and every single business model and get constant results.

This means you’ll have direct access to ask question on our LIVE mastermind calls.

With personal feedback on your business there is no way that you won’t get outstanding results.

High ticket automation and delegation.

As soon as we start working together you’ll get immediate training on how to automate your high ticket business model.

No matter whether you’re delivering done for you services, high ticket courses, or high ticket coaching – you’ll learn exactly, step by step how to automate your business model for more income and leverage.

During this mastermind program we’ll PRIMARILY focus on these essentials for exploding your high ticket income...

 1.) Your Mindset

2.) Your Income Goal + Lifestyle

3.) Your Business Model

4.) Your System

5.) Your Marketing

6.) Your Ideal Client

 The truth is that if your mindset is not right, if your habits are not right, and if your daily activities are not right then you’re not going to reach the level you want in your business.

If you truly want to take it to the next level, then you need to STEP UP your mindset, habits, and daily actions.

In my 5+ years of experience in the internet I’ve learned the quickest way to 6 figures or more is by LEVERAGING multiple high ticket offers & services.

You want to get to $25K - $50K?

It’s a MUST that you apply specific levels of think, habits, and daily actions. Do you want to explode your business to $100K a month?

The only way is by you adopting new levels of think, habits, and daily actions.

You see after experiencing multiple high level programs from a handful of 8 and 9 figure mentors I’ve learned that tons of techniques and strategies…

And scaling from 0 to $25K per month or more requires a little more than a few techniques and strategies that got me life changing results.

But here’s the reality… techniques and strategies are only 20% of the entire formula…

It’s always a good to know these strategies, but you won’t go to the NEXT LEVEL if you only have strategies and techniques…

I remember when my mentor told me to write down my goals, my beliefs about money, and what success meant to me.

Well I wrote down as many ideas, beliefs, and affirmations that I could in effort to change my mindset…

And to be honest with you, it worked… for a couple of weeks until I got tired of it…

Then I fell right back into where I started. STUCK in a wheel of frustration, uncertainty, and information overload…

Sadly enough, most of the GOOROO’s and Leaders out there were teaching these rehashed principles…

“Think Good Thoughts” “Be Optimistic” “Implement this 3 Step System” And yadda yadda yah…

You see, all of those approaches will get you results – but you’d still be missing out on the majority of what you need to succeed… It’s not their fault, because during those times, they didn’t know what they didn’t know. Which is why I call it…

The “Dark Force” of high ticket and mindset…

Because even if you completely immerse yourself in all of the strategies and techniques, there is still a subtle chance that you’ll experience the ‘Dark Force’ and soon find yourself STUCK and left with no consistent success and victory in your life.

The bas part about it is that most people (mentors included) don’t have a clue that they’re activating the Dark Force… and so they pray that the mindset and strategy will eventually work for them…

When in reality it won’t fully pay off until you realize and finally MASTER the other half of the force…

What is the other half of this positive force?

Here’s the truth…


You’ll take specific actions, you’ll do things in a specific way, and you’ll get specific results based on who you identify yourself as.

Same goes for your clients.

They’ll spend $5,000 - $25,000 or they may spend $100,000 based on who they identify themselves as.

So at the end of the day you are forced by your subconscious mind to stay consistent with your core IDENTITY, or how you define yourself.

Let’s say for example you want to get into better shape and lose weight.

So you signup for a gym membership, you start a 4 days per week workout regimen, you strategize about thinking ‘SLIM’ thinking ‘HEALTHY’ and you even decide to buy some new gym clothes and accessories…

And after a few days your new workout strategy and tools start to work for you… but then you find yourself bored and have to go out and scramble for more techniques, and new strategies for yourself…

At this point you can continue to work on your mindset and push through, and then you’ll have that battle between your ears all throughout the day asking yourself…

“Is this really for me?” “Is this who I am?” “Am I really doing the right thing?”

And so on several times per day…

Making it a real serious struggle.


You can create an immediate lasting switch in your mind saying “This is who I am, I am healthy and I am in the best shape of my life!” and when you create a MAJOR switch like that in your identity, the mindset shapes into the victorious mindset all on it’s own.

Then it becomes a part of you, just like breathing.

Identity level transformation can take years to change, months, weeks, days to change… or even in a few minutes…

If you know exactly what you’re doing.

