ATTENTION: Coaches, Experts, Consultants, Service Providers...

"How Would You Like To End The Pain Of Not Attracting The Clients You Want At The Prices You Deserve, By Transforming Your Ideas,
Courses, Or Knowledge Into A Premium
High Ticket Coaching Business."

 Finally, stop feeling like a prisoner to your business, remove the shackles
that bind you, and create a signature high ticket coaching program
that can deliver more lifestyle, income, and impact.

Dear passionate entrepreneur,  

Are you tired of not being able to attract the type of clients you want into your business?

Do you find yourself spending more time working on client projects than you feel you're worth?

Fed up with spending time on sales calls only to find out the prospect doesn't have any money to buy your
solutions, or say "I have to think about it" only to never hear from them again?

Are you frustrated with not being able to attract the right type of propsects that are starving for your offers?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this is can very well be the turning point of your lifestyle and financial destiny.

You see, you are not alone.

After spending 2 years in the trenches I discovered that most coaches and consultants are stuck in a hamster wheel, spending more time servicing clients they don't enjoy working with...

and in some cases not knowing how to get clients that have money to afford their services, and desperately wanting more free time & income to enjoy their life.

I can feel your pain, because not too long ago I was there too.

But here's what I've learned after my time in the trenches...

Most Coaches, Consultants, Experts, Entrepreneurs,
And Service Providers Really Want FREEDOM!

My research started with a small curiosity to see where people in my market were stuck at the in their businesses…  

Many of them were not focused on leveraging their information into an automated premium high ticket coaching business of any kind.  

Instead they were doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions, hourly consulting, getting paid per project, or being paid through some other client related means.  

Any of these sound like you? 

Yes, the main thing I found missing in a lot of their businesses, was a highly leveraged premium high ticket group coaching or mentoring program.  

Here, take a look at what a small batch of these coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs had to say after having a conversation about their businesses...

So you see, after dozens of conversations with many people - just like you, I have gotten to the underlying problems that most coaches, consultants, experts, service providers, and entrepreneurs are facing...

Chances are, if you’re reading this then you are looking to create your own premium high ticket group coaching program but you don’t know all of the exact steps you need in order to do it successfully.  

If you don't know what it takes to successfully build your own high ticket group coaching program...

then you are literally kicking yourself in the teeth and missing out on a major opportunity to build a solid income stream that is 80 – 90% passive.

 Starting Your Own High Ticket Group Coaching Program
Allows You To Help Your Dream Clients Escape
Their Problems & Get To Their Solutions
By Positively Impacting Their Life.

Watch Video Below

 You see, by having your own premium high ticket group coaching program…  

Great things happen like…

 1.     You have an offer that is evergreen, that becomes your flagship offer to promote forever, and one simple offer that you can scale into a 6 or 7 figure business.  

2.     You have a system in place to help people escape the painful hell they are experiencing, and move to the heavenly pleasure they desire – you’ll be changing lives, and saving lives in most cases.  

3.     You only need to run 1 traffic source in order to truly make this model work for you, and it’s so simple you can hire someone to drive the Facebook traffic for you…  

4.     You get much more free time to think and focus on other things, now that you have an evergreen premium program that runs on automated pilot.

5.     You can fulfill all of your clients once per week in a group setting, this creates a sense of community, and helps you build a tribe around your brand.  

6.     You can roll most of your initial coaching clients into on-going support programs where you work with them over the long term and ensure they get long term stellar results.  

7.     You can hire a team to do the sales calls, coaching calls, customer support, and administration so you can be away, while your evergreen business runs itself.  

8.     You can create a positive ripple effect that multiplies the impact your program has, and touches more people all over the globe.  

9.     You get to live the High Ticket Freedom Lifestyle and truly have control over your time, your fate, and your destiny above all else.

'Experiencing The High Ticket Freedom Lifestyle'

There’s so much you can do with your own premium high ticket group coaching program, and it’s the best way to build a 6 or 7 figure business working with people you enjoy working with.  

I’ve been launching my own profitable high ticket
evergreen coaching programs since 2014.  

