4 Years Ago My Soul Was Being Drained Out Of My Body

4 years ago, my soul was being drained out of my body by a J.O.B…
Here I am, thinking back to a time when I was being
drained constantly while working in a day job.
The year was 2015. The place was sunny
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Here I am, fresh out of college and driving
back and forth and back and forth 1 hour each day
from Miami to Fort Lauderdale on I-95 dealing
with the bumper to bumper traffic each morning
and each night…
Then one morning while driving an epiphany hit me…
You see, while driving through this traffic in the
morning as the sun is rising into the sky…
There is a sea of humans sitting inside of their
box like cars battling on the road
for space to advance themselves to their
9 -5 cubicle … better yet, box based destinations.
I think to myself “man some of these people
look like they’ve been battling this road for 30 years
just to make a living in a box (cubicle)?”
That’s no way to live life, inside of multiple layers of boxes…
That’s when I had an epiphany.
My epiphany moment came as I realize that
I must get out of this mundane box-box lifestyle
or I will end up living in a box long term…
like these people I’m battling in traffic with each day!
It’s a gruesome thought that hits me
in the pit of my stomach.
‘I gotta get out of this job immediately’ is what I would think
to myself over and over and over…
It was a miserable feeling, waking up each day and going to sleep each night
feeling like my soul was being drained out of my body.
I battle with traffic for an hour, and then
finally arrive at the office.
My stomach is bubbling, I am nervous
because I called my uncle the a few nights before…
…and told him I was going to quit this job
that he set up for me…
At that, this boss at my job was a nice guy with a good heart…
I just felt the pressure of my time on this
planet being used to do something I don’t want to do
and that pressure could either bust pipes…
…or make diamonds…
I felt nervous and shakey as my boss called me
into his office that day…
I wasn’t sure if I was nervous about the fact
that he wasn’t satisfied with my work, or…
…that my pocket was vibrating with
multiple “payment received” notifications…
That day I walked out of that job and quit.
I drove home that day only to go full time
into my online business.
Months passed by, and so I began to search for a new
guide to help me go to the next level.
I found a guide who gave me a specific plan to follow.
You see, the thing is…
This plan could have resulted in a massive failure, or it
could have resulted in a major triumph…
I felt unsure about it, and kinda like that feeling of being
unsure whether a new mom
is going to have a boy or a girl before her stomach
begins to show she’s pregnant…
Yeah, like that type of unsure about it.
You can believe I was nervous, afraid, doubtful, and not sure if it would work…
But, despite those feelings…
I followed my guides plan, and that’s when
High Ticket Freedom was born.
That was back in 2015, and the rest is history.
My story is what led me here, to a point
where we’ve touched the lives of
thousands of people worldwide
and our success stories continue to grow and add on.
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consultants, and experts
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