ATTENTION: Experts, Consultants, and Coaches:

 “Use This Weird 5 Step Online Business System To Consciously Own Your Expertise And Package It Into A High Ticket Online Business Without
Being A Marketing Guru.”

 "Learn The Timeless Strategies To Monetize Your Expertise Through Online Information Solutions That The World Needs, And Get Paid To Share Them With The World”

✅ Discover Your Superpower

✅ Produce Your Own Online Products

✅ Package Your Own High Ticket Offers

✅ Price Your Products From Low To High Ticket 

✅ Promote Into The Marketplace

✅ Profit From Your Own Products & Services

And the greatest part of this is, this works even if you are a complete beginner at high ticket sales online.


WARNING: The High Ticket Freedom System IS NOT Your Grandpa's Way Of Building A Business Onilne…  


● This Is NOT another course teaching you how to launch a cheap product in hopes that you strike it rich one day
● This Is NOT another online course that promises the world, but doesn’t deliver a thing...
● This Is NOT another gooroo training series complete with outdated prehistoric strategies that don’t work and hold back information…
●      This Is NOT like any other courses where they speak from theory, and not real experience...


It Is A Proven Online Business Blueprint Designed To
Help You Create Freedom Your Way!

● This Is one thing that can truly help you create your business legacy,
create more impact, and create your dream lifestyle… 
● This Is a movement that has been created with the purpose of educating,
inspiring, and empowering people to create freedom your way...
● This Is filled with advanced strategies that have been battle tested and can
work for you…
● This Is the one program that has been created for you, to help you smash
your goals regardless of how ambitious they may be…

This is ideal for: 

✅ An Entrepreneur or Sales Professional

✅ A Coach, Consultant, Author, or Speaker

✅ A Marketer, Affiliate, or Software Creator

✅ A Real Estate Agent or Trainer

✅ A Highly Skilled Expert

If you want to learn how to start landing High-Ticket clients that happily pay whatever fees
you charge
 for your products or services…then this message is for YOU.

Troy Activated His First High Paying Client
In His First 2 Weeks!

Trey Activated Multiple High Paying Clients
In His First Few Weeks!

Dear frustrated expert,  

What if you could have an automated online business system in place that will help you to attract, capture, and activate complete strangers into happy high paying clients in less than 72 hours’ time?   

This is exactly what the High Ticket Freedom Academy can teach you how to create!  

The problem is that most people don’t know how to package their ideas, expertise, gifts, and super power into their own high ticket solutions with automation…  

This is a major problem, and it’s something that is incredibly frustrating.  

I know, because I’ve been there too…

 Hi, I'm Michael Baptiste,

Most people know me as the guy who was on the co-founding team of the Banana Wave brand, the former international professional basketball player, and the certified life, entrepreneurship, and business coach. 

I'll talk about my story a little later, but for now...

I believe in my heart of hearts that this may very well be the turning point of your online business journey.

I know you might have tried multiple things that didn't give you what you were looking for online...

I imagine you're probably not getting your desired results online because you are missing pieces of the puzzle...

I can feel you've been at this for some time, and will do whatever is necessary to have it your way...

I know you want to expand your knowledge so you can finally get ahead...

Truthfully I can relate to your pain, and I'd be ready to solve this problem right now if I were you too.

In fact what I'm about to share is the exact same secret that changed my entire business forever. 

This Is A Solution For Experts, Consultants, And Coaches Who Want To Attract More Clients With
Automation And Leverage


It’s an online course experience that is designed to help you create freedom your way.  

Just imagine what it would be like to have an automated online business system that allows you to enroll new clients, and live life totally on your terms while solving problems for other people.  

Let me share how I came about this solution…

It All Started Back In College When I Was Searching For A Way To Become Successful Without Selling My Soul To A Life Draining Boss...

You see, I grew up in poverty in projects of South Miami Florida to a single teenage mom while my father was in prison.  

I earned a scholarship that allowed me to get out of the hood. While playing basketball in college I suffered 2 knee surgeries, fell into a depression, lost my scholarship, and dropped out of college.  

I didn’t want to live life without basketball, and it made me feel like my life was worthless…

It Was One Of The Toughest Moments Of My Life After 2 Knee Surgeries, And The Worst Depression Of My Life...

It Was My Dark Knight of The Soul

Later I came up out of the depression, got myself together and then got into another college on a new basketball scholarship to Florida Memorial University.  

