Congratulations For Being An Action Taker, While You Are Here We Have A Limited Time Special Offer For You...

"How Would You Like To Learn How To Turn Your Ideas, Knowledge, & Life Experience Into A High Ticket Product Or Service, And Build A Fun Lifestyle Based Business?"

"Finally, Discover How To Create More High Ticket Income, Create Your Legacy, And Create Your Dream Lifestyle"

WARNING: Very Limited Spaces

Watch This:

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

I have no idea how you got to this very page…

…but if you’ve tried to succeed online yet the guru’s have failed you time and time again, I believe in my heart of hearts that this is the turning point of your financial future…

I know you’re frustrated with the gooroos…

I know you’re struggling to get results…

I know you’ve been at this for some time and will do anything to have it your way…

I relate to your pain, and I’d be ready to kick some butt if I were you too.


What you’re about to see is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

How would you like to discover how I create a reliable 5 figure per month income in less than 8 weeks selling my own high ticket offers leveraging my super power, and make an impact
in people's lives

Sounds impossible?

Let The Mission To Freedom Begin

The other day the question came up of – "if you had to do it all over again, could you do it?"

Well to keep it simple, I’d activate this “High Ticket Freedom Mission” which is something that works everytime …

Let Me Share With You Why
This Will Work For You…

Funny thing is that I haven’t showed this to anyone besides my high level clients.

Then in a flash, an idea hit me

Why don’t I pull back the curtains on this idea and reveal it to the rest of the public?

Why don’t I share with you exactly what I would do on a STEP BY STEP basis in order to go from zero to a 5 figure per month business selling high ticket offers in less than 90 days without launching any low ticket products or going after any tiny affiliate commissions.

And so, “The High Ticket Freedom Mission” has come to life.

Let Me Show You How I Go From Zero To 
High Ticket Freedom In Less Than 90 Days…

You see I’ve built a customer base of thousands, and have produced 6 figures from my internet marketing business.

I’ve worked offline with multi-million dollar clients, and sat in business meetings with billionaires, I’ve
serviced multi-million dollar companies offline, and have worked with million dollar marketers online.

I've closed clients like Walmart, Whole Foods, HEB, GNC, Krogers, Albertsons, and many others into my
entrepreneurial portfolio.

I’ve learned and worked with the best of the best, guys like Jubril, Ty Cohen, Ted McGrath, Bob Proctor, Frank Kern, Eric Louviere, Jay Abraham, Russel Brunson, Daegan Smith, Marc Goldman, Com Mirza, Gavin Stephenson, Jeff Walker, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve invested $10,000’s into my marketing education, and now you can skip the years of trials and frustrations, and get straight to the real secrets that the gooroo’s don’t want you to know about.

Kiss metrics said that “promoting and selling a premium-priced product has challenges. Though, for marketers who successfully jump over those hurdles, the rewards are endless.”

…I’m going to let a few lucky people get instant access to my "High Ticket Freedom Mission" for less than it's $9,000 value, and show them how to jump over all hurdles to achieve endless rewards.

I’m Going To Show You How To 
Create Your Dream Income

Whatever your dream is, you deserve to have it your way…

If only this allowed you to quit your lousy job…

Travel the world…

Have more free time so you can spend it with your family, and loved ones…

Pop bottles at the club…

Sit around refreshing the screen watching money come in and pretending like you’re working…

Or whatever makes you happy…

If you can commit just 60 - 90 days to this mission, we’re going to help you bring your dreams to reality.

And How Can I Be So Certain
This Will Work For You?

I’ve personally tested these steps time and time again, and they have worked each and every single time.

And it's personally helped me land major deals and get my product Banana Wave® Bananamilk.

It's Because I Currently Sell My Product Banana Wave® Bananamilk To Walmart & Whole Foods Grocery Stores, Both Billion Dollar Companies Meaning I Know How To Build Companies Successfully And I Can Help You Too

But showing you my screenshots won't do much for you, so I’ll tell you briefly about a few of my students, and some of the things I've been able to do.