And once I changed my identity – that’s when EVERYTHING changes for me in my life.

I quickly went from attracting 3 and 4 figure clients, to attracting and landing my first 6 figure client. Not to mention now one of my clients is doing 9 figures and on the way to their first billion dollars in sales during 2016.


And it happened in just a matter of days of deciding to change my identity.

The best part, I was able to transfer this knowledge and help replicate my results of what I did, into the mindset and businesses of other clients.

It was really incredible.

The most important factor in success and no growth in business comes down to your WHY?

By this, WHY do you want to make the money you want to make?

What will the money do for you?

For your family?

For your living situation?

For the vehicle you drive or desire to drive?

How will the money improve or enhance your lifestyle?

When I first got into business I focused on making sure that my bills were paid…

Then what quickly happened for me was that I would only make just enough money to pay my bills, and nothing more.

This was a problem that needed solving.

So I hired a mentor and discovered that the reason my business wasn’t growing beyond the level it was at, was primarily because my WHY was too small.

 In just a matter of days my income exploded because my WHY expanded to doing other things like traveling the world, mini-retirements, having enough money to donate to others, and having the income and free time to go on adventures, and live a magnificent lifestyle each day.

So this is what you do, rather than just thinking of ‘just enough’ in regards to your lifestyle, you must think of 10X’ing your lifestyle goals and desires.

Once you 10X your lifestyle goals, and desires – then your brain will naturally start thinking in 10X proportions to bring you ideas, plans, and strategies for action taking in order to make your desired lifestyle a reality.

If you create goals and multiply them by 10, and you then take 10X more actions in order to accomplish those goals… even if you fall 1/10th short of those goals…

Then you’ve still accomplished the original goal that you set out to achieve and better.

The majority of millionaires and billionaires would not be as financially successful as they are if they were not focused entirely on their ultimate lifestyle and the reasons behind WHY they wanted to succeed financially.

So instead of aiming to just have enough to cover the bills, I create new reasons WHY I wanted to earn more money…

I wanted to travel the world, I wanted to live in other countries for months at a time, I wanted to travel across the US…

And it WORKED!

I lived in Beijing, China for 4 months, and lived in Medellin, Colombia for nearly 2 months, and have traveled to more than 10 states across the US.

My new reasons for success and desired income worked better than ANYTHING I’ve ever tried before.

And because my goals of living my dream lifestyle continue to expand, I pay more attention to taking more empowered action because I know once I get results, I reach higher more challenging goals.

And it works perfectly every time.

So in the end, the things that become challenges in my business become strengths for me because I created bigger WHY’s and more powerful reasons as to WHY I must grow my business bigger.

You’ll learn how to create these massive shifts in making your ideal lifestyle a reality.

And you’ll also discover how to 10X your action threshold and 10X your results in all areas of your life as well.

The best and fastest way to have consistent growth and lasting success in your business is to create more clearly defined lifestyle goals, and put more fire behind your reasons WHY you must increase your income, and reach your dream lifestyle.

And this is the kind of high level material we dive into head first in this 8 week mastermind…

There are several different ways to deliver high ticket offers and services and make tons of money with it.

Inside of this 8 week mastermind we’ll dive into each one of them, and go into depth with how to make specific business models super ‘HANDS-OFF’ and semi-automated for you.

Here’s what you’re going to learn about in depth:

High Ticket Courses!

You’re going to learn how to produce “High Ticket Courses” like the many that I have created before.

High ticket courses are a very powerful business system, and one that you need to know! Reason being is because they automate your content delivery, and automate your income. 

Follow the system I’m about to give you, and you’ll instantly triple your investment with this mastermind within your first few days.

Anyone can have a high ticket course of his or her own, and the best part is you can create multiple high ticket courses for a massive transformation in your income.

I’ll be pulling back the curtains and reveal behind the scenes methods and techniques for churning out high level, high ticket courses like my successful models.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve turned my business around by doing webinars that sold a high ticket course at the end. This alone will add 6 figures to your business, and you’ll learn exactly how to do it.

Hey, let’s be real here… when you have your own high ticket course – it’s an income booster. But having your own high ticket course that sells and delivers automatically then it’s a life changer.