I knew basketball wasn’t going to be the way for me, and so while at this new school I began searching for another legitimate way to make money…  

Once I learned about online marketing, and my life changed completely when I earned my first $20 sale online. 

 All Of A Sudden, My Perspective On The World Changed As A College Student When I Made My First Commissions Online Via Affiliate Marketing

From there I went on to attract my first high ticket client offering him free marketing solutions in exchange for commissions on the sale.  

This was a deal with a luxury automotive dealer…  

I applied my skills and then was able to sell a high ticket car for approximately 50K. From that sale I earned a small commission of only $200, but it expanded my mind and had me asking myself…  

“How can I sell my own high ticket solutions with just my knowledge and expertise?”  

The next year as a college student I did a seminar sharing what I was doing to earn money online as a college student, and that attracted 100 people.  

After that seminar people started hiring me for consulting, copywriting, and there was 1 start up project that decided…  

…to hire me,

and they paid me an equity share in their start up business.  

The project was called Banana Wave Bananamilk.  

I came on board and made an immediate impact by helping to write an elevator pitch that won $5K in prize money...

 I Helped My Client Win A $5K Elevator Pitch, And That Led To My Partners Raising Funds From Investors To Launch The Commercial Product Into Retail Stores, And I Helped On
The Team As A Business Development Consultant

They raised over $750K to launch commercially.  

Then I was a part of the process to help the company launch, do in store marketing, and I sat in several meetings that would lead to us increasing the business growth.

Here is some proof below...

 But then something happened…  

In the process of helping my partners grow Banana Wave into a household brand...



I Hit A Wall

I Expeienced Burnout While Helping My Partners Build Banana Wave Into A Consumer Packaged Goods Empire...


You See, I Was Working In Someone Else’s Business, Helping Them Build And Grow Their Business Successfully From Scratch, But I Didn’t Feel Fulfilled...

That’s when I took the information that I’d learned up to that point about copywriting, product creation, consulting, brand development, business development, online marketing, and more…  

And I decided that I would take this information, package it online, and share it with other people who might be interested in creating their own products and using digital marketing to attract higher paying clients into their businesses too.

 I Wanted To Make A Bigger Impact By Sharing This Information With Other People And Helping Them Leverage Their Superpower Or Gifts Online!

Maybe not everyone had a Banana Wave idea, or something big like that…  

However, I believe everyone has a super power or a gift inside, and I believe that it was possible to help more people find out what their super power or gift is so they can get paid to share it.  

Now I am on fire to go out and share this message of transformation with more people around the world.  

You see, I searched the internet for a mentor, and then found the right mentor.

I hired a mentor to show me how to package up my ideas into my own successful online course, and coaching program…  

To be real with you, I wasn’t sure if it would work – but I followed what my mentor said to do anyway.  

I began to test out some ideas, and then…

 It Was Like A Flick Of Magic Because You See, My Online Business Started To Get Better Results From A Successful Launch!

But then I hit another wall, this wasn’t what I wanted… I didn’t want to be launching low ticket products, so now I needed to find another way.  

That’s when I began to run weird little experiments online with some of my offline business development knowledge to see if things would work for me.

Within A Few Weeks My Experiments Began To Work, And That’s When I Knew I Was On To Something Big!

Quickly, other people took notice of my results and started to reach out asking if I could help them with launching and growing their online businesses too.  

So I shared what I was doing with them…  

…and they began to produce life changing results following my proven high paying client attracting secrets.

That’s When It Was Official That I Had Something Special, And Then 'High Ticket Freedom' Was Born!

Ever since then we’ve been able to help customers and clients achieve life changing results from across 12 countries worldwide…

I have been able to donate to charities around the world that I believe in.

I have been able to impact far more people around the world from different walks of life!

And it’s all thanks to this High Ticket Freedom movement that we created!

The Best Part Is That I’ve Been Able To Help Many People From Around The World, Take It From Some Of My Clients And Their Results Below

(The results of our students are not typical, in fact we don't promise that anyone will get results at all when you purchase our courses or coaching. The typical student does not report earned income.)