Also Seen On:

Better yet here are two case studies you can check out now.

VIDEO Case Study With Troy Paull

VIDEO Case Study With Aliz AJ

One of my students, Troy, was able to close his first $5K sale in 2 weeks. After that first sale he kept going forward and since then…

He quit his full time job as a mechanic

He moved into a larger house with his wife.

He makes full time income online.

He has helped change the lives of his students and clients.

And then there’s Aliz, he brought in his first $2K sale in just 7 days. And since then he’s been able to:

No longer work a full time job

Hit his first 5 figure month.

Travel to and move from Asia to Australia.

And helped his students become successful.

Satisfied Clients Tell It All:

Listen to Monique's BEFORE Testimonial: Her 1st Week, & Group Coaching Call 


Listen to Monique's AFTER Testimonial: Her 3rd Week & $6K In Sales

Rochelle Changed Her Entire Life & Made $16K In 10 Weeks!

Listen to the expert copywriter Aliz AJ and his testimonial

Listen to the lifestyle entrepreneur Zak Loveday and his testimonial

Listen to Troy, He Earned $5K In His First 2 Weeks!

Listen to award-winning software creator & super affiliate Paul O'keeffe and his testimonial

Listen to Trey, He Earned Over $7K In Profits In 3 Weeks!

Listen to Brandon, he enrolled 15 new high ticket clients and made $27K in 35 days

Listen to the Worlds Best High Ticket Closer & $200,000,000 salesman Marc Steffen and his testimonial

The bottom line is they are sharing their truth and moving closer to their dreams – and you can too when you decide to take action on this epic journey to your dreams.

You’ll Have My Full Support, So Rest Assured You’re In Good Hands En Route To Your Dreams!

This Freedom Mission Is Truly Unique Because It Comes From My Life Experience

First, Let Me Tell You Exactly What This Is NOT...

This Is NOT another course teaching you how to launch a cheap product in hopes that you strike it rich one day

This Is NOT another online course that promises the world, but doesn’t deliver a thing...

This Is NOT another gooroo training series complete with outdated prehistoric strategies that don’t work and hold back information…

This Is NOT another course created just because the product creator wants to make money and leave you out to dry

This Is NOT like any other courses where they speak from theory, and not real experience...

Let Me Tell You What This Is…

This Is one thing that will truly help you create your ideal lifestyle, dream income, and impact…

This Is a SUPER COMMUNITY of like-minded entrepreneurs on the same mission to succeed together…

This Is a mission that has been created with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and empowering people to create freedom their way...

This Is filled with advanced strategies that have been battle tested and will work for you…

This Is the one program that has been created for you, to help you smash your goals no matter how large they may be…

Here’s Why You Need To Grab
Your Spot In This Mission

Let’s be real here, I know what it’s like to struggle…

I was born into a struggle, and I didn’t see a way to make it out…

I know what it’s like to be distracted by launch after launch and opportunity after opportunity

It’s tough…

I can relate because I’ve been there…

That’s why you’re getting the real deal solution to your upcoming financial disasters, that won’t happen because…

I’ve created this with YOU in my mind.

I designed it in a way that is bite sized, and keeps you on track.

With Get-It-Done taskshomework, worksheets, goals, and milestones, and monthly progress goals.

This Mission Is Literally Impossible
Not To Take Action On

Here’s the truth…

When you have a step by step map to get you from point A to point B it becomes hard to not make money and get results.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Yes, I do agree.

The bottom line is this…

If you want to achieve your goals and start living the life you want to live, by traveling more, experiencing more…

Isn’t about time, you take on, once and for all, the "Ultimate Freedom Mission” that will end your search for something that works and truly delivers?

Isn’t it about time you stopped listening to the GooRoo’s and chasing every shiny object until you’re in debt, and finally follow a proven battle tested roadmap to success?

Don’t you think it’s about time you accept this mission and activate the “High Ticket Freedom Mission”right now?

