Myths About High Ticket Freedom

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Myths that you can’t sell expensive stuff when you’re first beginning as an entrepreneur online.


This article is long, but has some jewels in it for the right person who’s seeking them.


Selling high ticket and expensive things doesn’t require you to have a degree, or some fancy title, or approval from anyone else in the world…

Only you must approve yourself to begin selling more expensive things, and you must truly believe in yourself.

When I was first getting started I landed my first big client who was (and still is) a multi-millionaire who owned a high end luxury automobile dealership.

He sold BMW’s, Mercedes, Infinity’s, Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, and so forth.

Well in a short time I’d come on board with him, and made a sale [completely online] for $50K for an Infinity truck – that first big sale completely changed my life.

After that sale I figured it was way easier to sell something with just knowledge information and the internet for $50K than it was for $50, and so I knew there had to be a way to keep going and get bigger clients & sales outside of selling cars.

I wanted to sell my own things, knowledge, and leverage technology…

And I knew there just had to be a way.

Then 3 months before graduating college, I decided I would put together an online seminar teaching my fellow students what I was doing to make money online – and how I’d been making enough money to buy raman noodles and beer to survive college.

So I did the seminar, turn out was great – there were roughly 80 – 100 people who showed up. Of those people, there was the CEO of a beverage company there in the front row.

Long story short he was inspired by my knowledge and decided he wanted to see if I could walk the talk.

He threw a fur cheetah mink coat at me, and said “I’d been trying to sell this for 2 years, let me know if you can sell this?”

6 weeks later that Fur Cheetah Mink coat was sold on eBay, and money was wired to his account for the sale.

It was then that he knew, I was a marketing genius he was looking for even though I was in my early 20’s.

After many talks & negotiations with him I’d landed my first ever client from just my knowledge and action of IM who payed me $50K of equity in the business.

Which later doubled into $100K to help them launch the beverage and act as the internet marketing adviser and broker international deals since I’d lived in China, and can speak some Mandarin.

Since then I’ve worked with multi-million dollar pharmaceutical clients, fortune 500 executives, Olympic award winning song writers, and quite a few other big clients.

So what does all this have to do with you…

Here’s the reality, high ticket clients are easier to work with

~ They don’t require as much nurturing and support as low ticket buyers

~ They don’t want to refund 5 minutes after they buy

~ And they do fun things like take you out to dinner, invite you out to party hard with them, and even send you custom made suits and jackets.

Is it harder to sell high ticket? NO – you just need to have your “stuff” together and know how to get results

Is it more work to sell high ticket clients? NO – often times it’s less work if you’re outsourcing, or delivering the service or offer online leveraging technology.

Are there certain requirements you have to have to sell high ticket clients? Umm… ugh…. NO – you just need to know your “stuff” and be able to deliver results for your clients FAST!

Forget what anybody else says to you about your “QUALIFICATIONS” and just hear me out…

As long as you can help someone get a result they desire, and move from point A to B – then you can sell and attract BIG CLIENTS!

So how do you sell big ticket, and what big ticket offers and services can you sell in the first place?

In this post, I want to lay out a few ways to sell expensive offers and services to big clients who will happily pay you for results.

First I do want to make a disclaimer…

The information I’m presenting to you, I didn’t create by myself…

I learned this information over the years from many mentors, coaches, friends, articles, videos, membership sites, masterminds, live events, and so forth.

About 70% of the information has come from the above sources, 30% has come from long arduous roads of trial-&-error


When I say big ticket, I mean anything that costs between $3,000 – $5,000 – $10,000 – $25,000 – $150,000 and up.

I remember I bought my first big ticket course when I was 22 years old and it ran me $4,000!

Funny thing was I’d made more profits, and learned more from the information I’d applied inside of a $50 eBook compared to the $4K program lol.

That was my first big marketing lesson, and financial lesson into my wallet…

It made me realize that it’s all about the perception in your marketing, and making a person believe that your offer is worth more money they’re paying for it.