Listen To Monique's Before Testimonial

Listen To Monique's After Testimonial

Listen To Elite High Ticket Closer &
Successful Salesman Marc Steffen

Listen To Award-Winning Software Creator
& Super Affiliate Paul O'keeffe 

Listen To Ricardo and His Testimonial Of How Our Coaching Changed His Life

Listen To Kristin and Her Testimonial Of How Much Impact She Recieved

Listen To The Superstar Marketer David Pare And His Testimonial

Listen To Vikrant Who Was Able To Activate 2 High Paying Clients In His First 2 Days

Listen To Rochelle Odubela's Testimonial After Activating 3 High Paying Clients

Listen To Brandon Sean's Testimonial After He Activated 15 Clients In 2 Months

Listen To Former Professional Basketball Player Alessio Bond And His Testimonial

Listen To The Highly Paid Expert Copywriter Aliz AJ And His Testimonial

Results Results Results From
Our Clients Worldwide...

We Know How To Help Get Results!

And you know what?  

Through 5 years of trial and error, I learned the hard way that selling high ticket transactions allows my customers and clients to achieve freedom faster than selling low ticket transactions!

 This is the POWER OF

 “He who does not seize opportunity today, will be unable to seize tomorrow’s opportunity.”

~ Somali Proverb~

Right now we are in a time where opportunities are available in abundance!  

And with the current state of the world, and the economic landscape there is no telling what the future holds.   This means that right now, you must take control of your economic future.  

As you read from my story, I learned first-hand how to earn online, offer marketing consulting, create a product business, how to market it, how to get it into stores, and how to build into a household brand.  I was not the CEO, I was just a regular guy who was on the team.

I have real world experience in the trenches of building a real business, and I can help you.

 “He who learns, teaches.”

~ Ethiopian Proverb ~ 

Let me share with you the steps to get this going.

It’s the same with playing sports or basketball.  

You first learn the game, then you learn the rules, then you learn what you do best, and then you play the game to win.


The High Ticket Freedom Academy!

If you want to learn how to attract high paying clients for your online products, courses, or coaching program…  

Or even if you are a complete beginner at high ticket sales online, then you can follow these straight forward steps to launch your online course or coaching business the right way:

Don’t worry even if you haven’t sold a high ticket product online, or over the phone before.  

Remember, my 1st high ticket sale?  

I attracted a deal with a luxury automotive dealer, created a marketing process, I created my own script, and I was able to help sell a luxury automobile for 50K. Next I went on to do my own seminar, and later to partnering with Banana Wave and helping them launch their product into stores.  

Not everyone will get a product into stores, but I do believe that as an expert you can get your products, courses, or coaching solutions created into an online business system that can help to attract, capture, and activate more clients.   

You see, over the years I’ve refined my processes and made them accessible and available for other experts, consultants, and coaches to be able to use any given day.  

So the process I’ll be sharing with you is something that has worked for me too, even when I was in the early stages of this journey. 

 This Solution Is Great For Experts,
Consultants, and Coaches

 ● Who are tired of losing money because they don’t have an online business system to help attract, capture, and activate clients while they sleep…

● Who want to be able to earn more income with leverage so they can achieve more individual goals in life…

● Who want to have more freedom to be able to travel, share time with loved ones, and live life on their terms because their online business is doing the heavy lifting for them…

I have something important to share with you, and this is something that I wish I had back when I first began in 2010:  

If you feel that being a beginner at High Ticket Sales online is a setback for you… then let me share how to turn it into a step forward for your come up and…  

Use Our High Ticket Freedom System To Start Attracting Your First Or Next Dream Clients In 90 Days Or Less!

Inside Your High Ticket Freedom Academy Membership You Will Find EVERYTHING You Need To Start Attracting More Clients Online

 Module 1

The High Ticket Clarity
& Fast Start Formula

The major problem that most people experience is that they just don’t know the system on how to put this entire business system together the right way.  

This is why you’re going to learn:

✅ Your high ticket vehicle, learn which high ticket business model to choose and select the best business model that suits your personal and professional needs

✅ Clarity on your superpower, we show you step by step what to do in order to discover your superpower, use it to help you create a high ticket business, and attract more high paying clients

✅ The 'magical goal setting formula' and believing strategies that will help you strengthen your mindset so you can send direct messages and commands directly to your subconscious/super mind to enhance your manifestation

✅ The direct steps to take to leverage your existing audience to begin generating leads, appointments, consultations, and high ticket clients as soon as week 1

✅ And so much more

You might be thinking, why do you need to have this clarity?

The reason is simple, with more clarity you will be able to gain a more clear sense of direction on where you are going and the brand you are building.  

This is training on how to create clarity in your life and business foundations, which business model to focus on, plus our fast track system that will allow you to start attracting high paying clients in a matter of days

 Module 2

High Ticket Funnel
Marketing Mastery

You might have your ideas and solutions ready, but how exactly do you convert more visitors on the internet into clients?  