If you are in the right type of niches, which I will clearly describe and break down to you, these high-ticket courses are the most hands off paths to adding 4 – 5 figures per week to your income.

I will drive home the insights required for you to knock down high 5 and 6 figure months online with your own high ticket courses and offers.

I’ll show you how to create them, produce them, craft them, set them up, how to craft the offer or USP, how to attract your dream clients, how to market your high ticket offer and build buzz and attention for it, how to manage it, how to advertise it, and most importantly how to automate it.

AND, I’ll show you how to sell it, and close people left and right!

$2,997 Value


VIP Days!

If you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt and know you can deliver fast results for your clients then this system is for you. You’ll learn how to create intimate sessions with your clients where they come to spend time with you in person.

You’ll make anywhere from $5K - $20K per day and you’ll only work for 2 – 3 days at a time when you apply this business system.

Not only that, but you’ll learn exactly what you need to do, and what you need to be covering in these VIP days. 

This works great if you’ve already got an existing base of clients that have worked with you in the past and have gotten great results with you.

And even if they haven’t gotten any results, all you have to do is position and present this offer in each strategy session you do – and your income will skyrocket through the roof.

There is nothing more rewarding or enjoyable than personally spending time helping the people who truly believe in your solution, and will pay any price to work with you.

$4,997 Value

High Ticket Joint Venture Deals!

This one is perfect for beginners getting started. If you don’t personally want to do any of these high ticket business models yourself, then this system is perfect for you.

If you’re familiar with the term or system called “BROKERING” then you’ll easily be able to create lucrative JV deals that will make your client getting easier than ever before. It’s absolutely perfect for newbies, and beginning marketers.

This is a system you can get started with even if you have no offer or system. It’s a business of finding and taking full advantage of “other people’s assets and leverage” to earn your big time income.

For example, if you don’t have a high ticket offer, but you’re a member of multiple groups on Facebook. You could go out and find a coach who’s helping others create full time Shopify income inside of those groups.

You then reach out to that coach, and ask if he’d be OK with you sending him or her clients for a percentage of the commissions.

Once they’d agree to it, your next move would be to just go out and find people interested in create full time Shopify stores inside of different Facebook groups.

Then once you find the people you send them over to the coach, he closes them, sends you your commissions, and then he goes on to deliver his coaching services to them.

So you’re not even the one doing any more work beyond finding the interested clients, and connecting them to the high ticket offer that’s just right for them. But that’s just one tiny example and small appetizer for starters.

I can show you how to do this basic JV deal, and more deals that require far less work, and get you paid for months and even years to come from just 1 deal.

These “High Ticket Equity Deals” are limitless in their potential, and I just gave you a basic baby level example. Excited yet?

Well there’s so much more than that, and it’s just a microscopic portion of what you’ll learn inside of this mastermind program.

Look, many people don’t even realize what they don’t know.

They are blind to these methods and this brilliant system I’m going to reveal to you step by step. There are huge equity deals you can create that will instantly create high levels or revenue FAST!

$3,997 Value

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting!

This system has been a staple in my businesses for years now.

This is one system that is close to my heart, as I absolutely love coaching people and small businesses to higher levels of success.

But even more than that, every business out there comes with up's and DOWN's! Yes, it's not all utopia and a bed or roses out there in business land.

Perhaps I'm most proud of helping people and businesses recover... err... EXPLODE out of cash-crunches and panic-mode! Listen, there is so much opportunity in "coaching and consulting" it's not even funny.

I mean, every single day I see yet another opportunity for a client of mine to set-up a coaching offer. Let me give you a classic example… One of my clients had never sold a high ticket coaching program or anything more expensive than $300 in his whole life…

He was in the solo ad niche and was selling a product to people. The solo ad niche is a huge market, and he was helping folks learn how to get traffic.

After getting started and learning how to create and sell his own high ticket courses, he immediately multiplied the price for his course by more than 6X.

He made his investment back in his first few days, and went on to make nearly $30K in his first 45 days.

He went from some unknown marketer to a high ticket super star coach FAST!

Look, even if you don’t want to be the one coaching people, and showing them how it’s done – you should still have a high ticket coaching offer to promote as an affiliate!

Your subscribers and customers want coaching badly and are willing to pay a ton for it, so by not having "coaching" as part of your marketing systems, you are leaving a massive amount of money on the table.