This Mission Is Very Rewarding

For a few lucky entrepreneurs who don’t want to get left out, you’ll be getting exclusive access inside…

But you must know, this is not for everyone.

Here’s Who This Is Not For…

This Is NOT for you if you’re not serious about your business, and making the sacrifice to transform your life over the next 60 - 90 days…

This Is NOT for you if you’re looking for a push button solution – you know, like the ones you get in your email inbox each day…

This Is NOT for you if you are on your last $100 and super desperate, keep searching the internet because this will not work for you.

This is only for you if you have MONEY to PURCHASE a proven battle tested formula to create lasting freedom in your online businessand you are 100% serious and committed to this learn and implement what you learn in this mission.

The reason WHY is because this information has been closely guarded and kept under-the-radar from 95% of the internet marketing community.

Because of the fact that this information is highly lucrative and private – you’ll need to sign an NDA (NON-DISCLOSURE) to protect this information from being leaked.

Only the gooroos know this stuff, and you’ll dominate and be extremely powerful when you activate this transformational information.

Here Is The Actual Manuscript
Laid Out For You.

Watch This:

Inside of this program, I’m going to give you everything you need to move forward so you can create your legacy, create your impact, and create your dream/ideal lifestyle begin with these next 60 - 90 days.

Not only a detailed, hold you by the hand's blueprint, that 95% of marketers out there won’t have the thought capacity to even imagine

This is the one thing that will guarantee your success when you activate it and take all out massive action on the information.

You’re Going To Get...

You’re literally getting a step by step blueprint that will walk you from where you are now to success. So there is absolutely no excuse why you cannot do this for yourself.

If you take action – this program was created to help you Get Immediate Results!

There will be no information overload as long as you can stay on track with these ‘Daily Get-It-Done Tasks’ to move closer to your freedom, and your dream lifestyle.

What Will We Be Doing During This Mission?


First things first is identifying your super power, and what knowledge you have to offer the world – we will identify this super power, and you can use it in any niche you choose.

We will then create an outline for your high ticket freedom vehicle, don’t worry this will be easy, and fun for you.

I know in my heart that this is the most powerful business model you can deploy because there is no limit for how many times you can do it.

Next we’ll cover how to maximize your immediate following – this means your email list, your Facebook friends, Twitter followers, LinkedIn connections, email contacts, and so forth.

So Even If You Don’t Have A List,
You Can 
Still Do This.

And after activating what you’re about to learn you’ll see how I was able to clear $16K from a tiny list of less than 600 people in a 1 month time span.

So this is exactly what’s going to happen.

This Mission will be separated into 8 core modules, spanning over 8 weeks.  

So you’ll be getting 8 different weeks of core training, and access to our support community to help you move forward and stay accountable.

Here's What You're
Going To Get:

Week 1
"Fast Start High Ticket Strategy"

- My secret “Client Attraction System” that I’ve used to go from literally zero, to attracting 4 figure clients in a matter of days.

- How to identify your magical super power you can offer the worldat a premium price while starting exactly where you’re at right now.

- How to craft out your dream client who has the money to pay you, and how to attract the best of the best clients to your high ticket offers.

- How to attract prospects to you who want to learn more, and will be the ideal prospects that have a burning desire to buy your solution as if it were their destiny.

- The fastest way to create and sell a high ticket course even ifyou’re brand new and have no idea what to do first.

- A 50,000 foot overview of the entire mission and what you’ll need to do in order to get results fast.

- A bulletproof fast start strategy to attract you first handful of high ticket sales and clients into your business.

- How to outline your entire program and begin selling it immediately before you create a single piece of content.

- Access to the tools, and resources you’ll need to build your sites, funnels, campaigns, and so much more.

In week 1 you’re going to have 80% of the awesome information you’ll need to solve your biggest financial problems once and for all.

I’m excited for your success.

Total Value $3,997
Week 2
"High Ticket Funnel Mastery"

- The #1 reason why most people fail online, and how to avoid these pit stops so you don’t sell yourself short on your goals.