This is a problem that you might have encountered yourself online.
For that reason you’re going to learn:

 Learn how to create a high ticket sales funnel that converts website visitors into leads, appointments, consultations, and ultimately high paying clients

✅ Learn how to create an effective webinar funnel even if you are brand new and have never created a webinar before, we’ll also provide you with our proven template

✅ Learn how to design a multi-touch point marketing funnel that allows you to communicate with your prospects in multiple different ways to increase your sales

✅ Learn how to do email marketing and build an email tribe of subscribers that will open, click, and take action on your recommendations inside of your emails

✅ How to keep your messaging & branding consistent across all of your channels, assets, pages, and social media so you can create more omnipresent authority in the market

✅ And so much more

And if this comes across as information you don’t need to know because you know it all, well if this were a game of basketball then you’d be missing out on the information that will teach you how to build your own full court press style of funnels.  

Meaning you’ll be activating multiple touch points to help you enroll more clients.  

Step by step training on how to create your high ticket sales funnel that is effective for webinars, case studies, salesletters, and also high ticket affiliate offers, so you can leverage multiple touch points to attract then convert high paying clients.

Module 3

Sales, Persuasion,
& Influence System

Ewww, sales! Most people hate sales, and you might be thinking that sales, persuasion, and influence is a bad thing…

Everything you have in your home right now was sold to you, or the people you live with. So you see, everything is sales.

This is why you’re going to learn:

✅ Learn how to use sales, persuasion, and influence to help you get nearly anything you want as long as it does not cause harm to other people

✅ Learn how to do sales calls to close high ticket clients even if you’ve never sold anything on the phones before - you’ll be much more effective when you know this process

✅ How to sell your own high ticket offers over the phone, through email, through chat, and even with an automated online sales funnel

✅ Our proven effective sales call templates, proven sales scripts, and training on how to use your voice and tonality to affect the results of your sales calls

 And so much more

And you might be saying, oh I don’t need to learn how to sell.  

Truth is that if you want to earn money leveraging your super powers and gifts, then you are going to need to know how to get your message across in a way that makes another person open up their wallet to you.

Module 4

High Ticket Traffic &
Conversion Playbook

Once you have the online business system up, this doesn’t mean that you’re going to get any traffic.

Without traffic your business will not be able to survive, because it must have leads and sales coming in… but there is no way to generate sales with no traffic.  

And this is why you'll learn these resources in this module: 

✅ Learn how to generate FREE organic traffic using social media, SEO, online communities, influencers, affiliates, strategic partners, and even FREE press to attract high paying clients

✅ Learn how to successfully create paid FB ad campaigns that can allow you to start generating hyper-targeted traffic that is interested in your offer so you can acttract, capture, and activate more high paying clients

✅ Learn how to set up powerful retargeting campaigns that will allow you to retarget so you can increase conversions of the visitors that came to your site the first time and did not make a purchasing

✅ How to use the press, media, and media buys to scale your offer out to the masses of people, and even land yourself on ABC, CBS, Fox, The CW, and many others in just 5 days or less so you can attract more clients

✅ And so much more

You might be thinking to yourself, well I don’t know if I can afford to pay thousands of dollars for advertising to make this work.  

Truth is that you don’t need to pay thousands to get started.

You can begin investing with as little as $5 - $10 per day. And I’ll also share several resources where you can start generating free traffic as soon as this week. 

Module 5

Freedom Architect And
Lifestyle Engineer Path

Another major problem most people face once they begin selling online is the reality that they don’t have their system fully automated so they can grow and scale.

This is one of the biggest problems I see with most online entrepreneurs today.  

To help you solve this problem you’re going to learn:  

✅ Learn how to fulfill your client and design the ultimate product that solves your client's problems, and delivers your solution to them in a very straightforward way

✅ Know what tools and technical solutions to use in order to provide a simplified experience for your clients, and your business system processes

✅ Learn how to create systems in your business that allow you to track, tweak, improve and manage your business without being the person doing all the work all day

✅ How to build a team inside your business, and how to outsource your daily work tasks - this is where you learn how to shift from the mindset of an entrepreneur to that of a CEO

✅ How to set up systems and processes in your business that will allow you to have more freedom and time to do other things like live your life and enjoy it

✅ And so much more

Perhaps you’re thinking “well why do I need automation?”  

As Warren Buffet once said, “If you don't make money while you sleep, you'll work until you die.”