And the best part is that I’ll show you EXACTLY HOW TO DO IT!

$2,997 Value

Continuity Offers & Monthly Programs!

This is not what you think… I’m not referring to the pay the on-going $67 per month membership…

I’m talking about CLIENTS who pay you THOUSANDS PER MONTH!!! Did you get that?

I'll show you how to produce windfalls that are recurring and automated.

YES, this is music to a business owners ears! Show-up each morning, after rolling out of bed from a peaceful night's sleep, knowing that revenue will come in today regardless if you do a thing or not.

YES, that's called recurring, automated, residual income and it's pure-liquid-gold to online business owners. And, it's another system I'll teach you A-To-Z.

This system allows you to secure in your monthly income, and constantly deliver unparalleled amounts of value to your clients.

Let's speed this up because at this point if you're still reading and on the fence about getting in this mastermind program, then I'm pretty sure this is not for you yet.

Heck, most are not ready and are scared of success and they are sabotaging their own success at every turn, so I get it.

$1,497 Value

Done For You Offers!

You’ll learn exactly how to provide the sweetest business model and solutions that your clients are desperately yearning for.

This is literally the icing on the cake for your clients. If you really want to turbo-boost your business income then include these offers into your menu and you’ll have your income exploding through the roof with done for you offers.

Anytime my clients are struggling with an income inefficiency, I ask myself… “Does this person have a ‘done-for-you-offer’ that they can provide?

If not, then that’s awesome because I know I can help them produce mega-bursts of income at blazing speeds to blast through that income inefficiency. AND, this Is much easier than you can imagine.

You’ll learn how to create leverage so providing the service becomes super hands off, and as your organization grows it becomes automated.

You’ll learn how to outsource for help and deliver the final end result to your client with the least amount of effort involved.

$1,997 Value


If you’re seriously interested in doubling the growth and income of your business this week? Adding in a ‘SERVICE’ to your business income will help you explode your income growth in nearly no time flat.

Online services are the one line of work that most online business owners ignore because they think it’s going to be labor intensive, and require them to do a lot of “WORK”.

Lucky for those of us who "get it" because that opens up incredible "opportunity gaps" for us to fill. AGAIN, recurring revenue is music to your ears and services is music to your customers' ears.

This is a fast way to produce 6 – 7 figures per month. I've helped countless clients craft their own service offers, but I've also helped even more clients "promote other people's services" as affiliates or brokers.

This is a gold mine.

It's a treasure vault sitting there for the taking.

There are thousands of business owners out there – both online and offline who need help with marketing services.

I’ll never forget my first 8 figure client who quickly threw a decent payday at me (4 figures) for creating a simple 12 minute video for him.

So when it comes to providing services, you can make far more money – and even have the service delivered automatically while someone else does the work for you.

You’ll learn exactly how to find people to do the work for your clients, where to find them, how to negotiate with them, and how to find the customers to deliver the services to.

You’ll also learn how to set up a solid online sales funnel targeting offline business, and how to advertise online and close them online into high ticket services.

This will help you automate your income and UPGRADE your business to another level almost instantly.

$2,997 Value

Masterminds & Retreats!

The bulk of your business will come from a small group of people who decided to upgrade with you to your higher level programs and to fly out to meet you in person.

You’ll learn how to create year long, or semi yearlong mastermind programs that people will pay monthly for.

These are programs that you can sell for $25K, $50K, to as high as $100K or more.

With these yearlong programs you’ll be guaranteeing your income each month as these clients will be paying you 4 – 5 figures per month to stay enrolled in your yearlong program.

People will pay more for access, exclusivity, network, and community.

By providing them with a  yearlong mastermind you provide them with all of the above and so much more. You’ll also learn about creating your own mastermind retreats.

Once you set up your own mastermind retreat, you’ll activate one of the most profitable and fun business systems on the planet.

You’ll learn how to create high demand for your mastermind events and start selling within 48 – 72 hours.

You’ll learn how to select a venue for your event and all of the details that go into creating your own mastermind event.

This means you’ll get a look into the behind the scenes actions you’ll need to take. You’ll learn what equipment you should use to record your event, what type of help you should focus on hiring to help you fulfill the event, and more.