- Immediate access to all scripts, templates, email swipes, and documents we use in our businessso you can literally swipe and deploy them into your business for your offers.

- How to craft out the ideal salesletter funnel that will help you to land your first set of high ticket clients even if you don’t have the product created yet.

- Effortlessly dominate your niche, and become the #1 professional in your niche.

- How to sell the product with the use of webinars, then once you get the money – put in the time to create the actual product.

- How to set up landing pages, squeeze pages, download pages, membership pages, and all the other parts of your sales funnel so it becomes automated.

- In depth training on how to use the over the phone sales script to close sales in the 4 figure range and beyond.

- The secret mindset shift you need to create within to charge higher prices and make more money for every client that comes through your funnel.

- How to craft a 3 part video series funnel that will help you skyrocket your conversions without writing long sales copy that will bore you.

- And much more

Total Value $3,997
Week 3
"Undercover Traffic & Conversions"

- How to start using Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and Bing ads in order to make high ticket sales even if you’re on a tiny shoestring budget.

- The fastest way to start sending traffic to your website and converting that traffic into leads and sales based on what your prospects desperately desire.

- How to dig deep and identify what keeps your prospects up at night, and how to use that pain to attract them into your high ticket program for maximum income.

- The most powerful strategy to spy on your competition when it comes to Facebook ads and how to use this combination to bring in an endless supply of leads each day.

- How to convert your traffic into leads, those leads into sales, and those sales into lifelong clients that will be addicted to buying from you.

- How to set up your campaigns with over the shoulder training on exactly how to do so. I’ll explain online advertising in a simple format,so you can quickly get up and running.

- The #1 way to go from broke to online success faster than anything you’ve ever seen before, this will work for you.

- And so much more

At this point you’ve got your system set up, you’re running traffic, you’re getting leads, and things are rocking & rolling.

Now it’s time to talk about how to automate this entire business model and scale it up for long term growth.

Total Value $1,997

Week 4
"Automation & Leverage"

- How to systematize your business so that you can make high ticket sales on a daily basis and grow your business onto other networks.

- The most powerful sales and marketing automation tool to help you create webinars and sales presentationsthat play on auto-pilot based on when your subscriber signs up.

- The quickest way to hire someone else to help you manage and run your ad campaigns if you don’t want to do it, or have no desire to do it.

- How to make sure that 80% of your business is automated and running on auto-pilot so that all you have to do is send traffic in order to grow and stabilize your business.

- The #1 secret that most marketers will never tell you about scaling your business and building a team to help you maximize your time.

- And so much more awesome transformation that you’ll reach your goals 10X faster.

Total Value $2,997
Week 5
"Mindset & Domination"


- How to create an UNBREAKABLE Mindset that will easily allow you to overcome all challenges
and take your life and business to the next level.

- How to create a 99% chance of success and literally guarantee yourself that you'll accomplish
anything that you set your intentions on.

- How to guarantee that you're constantly moving towards your goals even when you're away
from your computer making money

- How to establish dominance internally and then allow that domination mindset to project 
outwardly into all that you do in your life

- How to create a relentless attitude for success that will help you become the #1 thing in your 
customers mind even if they have no clue who you are now, or who you were before

- How to create the habit of winning by focusing on the small victories that will quickly add up
to much larger victories

- The simplest way to reprogram your brain to help you achieve anything you want, considerany goal you want as already accomplished when you apply this technique

Total Value $1,497

Week 6
"Influence & Persuasion Mastery"

- How to create massive influence in your marketplace even if you’re brand new, you’ll be able to become a person of influence when you shift the way you do and say things

-The 6 principles of influence and how to use each strategy of influence in your marketing instantly to enhance the quality of your results

- The 4 levels of mass influence over your market, and how to practically apply the best levels to control a larger percentage of your markets minds

- How to apply the rule of reciprocity in a way that immediately improves your positioning, and makes people want to work with you in some way