I can imagine that you want to earn more, or you might be super ambitious and actually want to generate real wealth, then you need to be able to earn income with automation.

This module will show you how to do it from start to finish.

Module 6

‘Inner Me Inner Key’ Blueprint

The problem so many people are trapped into lower levels of consciousness, and don’t know how to unlock their inner power.  

This doesn’t have to be your reality anymore, that’s why in this module you’re going to learn:

✅ Learn the meditation, visualization, and inner energy work I do to maintain a positive mental attitude and attract more of the best that life has to offer

✅ Mindset domination strategies that you can use to elevate your mindset to greatness - this will help you ascend your thinking to that of a champion in life and business

✅ Learn the consciousness tools that you can use in your day to day experience to help you gain more awareness to stay present in the moment

✅ Learn effective mindset tools that you can use to help you overcome challenges, roadblocks, and certain ways of thinking that no longer serve you

✅ And so much more

You might be saying to yourself, but why do I need to unlock more parts of myself?  

The reality is that you are a limitless being, and it’s time you learn how to overcome some of those mindset and spiritual issues that might have been holding you down.

It’s time to unlock more of yourself so you can experience more joy, peace, and love in your life.

Module 7

Lifestyle, Fulfillment, Self-Love Formula

The problem I find with most people who grow their business or company online is that they get stuck behind a screen, or they get stuck doing things that they don’t want to do with minimal fulillment.

You can avoid these problems, and inside of this module you’re going to learn:

✅ How to go inside of yourself and find true fulfillment that resonates with you - this will allow you to find your truth, live in that truth, be in that truth, and allow you to be your best self

✅ The step by step process you can apply to increase your love for yourself, and why loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the people you impact

✅ Lifestyle tools, apps, hacks, and insights based on my years of traveling the world and living in multiple countries through the power of my lifestyle based business

✅ My stories on how I was able to execute on my desires and live the lifestyle I wanted, and how to evolve your lifestyle goals as you accomplish them, this will help you maintain clarity on your long term mission, and vision

✅ And so much more

At this point you may be thinking to yourself, “well I don’t need no formula to teach me about lifestyle”….  

Well what if your business actually does succeed, and you do get to the goals that you’re after?

Let’s not wait until then.

Allow me to share with you, inside of our High Ticket Freedom Academy, how to create the life you desire so you can be more focused and committed in your work to get there.


The problem is that most courses only give you enough to come back and buy more of their upsells.  

Not here.

When you become a High Ticket Freedom Family member, and join our Freedom Architects community, I am going to give you all the information that you need to succeed and win!

Legendary Mentoring Course

✅ 'High Ticket Coaching And Consulting'

✅ You will learn the step by step process you need to follow in order to successfully build a coaching and consulting business getting started with just your knowledge and ideas, you'll also learn from my direct experience with building a worldwide digital marketing consulting business

✅ 'Building A Legacy Business That Can Scale To The Masses'

✅ You can learn how to create a business that can be scaled to the masses. That means you will learn from my first hand experience on what we did to create Banana Wave Bananamilk from scratch and get it into major retail stores like Walmart, Whole Foods, HEB, GNC, and many others  

✅ 'Life Lessons And Principles To Inspire Your Legacy'

✅ The life lessons and principles that I used to go from growing up poor in the projects, single mom, father in prison, to making it out of the hood, to starting 2 companies, scaling them to thousands of customers, and even making it to become professional basketball player and coach - learn directly from my life experiences to help you

✅ 'Mindset And Inner Energy Control'

✅ How to create the proper business and winning mindset so you can gain more control of your life, improve your chances of success in all areas, increase your natural energy, and gain more control of your energy so you can use it to create more results


The High Ticket Freedom Mission Course

✅ 'Fast Start High Ticket Strategy' - My secret “Client Attraction System” that I’ve used to go from literally zero, to attracting 4 figure clients in a matter of days.  