After this huge experience my mind was inspired to get into selling my own big ticket offers and I knew that I would one day start selling expensive big ticket offers…

Except mine would deliver and change lives like wildfire in a shorter amount of time compared to that over priced course about affiliate marketing with google adwords and clickbank.

So when it comes to big ticket, this is the real deal way to go as an entrepreneur unless you’re doing software or mobile apps which both have crazy potential.

But the reason you want to focus on big ticket is because it’s just better all around.

More profits, less work, more freedom, and next level business.

What’s easier and better for your life…

Selling 5 clients per month at $5,000 to make $25,000?


Selling 5,000 ebooks at $5 each to make $25,000?

It’s easier to sell 5 big clients at $5,000 to make yourself big money a lot easier.

Do that each month, and you’ll cross 6 figures before the end of this year.

So now I want to talk about the different models you can leverage to sell high ticket offers and services…

‘Oh leh do et’!

Group Coaching.

One of the most popular, most frowned upon, most infamous, most loved, hated, and most desired in the realm of big ticket sales is group coaching.

A lot of people have many different beliefs and perspectives on this topic because they ridicule and say “you coach people on how to coach other people?”

My response is I believe in helping people make an impact in the world, if you help someone who’s career as a coach is to make an impact in more lives…

Then by impacting the impacters you’re creating a massive ripple effect that will touch the lives of thousands and millions of people over time.

I invite you to release your pre-conceived notions about this model if you don’t already practice it yourself – and open your mind to the possibilities I’m about to lay out for you.

This is where you take a group of people and coach them about 1 specific topic for 6 – 8 weeks or longer.

Most people charge between $2,500 – $5,000 if they’re good at what they do…

And group coaching doesn’t just have to be about making money online.

I’ve seen a lady teaching men how to get over fear of talking to women in 6 weeks, banking $20K per month with this model alone.

The best way to attract clients to this model is to leverage the knowledge, and quirky skills you already have and put together a webinar…

Fill it with attendees using FB ads or your email list, present your information, then offer those attendees to work with you personally in live workshops or weekly coaching for 6 – 8 weeks for $497 – $1,997 if you’re just getting started.

The key is you have to be able to deliver results for your clients – otherwise DO NOT GO FOR THIS MODEL!

I’ve seen guys follow this model, and crash and burn when they didn’t deliver to their clients.

All in all – this can set you free as it’s done for a few of my clients who quit their jobs, moved into bigger houses, and even traveled to new countries.

Done For You Services.

So this is where you build someone’s website, or do their SEO, or do some video editing for them.

This is a service I took on before, and made over 5 figures easy with it (more on this one coming soon).

One of my first clients invested and learned how to outsource online marketing services to big clients offline.

Long story short, she did $1,000 in her first 7 days, and it’s changed her life. She’s now full time online and is traveling the world now (she lives in the UK and emailed me this past weekend about traveling to Los Angeles for a live event there)

In a nutshell, you find clients who need services done for their business – you can find clients on Craigslist, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so many other places.

Then you tell them “Hey Chiropractor, how would you like to double the amount of leads and sales in your business with less work?”

A fast way if you’ve got some money for advertising is build a squeeze page, and send traffic from Facebook targeting these small business owners.

Build a list of niche business owners, and promote your services and valuable information and whitepapers to them.

They’ll reach out to you, you tell them how you’ll do it by creating optimized sales funnels, better marketing pieces online, and with the power of SEO.

Send them an agreement/contract get it signed, and do their marketing work for them.

Again, you have to be able to deliver on this service.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to find someone on craigslist, or, or and have them actually do the work, while you broker the deal.

Brokering websites design, logo, SEO, reputation management, marketing funnels, FB ppc, and so forth are low hanging fruit.

You can make money this week with this model and my clients and myself have used this model successfully.

This is probably the easiest model to get started with attracting big clients and making big sales.

Fee + Royalty/Equity.

So my big client I’m working with now – our relationship is this exact model.