- How to leverage the power of social proof to get other people to believe you so much that they walk right into your valuable solution and do whatever you want them to

- Specific details about how the 4 different influencers speak to their audience, and how to shift yourself to achieve the highest level of influence when you speak

- How to create a website that will produce the highest amount of perceived authority in the eyes of your prospects that makes them want to buy from you instantly

- The best way to build your own social media group that will grow, and thrive on automated pilot – consider this your personal pond for attracting and landing clients in your niche

Total Value $997

Week 7
"Scaling, Lifestyle, & Next Level Think"

- How to create a scalable funnel in your business with the power of a self-liquidating offer, you’ll be able to scale up very quickly with this powerful resource in place

- Specific tracking software that allows you to track the most important numbers in your business, your cost per lead, and your cost per sale

- What are the areas of your funnel, landing pages, email sequences, and so forth that you should focus on testing and tweaking in order to improve conversions

- How to identify the most important income producing activities you should focus your attention on, and the other activities which you should outsource in your business

- A super simple way to document your entire day’s work process online, this is a very simple strategy yet highly effective in training others on how to operate your business

- Direct contact and links to Virtual Assistant done for you style services that find a personal Virtual Assistant for you based on the team of VA’s they have in place

- How to OVERDELIVER to your clients without giving them too much unnecessary stuff that will slow them down

- How to take your business to the next level with the power of live events, both seminars, and retreat style events – these will explode your business when done right

Total Value $2,997

Week 8
"12 Billion Wealth Titan Business Principles"

- How to create massive inspiration and freedom for yourself with a simple activity that will stretch your mind to create more of the things you love to do

- How to travel the world with the help of 3 simple digital resources, you’ll be able to travel the world with a mobile device and a few mobile apps

- How to develop the next level business mindset that focused on global impact, and allowing you to reach more people with your solutions

- The 12 most common principles that show up most often in the life story, and characteristics of modern day billionaires

- The top two most important things that matter when creating a company that can be sold to your biggest competitors down the line

- How to create a vision and mission statement that is bigger than you, and so big that people desperately want to follow you until the vision is made into a reality

- How to scale your brand so that it reaches the masses, and has the potential to affect millions if not BILLIONS of lives globally

- The fastest way to level up and improve the quality of your business

Total Value $3,997


You’ll never get stuck because during these weeks all your questions will be answered in our COMMUNITY MASTERMIND GROUP to support you on the way to getting the results you want.

Sounds good right?

But wait a minute, you’re also going to get access to these awesome bonuses.


For all the new warriors that take me up on this program, you’ll get instant access to a done for you high ticket program that teaches how to do product launches.

This program comes with already done videos, over the shoulder trainings, PDF’s, the powerpoint slides, and so much more.

Basically you’re getting a done for you program that you can set up on your website and begin selling for $497 - $997 or more.

And you can see, this alone will help you get up and running to achieve success with your business instantly.

Total Value $1,997

I’ve pulled strings and booked a series of interviews with several multi-million dollars marketers that make up the top 1% of all digital marketers.

You’ll be learning from the top experts like Eric Louvierre, Bill McIntosh, Jimmy Kim, and so many others.

Get access to the secrets from these top level marketers in the areas of traffic, conversions, high ticket sales, Facebook advertising, product creation, copywriting, and so much more.

Total Value $997

Here you’ll be getting full and complete access to my entire product library, this access comes with the rights to re-package the information for yourself.

I’ve won awards for my products, and I’ve created products about niches like bing ads, CPA marketing, outsourcing, product creation, and so much more.

This means you’re going to be getting access to many of my successful products.

Total Value $2,997

And I know you might want a better way to maximize your income, and add new income streams without creating your own new high ticket offers – you’ll get a list of high ticket offers you can promote as an affiliate.

These offers range anywhere from $50 to as high as $10,000 per sale.

A simple strategy to start promoting high ticket affiliate offers and convert with your email marketing campaigns.