✅ 'High Ticket Funnel Mastery' - How to create the ideal high ticket sales funnel that will convert and work for your business
✅ 'Undercover Traffic & Conversions' - How to generate cold, warm, and hot traffic that converts into leads, so you can convert those leads into sales, and those sales into lifelong clients that will be addicted to buying from you 

✅ 'Automation & Leverage' - How to systematize your business so that you can make sure that 80% of your business is automated and running on auto-pilot so that all you have to do is send traffic in order to grow and stabilize your business

✅ 'Mindset & Domination' - How to create an UNBREAKABLE Mindset that will easily allow you to overcome all challenges and take your life and business to the next level, and the simplest way to reprogram your brain to help you achieve anything you want, considerany goal you want as already accomplished when you apply this technique

✅ 'Influence & Persuasion Mastery' - How to create massive influence in your marketplace even if you’re brand new, you’ll be able to become a person of influence when you shift the way you do and say things

✅ "Scaling, Lifestyle, & Next Level Think" - How to create a scalable funnel in your business with the power of a self-liquidating high ticket funnel, create your ideal dream lifestyle around your business, and what strategies you can apply to take your business to the next level with your new found success 

✅ 'Wealth Titan Business Principles' - How to develop the next level business mindset that focused on global impact, and allowing you to reach more people with your solutions, also learn the 12 most common principles that show up most often in the life story, and characteristics of modern day billionaires

You Also Get...

Learn the keys you can use immediately in your business to help you attract and convert more high paying customers and clients

Discover the success story of Michael Baptiste and learn how you can apply more success principles in your life to succeed

Learn step by step how to hire top notch talent online so you can build your team, and have more leverage to grow your business

✅ Access to our fresh private mastermind community where you can ask your questions and have them answered to help provide you with support along your journey to attracting, capturing, and activating more clients

✅ You'll learn the life lessons and life principles that I learned after rising up from poverty and being able to create companies from scratch

✅ Millionaire interviews – you’ll get access to a series of interviews that I did with online millionaires where I get them to reveal their secrets on how they earned their millions online

✅ High Ticket PLR product bundle – you’ll get private label rights access to a high ticket course that I did in the past where you’ll be able to use the content, sell it, or re-create it as your own course following my successful course

✅ High Ticket affiliate marketing – you’ll get a direct strategy on how you can go out and start promoting high ticket affiliate products, and to make it even better you’re also going to get a resource list of proven high ticket affiliate offers that you can promote 

✅ And so much more inside

You might be asking yourself “why is this guy throwing me some awesome bonuses?”  

The main reason why is because I want you to be able to gain some of my additional knowledge on things like retail marketing, high level consulting, and more.

Plus I know that if I can truly overdeliver to you, then you’ll have everything that you need to succeed and then some.  

It’s my belief that if I help you and give you more than expected, that you’ll be more than happy to work with me long term into the future and refer people to do business with me.

 REMEMBER: The High Ticket Freedom Academy IS NOT a generic online course that you can find elsewhere…

● This Is NOT another course teaching you how to launch a cheap product in hopes that you strike it rich one day… ● This Is NOT another online course that promises the world, but doesn’t deliver a thing...
● This Is NOT another gooroo training series complete with outdated prehistoric strategies that don’t work and hold back information…
● This Is NOT like any other courses where they speak from theory, and not real experience...

 It is an Online Lifestyle & Business Training Academy! 

What if you could have an automated online business system helping you generate leads, and convert them into clients with simplicity?  

This is what the High Ticket Freedom Academy can show you how to do for yourself!  

It’s an online lifestyle & business training platform that will that will help you transform your results in life and business.

Here's A Sneak Peak Inside Of
Your Membership Platform

Here’s EVERYTHING You Get To Activate Your Online Business And Attract More High Paying Clients In The Next 90 Days Or Less:

● Proven Templates, Workbooks, & Worksheets

● Module 1: The High Ticket Clarity & Fast Start Formula

● Module 2: High Ticket Funnel Marketing Mastery

● Module 3: Sales, Persuasion, & Influence System

● Module 4: High Ticket Traffic & Conversion Playbook

● Module 5 Freedom Architect And Lifestyle Engineer Path

● Module 6: ‘Inner Me Inner Key’ Blueprint

● Module 7: Lifestyle, Fulfillment, Self-Love Formula

● Overdeliver BONUSES

Total Retail Price: $1,999 Today!

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 30-Day Action Takers Money Back Guarantee

Let’s be real here…

I understand that you don’t know me personally, and chances that high that I don’t know you.  

The question becomes, WHY should you trust a person like me when there is a very high chance that you purchased courses from other people before, and it didn’t provide you with what you were looking for, and then it didn’t work out for you… right?  

That is why I’ve made the decision to remove the risks for action takers of this program. Meaning that I am taking all of the risks from your shoulders and giving you a full 30 day action takers money back guarantee to go through the program.

 And here's my 30-day action takers money back guarantee - if you go through the entire online lifestyle and business training academy experience, take action on 100% of the information laid out for you, and you get 0 results...