Except I didn’t take a cut upfront simply because this business is a billion dollar brand we are collectively building that already has an exit strategy to get bought out by some of the worlds biggest brands.

It’s milk made from bananas, should do well once we launch in October.

So once the IPO hits, I’ll potentially walk away with a minimum of $10 million in 3 – 5 years.

We just closed our first big deal a few weeks ago, and you’ll soon get a taste of it in Whole Foods, and a few other big retailers globally.

Nothing is set in stone, but after seeing the way coconut water blew up, almond milk, soymilk, cashew milk, and all the other alternative beverages – this once an offer I couldn’t refuse.

All I can say is that Banana Milk is the future. 😉

But this model is where you take an up front fee, plus a cut of all the business you bring in for your client.

This model works as long as you are GOOD and know your stuff.

Do independent research to learn more about this model because again, it just flat out works.

Online Mastermind + Live Event/Retreat

So this one is where you conduct online webinars or tele-seminars for 6 – 8 weeks, then at the end of this you create a live event or a live retreat.

You invite people to come hangout with you live for a weekend.

This model is super effective because you’re keeping the group tight and intimate with weekly training + interaction.

You’re also building up the excitement of coming to hangout with you in person throughout the entire online training mastermind.

Also I recommend delivering 1 piece of pre-recorded content at the beginning of each week, then 1 LIVE Q&A session at the end of each week where you review your clients funnels and get your face and their face on screen.

This is something you can start by just leveraging your knowledge and inviting people to come spend time with you, after getting some awesome results with you online.

Annual Masterminds

People love to be a part of something bigger than them.

Think about all the die hard sports fans who will die for their team each Sunday.

Same goes for everything in life.

We all want to feel like we belong to something, and we love being a part of something that not everyone else can be a part of…

Hence why people love joining groups, masterminds, clubs, organizations, and so forth.

Why not you create your own mastermind for people to be a part of?

This is where things get super interesting, and fun!

This model is where you allow people to pay and join you in a year long club/group/society to learn from you, and network with other high level people.

The best part about this model, is that during the live events – you let your members do the presenting and teaching others about their business model.

They attend to network with other high level entrepreneurs, they get to teach about their proud babies that they’ve created (their businesses), and you get to learn so much and work wayyyyy less!

All in all it’s a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone involved!

Most masterminds will cost between $25K – $100K for the year, and that fee is paid monthly on a recurring basis.

A smart way to rock this one, is to have people pay you a big upfront fee and then make 4 figure monthly payments to stay an active member of your exclusive mastermind.

Do quarterly live events & retreats and weekly or bi-weekly live webinars will be worth it’s weight in gold to the members of your mastermind.


CONSULTING will always be around, because people need to know what to do, and they are more than willing to pay you for your time and knowledge.

I’ve charged people $1K for consulting with me for an hour and a half, after speaking with that client he’s now doing $10K per month online – which is expected ;-).

But this model is where you just exchange your knowledge and time for other people’s money, doesn’t get any simpler.

The only caveat about this model, is there is no infinite scalability because you only have 86,400 seconds in a day – all of which must be used to maximize your productivity.


So there you have it – you don’t need a badge, or an award, or some certificate – or some old fat snobby arrogant marketing “GURU” to tell you that you can start selling high ticket.

You can literally start today by applying one of the above mentioned business models, and change your life this week.

I hope that your burning desire has been lit on fire with this post.

And if this hit’s home and resonates with you, feel free to comment, and share it with someone else who needs some light on changing their life and business.

Feel free to reach out if you have questions, but this should double or triple your business in the next few weeks.

Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. No one is going to deem you as worthy to sell expensive stuff, you have to make the decision now, and just do it!

P.P.S. Selling expensive stuff, and working with higher level clients is easier, funner, better, less stressful, and frees up more of your time. Work with the right clients and your life will change completely.

P.P.P.S. If this article inspired you, then make sure you watch my LIVE webinar because I’m going to blow your mind with amazing value!

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