I have built a 6 figure info coaching & marketing business, and have other successful ventures & business growing daily because of it.  

Not only have I been able to get results myself...

Check Out Over A Dozen Success Stories & Case Studies From My Students & Clients Of The High Ticket Freedom:
Mission. The 1.0 Version Of My Signature

High Ticket Group Coaching Program.

Case Study 1: 

Case Study 2: 

Case Study 3: 



Case Study 4: 

Case Study 5: 

Case Study 6: 

Case Study 7: 

Case Study 8: 

Case Study 9: 

Case Study 10: 

Case Study 11: 

Case Study 12: 

Case Study 13: 

Case Study 14: 

Case Study 15: 

Now it has evolved into a proven successful system, that has helped so many people from all walks of life over the years experience success in their business.

This new system is the best, and I can tell you straight up - I got this system down to a science.  

Because you see, I’ve helped my clients earn 7 figures+ collectively, I have earned multiple 6 figures in my companies, and worked with thousands of clients in multiple niches.

This information is battle tested, proven, and all about results!  

There has never been a better time to get started with your own premium high ticket coaching program than right now.

 Why Is Now The Best Time To Create Your Premium
High Ticket Coaching Program Helping People
Solve A Major Life Or Business Problem?

Let me share this with you…  

The coaching industry is an $11 billion dollar per year industry.  

It’s also expected to double by 2020!  

Right now is your opportunity to jump ahead of the curve, and get paid what you’re worth before the market gets too crowded.  

With more and more turmoil happening all over the globe, the need for leaders, coaches, and experts is
increasing rapidly.  

When will you finally step up and begin to share your your superpower with the world to impact more lives, and finally get paid what you deserve?

 People Are Desperately In Need Of Your Guidance,
Coaching, And Leadership. Plus, They Will Pay
You Any Price If You Can Deliver The Solution.

Why would a person be willing to pay premium prices for your coaching, guidance, and leadership?  

I believe there are 5 reasons why people pay premium for their solutions…  

And these 5 are:

  •  People want results – we live in a microwave society, where people want results like yesterday, and will always pay top dollar for results over all else  
  • People want to have a sense of community – they want to have other people around who are there helping them stay motivated, accountable, and someone to compete against  
  • People want to have status – joining a high end program automatically raises their status, just like when someone drives the new Rolls Royce off the lot  
  • People want to have access – you are special, and there are many people willing to pay premium to get close to you and learn what you know  
  • People want to be consistent with their identity – everyone has a self image, and people will hire you for any price because they only identify with PREMIUM, that is who they are

 When you can dial in your marketing using those 5 reasons WHY people buy – then it will be much more simple to sell your high end evergreen group coaching program for $3,000 - $6,000 on the front end.

How Long Does It Take To Roll Out My Next
Premium High Ticket Group Coaching Offer?

After doing this for more than 6+ years, I’ve trained, coached, and mentored thousands of students from all over the globe to build multiple 6 figure businesses…  

I can confidently tell you, that you can start the roll out phase of your next high ticket offer in less than 72 hours from right now.  


Allow me to introduce you to:

This is my best work to date, and the perfection of all the information I’ve learned since closing thousands of premium clients online, and some of the biggest clients on EARTH offline…  

Like Walmart.

Yes, my business partner and I closed Walmart on a Nationwide distribution deal in 2017.

Not to mention Whole Foods, Harmons, HEB, GNC, and so many others that are now in my portfolio before the age of 30! 

These are a few of the Premium Clients in my entrepreneurial portfolio.

I've also been featured on National Television.

Also seen on:

I don’t tell you this to impress you, but rather to impress upon you – that what you’ll be learning here today is unlike anything else on the internet today.  

There are no other coaches, mentors, entrepreneurs, or deal makers that have Walmart, Whole Foods, and GNC as premium clients today

and able to confidently share with you the proven system to attract premium clients everyday online. 