Meaning ... no high ticket offer created or selected, no funnel pages, no traffic, no leads, no sales, no income then show us proof what you action steps you've taken (ie: registered a new LLC, registered a website, created your offer, number of leads generated, number of phone appointments scheduled, and so forth) and we'll help you 1 on 1 to move forward. Show us proof, and If after this session we determine that we are not able to help you move forward we will honor our promise and give you 100% of your money back.

You deserve to know that when you do get started today, you will also be supporting the children.  

You see, with each sale that we send a percentage to a charity called Michelle Tidor’s Kids. This is a non-profit organization that helps feed, educate, and clothe children in need in rural parts of Haiti.

A Percentage Of Our Sales Goes To Charity To Help Educate, Clothe, And Feed Hungry Children In Need

With each sale we donate a percentage of revenue to Michelle Tidors Kids Foundation.

Our contributions allow them to provide clothes, food, and education to poor children in rural areas of Haiti.

When you work with us, feel good at heart knowing you are helping the children through our contributions.

Stop Procrastinating & Wishing,
Start Taking Action & Winning

"But what if I’m new to high ticket sales, will I still be able to make this work for my business?"  

This is the exact solution that I’ve used time and time again to attract, capture, and activate complete strangers into happy freedom loving high paying clients. I’ve seen many people execute on this information even when they were just starting, and then months later I’ve see them achieve life changing results with this very same information.  

Here is the main point I’m looking to share with you:  

You don't need to spend 5 years learning how to attract, capture, and activate more high paying clients the long and painful way like I did.

You can use the High Ticket Freedom Academy and learn how to start attracting more high paying clients to your business.  

And (I am certain that you are serious about this) you can learn other skills and strategies later once you get this one in motion for yourself.  

But for now...


Start activating our proven blueprint. Start taking immediate action. Start attracting, capturing, and activating more high paying clients.

The High Ticket Freedom Academy

The High Ticket Freedom Academy is a lifestyle and business training academy solution that helps you to attract more high paying clients and live life on your terms.  

The High Ticket Freedom Academy will help you to achieve the goals of attracting more high paying clients to your business  

Even if you are a brand new beginner at high ticket sales online and you don’t know how to activate and enroll new high paying clients online. (You are not alone, I didn’t know how to activate and enroll high paying clients too! I solved this problem for myself, and now I want to show you how to do the same)  

Even if you have never built an online business before. (Been there... I remember how many long nights I suffered through, how many times I felt like I was banging my head on a locker because of the frustrations. And learning the High Ticket Freedom system saved me.)  

Even if you’ve invested in yourself and purchased other courses before and failed. (I’ve been there too! There is nothing more frustrating than this. But, for the love of entrepreneurship please don’t give up the fight. You must keep going! If you feel like you’re at your wits end, then try the High Ticket Freedom Academy and activate this system into your business.)

“If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going,
Any Road Will Take You There.”

~ Ugandan Proverb ~

If you need clarity, guidance, a step by step plan, and a roadmap to grow your business and improve the quality of your life… then this is the blueprint that will help you get there.  

Now is the time, even if you are starting small. This can help you grow from where you are, to where you want to be.  

Stop Procrastinating … and… Start Progressing

I’m so excited to be a part of your transformation along your journey. 

Get started now, and I’ll see you on the inside.  

Take care.  


Trusted innovative life and business coach,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. If you are serious about getting the knowledge and information you need to help you move forward to realizing your dreams, or some of your goals – then get started with our High Ticket Freedom Academy while it’s still available.    

P.P.S. It’s in your best interest to jump on this offer and implement this information before the rest of the market discovers all of these secrets before you. It is the best way I know for you to be able to get what you need to make progress in your business and your life to help you accomplish some of your goals.  

Take action and get started with our High Ticket Freedom Academy today. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. What exactly will I be creating a high ticket offer about?

A. You'll be creating a high ticket offer based on your ideas, courses, knowledge, experience, message, life story, or the game plan that I give you inside of the course. If you have a skill set, or know how to get specific results and can help someone else, I'll show you the entire format for how to create the system and make it work for you. Otherwise we also share a bonus training about how to start offering a service based skill through the power of outsourcing the fulfillment online. 

Q. Is this about launching low priced products?

A. No, this is about launching your own high ticket products and services. You'll be able to create your high ticket coaching program with no list, no following, no website, and no strategic plan as long as you can follow directions and take action.