Just imagine once you bring in a few $500 affiliate commissions on auto-pilot, you’ll become the envy of your friends once you’re making the money you deserve.

Total Value $497

Don’t You Think It’s Nearly Impossible To Not Succeed  With All Of This Support And Guidance?

Can’t You See Yourself Finally Making Your
Dreams A Reality, Achieving Your Goals, And
Living A 10X Better Lifestyle?


So How Much Is The Purchase Price
For This Program Today?

I want to get instant access now to all of these:

The High Ticket Freedom Mission
Total Value $3,997

High Ticket Funnel Mastery
Total Value $3,997

Undercover Traffic & Conversions
Total Value $1,997

Automation & Leverage
Total Value $2,997
Total Value $1,497
Total Value $997
Total Value $2,997
Total Value $3,997

Total Value $1,997

Total Value $997

Total Value $2,997

Total Value $497
Total Value $28,964+
Today’s Price:
$997 ONLY

“OK Michael, I’ve seen enough and I’m ready to take accept the mission and change my entire life and business!”

*WARNING* Price Will Increase...

This mission is something I’m going to take into the main stream digital media marketing world as we add more success stories and life changing results…

This offer will no longer be available in a few days… and this not a marketing tactic, this is real life opportunity that will increase in value & price, don't miss out.

What feeling would be worse than to come back later to see that the price has tripled, or that it’s no longer available?

You Do Not Want To Miss Out!

Now Is Your Time To Take Action
And Join The Mission

I ONLY want serious committed people to work together on this mission, and if you intend to get in and get a refund then DO NOT BUY this program because WE ONLY WANT TO WORK WITH PEOPLE THAT ARE ALL IN ON THEIR DREAMS!

If you have ‘refund’ in mind before you buy this – then that shows you’re not serious about your business, and that you’re treating this like a hobby so you’ll make hobby money.

This Is For Action Takers Only.

We’re At A Crossroads, And You Have 1 Of 3 Options To Choose Right Now


Sit there and do absolutely nothing…

That option will keep you trapped in your current situation, and you won’t experience any change at all, or ever for that matter.

And you’re going to get left out while everyone else is here in the SUPER COMMUNITY and building their dreams.

Do you want to live with that painful regret for missing this opportunity?



Spend the next 5 years of your life dedicated to learn The "High Ticket Code" to create success online for yourself (you can save 5 years of your life and spend that time living your dreams)

Drop $10,000’s on your marketing education just like I did to learn this High Ticket Freedom Mission.

Keep laying awake at night wondering where the next sale, or next bit of online income is going to come from.

Remember 95% of all marketers don’t have a clue about this powerful information I’m about to lay out for you.

This program will be closed down once our registration hits critical mass.

And then we’re taking this program into the main stream media so this is your only shot to master this before the rest of the human population finds out about it.


Decide to take action and join the High Ticket Freedom Mission and change your life and business in the next 30 days or less when you take all out massive action.

Yes I want to change my life and business, and reach my goals.

Yes I want to discover how to create my own high ticket programs that can set me free in the next 2 weeks or less.

Yes I want access to the sales letter templates, webinar template, video scripts, email swipes, and so much more so I can plug and play for fast results.

Yes I understand that I’ll be joining your extremely positive SUPER COMMUNITY and I promise I will be a great contribution to the mastermind.

Yes, I Want To Join This Mission For FREEDOM Immediately.

Now, before I get back to work here in Miami Florida, I want to leave you with a few last words…

If all this mission did was help you…

Discover how to create your own high ticket program without creating the product up front...

Sell your very own high ticket program with professional tools and templates for quick fast results...

Allowed you to create real freedom by doing things like quitting your job, and spending more time with your loved ones...

Helped you create real proven reliable consistent income that you can truly depend on long term...

What would that mean for you?

What kind of impact would that have on your life?

What would that be worth to you?

"For me it’s a no brainer, and I’m ready to GET ALL IN!"

You are backed by our 30-day
'action takers money back' guarantee.