You see, I’ve crafted what I do to attract & close high ticket clients online into one

That SUPER MENTORING PROGRAM is the new and improved:  


Inside of HTF: S2 you get 8 weeks of core training + 8 weeks of live coaching designed to help you do 1 thing…


Here’s what you’ll be learning inside of High Ticket Freedom: System 2.0

Week 1: Foundation & Offer Creation  

  • How to build a premium brand you can be proud of, a USP, an elevator pitch, a mission statement,
    vision statement, magical goal achieving formula, and overdeliver a unique user learning experience  
  • How to prove commercial viability of your ideas, by selling your program before you create a single piece of content and instantly have an exclusive profitable offer that your market wants  
  • How to discover your superpower using your message, knowledge, or life experience, find your niche market, and build out the foundational blueprint to your evergreen premium coaching program  
  • How to create your dream client avatar, this will provide an intense level clarity for you as you begin to work on attracting these dream clients to you  

Week 2: One Funnel & Money Content  

  • How to craft your One Funnel and Money Content that will become an automated lead generation machine, attracting the dream clients you want everyday  
  • Full access to my proven successful webinar templates, and training on how to design the ideal webinar that converts attendees into high ticket clients
  • How to create your 4 step system in days, plus receive access to my proven templates to model and create as your own (webinar slides, email follow up messages, my proven templates)  
  • How to close high ticket clients with a simple sales script, and sell other high ticket solutions  

Week 3: Traffic & Conversions  

  • How to find a starving crowd of people to sell to, or even build your own starving crowd so you can have an endless supply of hungry prospects and clients   
  • Thorough Facebooks ads walkthrough trainings, pixels, business manager, custom audiences, behavior based retargeting audiences + ads, and working strategies that will allow you to run FB ads, generate leads, book appointments, and ultimately create more sales in your business without losing your shirt on ads  
  • How to leverage LinkedIN for organic traffic generation, bigger opportunities, and more premium clients - MOST PROGRAMS LEAVE THIS INFORMATION OUT AND MONEY ON THE TABLE  
  • How to create traffic through your warm market, offline networking events, JV partners, and Facebook groups without spending a dime on advertising  

Week 4: Tracking Conversions, & Automation  

  • How to dial in conversions in your funnel, and what metrics you should focus on in order to increase conversions  
  • The tools and resources that I use to track important traffic and campaign data, without the proper tracking of your numbers – growing your business becomes a guessing game  
  • What are KPI’s and how to use them in your evergreen premium marketing campaigns  
  • How to strategically set up and track your entire business so you can know your numbers and grow your business predictably based on the data like a scientist   

Week 5: Mindset, Inspiration & Sales Strategies  

  • Mindset domination and how to get your mindset right, develop new neurological pathways, and use the Reticular Activating System to reprogram your subconscious mind   
  • Advanced sales strategies on how to become "the best in the world" in sales using the pareto principle, and also overcome the most common objections & rebuttals
  • How to dynamically close high end clients into your premium programs using the phone, FB chat, email, Skype, or Face to Face conversations. I believe there is more than one way to close a deal, however I’ll show you the best way to close premium clients
  • How to find compelling reasons, and inspiration that will force you to take obsessive action in order to get the real results you desire 

Week 6: Scaling Your Brand, & Your Tribe  

  • How to scale your business, and what are the proper systems, software, outsources you can use to strategically scale your business without working harder  
  • How to document and process each component of your high ticket coaching business so you can ultimately build a team to run the operations for you  
  • How to effectively use and grow your social media group to attract your dream prospects, build a thriving tribe of people around your elite brand, and create your own personal pond of premium clients & opportunities for your brand
  • How to leverage self made publicity to increase your authority, credibility, and enable yourself to become a celebrity authority in the eyes of the masses  

Week 7: Integrating Your Story & Lifestyle Design  

  • How to create multiple layers of your brand story and integrate your story into your client attraction system  
  • How I've been able to close BILLION DOLLAR clients, and how you can strategically position your coaching/training to be sold to larger scale corporate clients, Universities, and more  
  • How to improve your ability to overcome adversity by learning how to accomplish success using the power of experiences and life story to create more inspiration
  • Why designing your lifestyle is extremely important if you truly want to find fulfillment and happiness, plus get the steps on how to design your dream lifestyle & fulfill it  

