Affiliate Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in working with us as an affiliate/referral partner.

Please take the time to carefully read and review the rules we have in place prior to joining this affiliate program.

By default, you agree that you are NOT going to be allowed to use the promotional methods in order to promote this program for income.

If we find that you are engaging in any of these promotional strategies, then you will be banned from our affiliate program and will automatically forfeit any upcoming, or outstanding commission payouts.

1. Don’t SPAM or use junk links that are not valuable or legitimate

2. Cash back or rebate based incentives, gift cards, retail products, or other cash reward based motivations to entice people to purchase any of our products and services. These are not allowed.

3. Using words that invoke a negative connotation such as “is this a scam” or “is this legit or fake” or anything that questions the validity of our products and services is NOT allowed at all.

4. Do not steal our product/brand/offer, and make misrepresentations of our product/brand/offer.

5. As an affiliate, you are not allowed to create websites, social media pages, or any other marketing assets with the product name, brand name, or company name included. If you are found using our “name, image, and likeness”, or our website name, brand name, product name, product images on their social media pages, or social media accounts without our expressed or written permission will be banned immediately and without hesitation.

6. You are not allowed to purchase our product and earn commission. If you are caught doing this, you will be immediately banned.

7. The vendor of this product reserves and maintains the right to terminate any and all affiliates if they are caught breaking any of our terms for promotion of our products and services.

8. The vendor of this product reserves the right to terminate any and all affiliates who are found using blackhat or greyhat tactics to promote and market our products, this is NOT allowed.

It is recommended to abide by these FTC tips, advice, and rules when promoting our useful products and services.