You’ll learn how to create a memorable experience for your attendees, and how to create instant results for all of your attendees right there on the spot at the event.

Imagine being able to implement one of these systems in order to create $25K - $50K income days on demand.

And so much more.

$7,997 Value

 So as you can see, you’re going to learn so much about high ticket offers and creating hands free systems that you’ll be able to go from 14 hour days to 14 hour weeks!

To give you a recap of what you get…

 Here’s what you get:

- 8 weeks of me breaking down to the smallest detail on how to attract high paying clients at multiple different levels.

- How to pick the best system that matches you out of the many, and get results with it fast

- How to identify and attract your dream clients, and how to repel the clients you don’t want to work with

- How to create instant celebrity authority status even if you’ve never sold a high ticket item before

- How to create a powerful high ticket course that will become completely hands off and an automated source of income for you

- How to craft irresistible high ticket offers that your dream clients will chase you down to have

- How to create high ticket offers and services that quickly sell within 7 days

- How to work less than 20 hours per week

- How to STEP your game up and only attract big whales that will drastically improve your income

- How to identify different personality types and how to handle, and close each personality type based on objections and common roadblocks

- How to build out an automated high ticket service based business by attracting offline companies that will pay big bucks for your services

- How to outsource and build a team of people that will help you deliver your high ticket services, and grow your high ticket business system

- How to create instant certainty and confidence when selling and presenting your offers so your clients feel that you are the one to work with

- How to coach higher ticket clients and do it in a leveraged way without being in front of the computer all day

- How to perfectly deliver group coaching in a way that requires less than 5 hours per week of work Why high ticket is 1000X easier than low ticket for generating 4 - 5 figures per week

- How to create an authority mindset where you stand firm with your prices which allows you to literally hand pick who you want to work with, and who you do not want to work with

- How to brand yourself as an authority in your marketplace

- How to perfectly craft your authority story and get your clients to know, like, and trust you that much faster

- Multiple scripts for closing different types of high ticket clients and how to use each one most effectively

- How I landed my 100K+ client

- How to create an authority slogan that will instantly qualify you as a specialized authority, and separate you from everyone else in your industry

- How to NOT do strategy sessions that destroy your income and sales

- How to do strategy sessions that create large amounts of cash into your business in a matter of minutes

- The three types of clients to focus on attracting and which ones are the best one’s

- How to do this business completely remotely and live internationally

- How to create high ticket upsells that will surely change the nature of your business 1000%

- How to not get any refunds or chargebacks from people who are bottom feeders, toxic, or people who complain about your high ticket system but take no action and don’t follow through

- The million dollar mindset learned from my million dollar mentors that helped me break through into 6 figures, and will help you do 6 – 7 figures in the shortest time possible

- Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions where you ask any question you like, and I answer all questions until you are completely satisfied

- Interviews and case studies from successful clients, and million dollar marketers on how they created massive success with their own high ticket offers as well

- And so much more that your entire business will be completely changed forever.

High Ticket Courses

$2,997 Value

VIP Days

4,997 Value

High Ticket Joint Venture & Equity Deals 

$3,997 Value

High Ticket Coaching & Consulting

$2,997 Value

Continuity Offers & Monthly Programs

$1,497 Value

Done For You Offers

$1,997 Value

High Ticket Services

$2,997 Value

Masterminds & Retreats

$7,997 Value

Total Value More Than $29,000 Value

 This extremely valuable and sensitive information I can easily charge $14,997 for and that should be the advertised retail price.

But today you won’t have to pay the full price for this mastermind program.

You can get started right now by filling out the simple application for the program and we’ll get in touch with you personally.

This program is only for you if you’re looking to take your business to the next level.

This mastermind will completely change the pathway of your entire life and business, and we’re proud to be that catalyst for your permanant positive change in your life and business.

I promise you, once you get started taking action in this mastermind your business will never be the same again.

Once we move past our early bird subscribers, the price for this mastermind will increase and we will be much more picky on who we allow into this program.

Get started now by applying today, and we’ll see you on the inside. Make the rest of your life, the best of your life.

Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. This is a golden opportunity to learn inside of “The High Level Beast” mastermind. If you’re ready to create more value, and more experience with these proven business models – then this is the program for you. Click the button below to request your invitation.

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