Week 8: What’s Next Beyond Evergreen Coaching  

  • 12 Billion dollar business principles that I follow which have allowed me to attract 7, 8, and even 10 figure clients into my portfolio  
  • What to do once your group program is done in order to go to the next level with your group and provide long term support programs for your people
  • Strategies for wealth management and what to do with your money once you make it. (*all of this is for information and entertainment purposes as I am not a licensed financial advisor, accountant, or lawyer*)  
  • A private invitation to join our elite 12 month on going support league, and provide you with VIP tickets to 4 LIVE In Person Masterminds for FREE each year, valued at $15K per event (you cover your travel, room, & meals) 
    *This invite is only for clients who are immediate action takers, extremely coachable, get great results, that I enjoy working with, and that enjoy working with me*

You can get access to everything mentioned by clicking the button below and completing an application to see if you qualify.  

This program is the latest model and systematized version of our proven Version called HTF: Mission 1.0.  

Now is your chance to get in, take full advantage of this knowledge before the rest of the market finds out… 

Click The Button Below Here To Complete A Short Survey, schedule your time to chat, and then we’ll see if you qualify.

Right now I’m only looking for 10 new clients as we open the doors and release this program.  

I know something about you if you're still reading...

It's the fact that you see the opportunity, you see the potential of what this can do for your life

and, you can agree with me, this can help you learn how to multiply your results with your own premium high ticket group coaching program

Let's schedule your time to chat about your business and going to the next level.

And let’s see if we are a good fit to work together.  

Understand it’s a 2-way street, you are choosing to work with me, and I am choosing if I want to work with you as well. It can all start right now by hitting the button on this page, and applying for this program now. 

Doors won’t be open forever, and we will increase the price by 20% - 50% once we get our next
10 members in the door. 

I’ll see you on the inside of High Ticket Freedom: System 2.0


World Renown Business Mentor,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. Opportunities to work with great inventors, mentors, and entrepreneurs don’t come very often. I’m opening the doors and looking to help a few serious go beyond the finish line to their goals, and wildest dreams.  

Our sole intention is to help you CLOSE MORE PREMIUM CLIENTS.  

If that is what you want, then hit the button and let’s talk. You understand by now, that this will not be cheap… but once you complete the program, get the results you’re after… it will be more than worth it.

P.P.S. The window of opportunity is limited, and I can only make room for so many people. Once we reach our first 10 members, the price will increase by 20% - 50% to supply the demand... If you know me, and my offers what I said is true as the sky is blue.

Get started right now while you have the chance, and while I still feel generous enough to share this proven life changing, income multiplying information with you.


Q. What do I need to prepare for this?

A. You'll need to watch our FREE training, review this page and read our testimonials, watch our videos in order to learn more about Michael Baptiste. You'll also need to be in front of a computer with a stable internet connection, and a clear phone line. Or you'll need to get started at the checkout page.

Q. What exactly will I be creating a high ticket coaching offer about?

A. You'll be creating a high ticket offer based on your knowlegde, experience, message, or the game plan that I give you inside of the course. If you have a skill set, or know how to get specific results and can help someone else, I'll show you the entire format for how to create the system and make it work for you.

Q. Is this about launching products?

A. No, this is stricly about launching your own high ticket products and services. You'll be able to launch with no list, no following, no website, and no strategic plan as long as you can follow directions and take action.

Q. What if I'm new, can I still do this and get results?

A. Yes you can do this and get results even if you're new. Most all of our successful clients were new to high ticket sales when they got started with us. We're going to give you an offer to sell or model for a high ticket price point, and we're also going to tell you exactly how to sell it.

Q. Do you guarantee that I'll make money?

A. No, there are no guarantees in life - so the only guarantee we can make is that if you take action on the information inside this program you will get results. 

Disclaimer: We don't guarantee or promise any results with this high ticket course, and group coaching program. Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. 

This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in 
any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc

All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, 
and for educational purposes only. 

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