Q. What kind of work are your clients performing for THEIR clients?

A. We've helped our past clients create unique solutions for their individual businesses which range from info-courses, coaching programs, consulting programs, women’s empowerment programs, monthly recurring group coaching programs, physical book launch events, consulting agencies, book publishing agencies, holistic wellness programs, copywriting services, health coaches, offline seminars, live events, retreats, automation services, website development solutions, corporate consulting, FB ad agencies, local business services, financial management programs, and a various amount of other business we've consulted with various clients on. Our clients experience success in coaching program because we inject timeless principles and strategies into their life and business to help them get results. Results will vary.

Q. What if I don't want to create or sell my own high ticket offer - can I still make this work?

A. Yes, you can still make this work. We will show you how to sell other people's high ticket products for hefty affiliate commissions. In fact, you can do this and build an entire business model around promoting other people’s high ticket offers. We'll provide you with a rolodex of high ticket offers for you to promote as an affiliate. This will save you hours of time. We will also show you a real service that you can start outsourcing online, and selling to businesses that need these critical marketing services.

Q. Do I need to have a big budget for advertising in order to make this work?

A. No, you don't need to have a big budget for paid advertising in order to make this work. We advise all of our clients to begin with low daily advertising budgets of $5 to $10 per day to test the market. Ad budgets vary from person to person. In order to get the best results, it's advised to have a monthly paid advertising budget of at least $1,000 - $2,500 per month.

Q. What makes your program different from all the others out there? Why should I work with you? 

A. We believe everyone has a superpower, our program will help you discover your superpower, turn it into a high ticket business, so you can get paid to share it and impact lives worldwide, so you can build a fun lifestyle based business, share more time with the people you love, and create freedom your way. This is a comprehensive personal and business development program that you will not find anywhere else online. You should work with us because you'll be learning from someone who has experience with closing high ticket clients online from around the world, and high ticket corporate clients.  

Q. Is this group consulting or is this a high ticket course? 

A. No, this is not a group consulting program. This is a high ticket course. 

Q. Do you guarantee that I'll make money?

A. No, there are no guarantees in life - so the only guarantee we can make is that if you take action on the information inside this program you will make progress. We do not guarantee that you will make money because we don't know your skills, business, ideas, situation, budget for paid advertising, dedication, focus, goals, and so forth meaning there is no way we can guarantee any financial results. This course is created for education purposes. 

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, we offer a '30 day action takers money back guarantee'. So you can try our system out and take full action on it for 30 days, and if you don't make any progress (meaning set up your business, set up your website, your email campaigns, generate new leads, schedule new appointments, have sales conversations), show us what you did and then we will support you to help you move forward if you are stuck. Simply show us what you did, based on the training inside the platform, and we'll provide you the help you desire in the form of a 1 on 1 session to help you move forward. Then after we see the action you have taken, do the 1 on 1 session, if we determine that you are not able to move forward we will send you a refund on your course enrollment fee. Truthfully if you are thinking of asking for a refund, then this offer is not for you. We only work with highly motivated dedicated individuals, and companies. Thanks for stopping by, however, we only work with people that are serious and all in on their business. So if refund is in your mind - then please leave this page.

Here’s EVERYTHING You Get To Activate Your Online Business And Learn How To Attract More High Paying Clients In The Next 90 Days Or Less:

● Proven Templates, Workbooks, & Worksheets

● Module 1: The High Ticket Clarity & Fast Start Formula

● Module 2: High Ticket Funnel Marketing Mastery

● Module 3: Sales, Persuasion, & Influence System

● Module 4: High Ticket Traffic & Conversion Playbook

● Module 5 Freedom Architect And Lifestyle Engineer Path

● Module 6: ‘Inner Me Inner Key’ Blueprint

● Module 7: Lifestyle, Fulfillment, Self-Love Formula

● Overdeliver BONUSES

Total Retail Price: $1,999 Today!

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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make any claims with this platform. We believe in providing value for others, and that is what we teach our clients how to do based on their unique ideas, knowledge, and life experience. Creating freedom your way, and a successful business takes work to accomplish. We ascribe to working hard, and smart. We don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes' or in 'get rich by clicking buttons schemes' - we believe success takes work and we share that transparently with our clients. We share real business strategy on our platform that has produced results for our company, as well as for our successful clients. Our clients created success because of their individual efforts, skills, resources, and determination to succeed. Our platform is intended for educational, inspirational, and empowering purposes. Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.

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