And here's my 30-day action takers money back guarantee - if you go through the entire workshop experience, take action on 100% of the information laid out for you, and you get 0 results...

Meaning ... no high ticket offer created or selected, no funnel pages, no traffic, no leads, no sales, no income then show us what you did and we'll help you 1 on 1 to move forward. Show us proof, and If after this session we determine that we are not able to help you move forward we will honor our promise and give you 100% of your money back.


A percentage of our sales go to charity to help educate, clothe, and feed hungry children in need.

More satisfied clients tell it all:

Listen to Vicky, he generated 2 clients & made $3K in 3 days following our strategies


Listen to former professional basketball player Alessio Bond and his testimonial


At this point, you’re still here reading this pagethat makes it clear

I know you’ve come to your decision because you see the value and benefit that this will have on your life and business.

And just to be honest with you, the reason I’m selling this so affordable is that I want you to help you earn more so you can continue working with me long term. 

Then once you’re making money with me, I want you to keep purchasing education with me in my higher level programs so you can continue moving to the next level.

I want you and your income to grow so much to the point where you work with me in my long-term programs that will completely transform your life at the highest level.

And now without any further ado…

I would like to welcome you to “The High Ticket Freedom Mission!”

I’m looking forward to seeing your transformation on the inside of this training.

There is only one way, and that way is up to your dreams.

Let’s Get It Done!

See you inside.

If the dreams you're dreaming can be accomplished in this lifetime, you are dreaming too small. I challenge you to dream bigger baby. Yes baby, dream bigger!


Your new entrepreneurial role model,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. Do not delay as there are only a handful of spots open for access to this mission before we close down shop and release this to the rest of the public.



Q. What exactly will I be creating a high ticket offer about?

A. You'll be creating a high ticket offer based on your ideas, courses, knowledge, experience, message, life story, or the game plan that I give you inside of the course. If you have a skill set, or know how to get specific results and can help someone else, I'll show you the entire format for how to create the system and make it work for you.

Q. Is this about launching products?

A. No, this is strictly about launching your own high ticket products and services. You'll be able to create your high ticket coaching program with no list, no following, no website, and no strategic plan as long as you can follow directions and take action.

Q. What if I'm new, can I still do this and get results?

A. Yes, you can do this and get results even if you're new. Most all of our successful clients were new to high ticket sales when they got started with us. We're going to give you an offer to sell or model for a high ticket price point, and we're also going to tell you exactly how to sell it.

Q. Do you guarantee that I'll make money?

A. No, there are no guarantees in life - so the only guarantee we can make is that if you take action on the information inside this program you will get results. 

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes. We do offer a conditional 'action takers money back guarantee' which states that if you take action and follow our information, strategies, and insights but are not able to get any results, this is what we will do. We will offer you a (1X) FREE 1 on 1 coaching session to help you get unstuck from your situation and moving forward to create results (results meaning high ticket business set up, registered new company, email marketing set up, leads being generated, calls being scheduled/booked, sales calls being made, and sales/clients being enrolled). If we are not able to help you move forward to create results, then contact us - show us exactly what you did and if we can't help you move forward then we will begin the refund process. In order to qualify for the 'action takers money back guarantee' you must show us that you actually went inside, reviewed the training, took action on the information, applied the information, and show documented proof that you followed our training. We do not offer any refunds on our group coaching and consulting because we are not able to get back any of our time.


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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make any claims with this platform. We believe in providing value for others, and that is what we teach our clients how to do based on their unique ideas, knowledge, and life experience. Creating freedom your way, and a successful business takes work to accomplish. We ascribe to working hard, and smart. We don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes' or in 'get rich by clicking buttons schemes' - we believe success takes work and we share that transparently with our clients. We share real business strategy on our platform that has produced results for our company, as well as for our successful clients. Our clients created success because of their individual efforts, skills, resources, and determination to succeed. Our platform is intended for educational, inspirational, and empowering purposes. Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.


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