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Have you ever asked yourself what is all the hype about “High Ticket”, and why you don’t know the in depth knowledge about the keys to high ticket freedom?  

I can understand your pain, and I can relate to you

Because I was there too.

But when I figured things out for myself, everything in my life changed. 

Listen to one of my students who I was able to empower and inspire to create his own
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Listen to product creation specialist Zak Loveday and his experience with me

You see, the thing that changed the game for me, was when I was frustrated working at a day job, sitting in a cubicle - then one day I made a decision…

I Decided That I Was Going To
Do Whatever Is Necessary To
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That decision literally changed my life. Since I made that decision, I've turning my life around, built 2 companies from scratch, trained thousands of students from 12 different countries worldwide, and won multiple awards for different products I’ve created…  

And now you see,

I want to share with you an opportunity to learn the best keys I've gained from my experience, experiments, and studies of more than 8 years. 

Get the fast track knowledge you need to improve and enhance your life and business. 


Over 21+ video trainings
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Access to multiple books
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Growing community of liked minded Freedom Architects

Here's what you're going to get when
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  • "The First 21 Keys to High Ticket Freedom" video training series
  • Thorough monthly teachings on "The 144 Keys To High Ticket Freedom" each month for 13 months to educate you, inspire you, empower you, share business insights, success strategies, help you improve your business skills & knowledge - we will release at least 10 keys per month
  • On-going releases of our digital products from our hall of fame product

  • High Ticket Freedom Masterguide: The masterguide to secure high paying clients even if you have never sold a high ticket product before, this book will lay out the system and strategy you can apply to attract and secure high paying clients
  • The Untold Secrets To Success: This book is the lifestory and journey of Michael Baptiste, in this book you’ll learn how to overcome extreme adversity, and how Michael came to become the successful person he is today
  • Offline Client Domination: You will get the step by step strategies that you can follow in order to attract local offline consulting and service based clients to your business   
  • Full access to live training sessions and recordings   
  • Full access to our online Keys To High Ticket Freedom Insiders Circle 
    community which is currently growing. You can use this community for
    relationship building, personal development, peer to peer support, education, inspiration, and the homebase of your new digital family
  • And so much more.

Yes Michael, I Want In. 

Remember When You Sign Up For The Keys To
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The Keys To High Ticket Freedom: Learn the 144 keys to unlock more high ticket sales through our monthly video training series

$8,997 value over 13 months

You Also Get These Bonuses In Your Membership...

High Ticket Freedom The Masterguide: Learn how to secure high paying clients and create the ultimate lifestyle business

$67 value

Offline Client Domination: Learn how to dominate your local marketplace

$197 value

144 Keys To Unlocking High Paying Clients: Keys to unlocking more high paying clients even if no one has
ever heard of you

$97 value

How We Got Into
Retail Distribution: 
 Learn how we went from an idea in the kitchen, to distribution into major retail stores nationwide

$97 value

Total value over $9,461

And so much more inside...

Your price $9,461 $97/month

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Listen to our clients reviews on working together with Michael

Listen to the $200,000,000 man Marc Steffen and his testimonial

Listen to award winning super affiliate
Paul Okeeffe
 and his testimonial

Listen to the 7 figure serial entrepreneur Immy Tariq and his experience with one of my books

Listen to superstar funnel conversion specialist Rochelle Odubela and her testimonial

Listen to the digital marketing expert
Nathan Zadworthy
 and his testimonial
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Offline Client Domination

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We ensure and guarantee your satisfaction, we are including a 30 day action takers money back guarantee. Meaning that if you take action on the information, experience no positive benefits, don't feel inspired, don't feel empowered, or are not satisfied, then show us what you did. We’ll offer you a consulting session to help you get unstuck, and if we can’t help you after taking action – then we’ll give you a full money back refund. However we will only process refunds for the last payment you made, and not multiple payments. 

Another secret benefit about becoming a member of Keys To High Ticket Freedom insiders Circle is being able to give back.

A Percentage Of Your Purchase Goes To Help
Educate, Feed, And Clothe Children In Need

With each sale we donate a percentage of revenue to Michelle Tidors Kids Foundation.

Our contributions allow them to provide clothes, food, and education to poor children in rural areas of Haiti.

When you work with us, feel good at heart knowing you are helping the children through our contributions.

Sign up today and learn how we can help you take your life and business to the next level with fresh monthly training, 1 monthly Q&A call, and access to our VIP community.

Get Started Right Now.

We are so excited to see you on the inside.


Leading innovative life and business advisor,
Michael “Mr. Overdeliver” Baptiste

 P.S. There has never been a better time in the history of mankind than right now to grab control, and create your freedom as you desire. If you want help from a professional who knows how to get results, trained clients online across 12 different countries worldwide, and have successfully helped many of those people from around the world to get results with digital marketing... I highly recommend you get this offer, and allow me to help you improve your knowledge and experience with high ticket sales. Smash that button below. 


Q. What exactly will I be getting when I join the Keys To High Ticket Freedom Insiders Community? 

A. You'll be getting access to our video training series called "The Keys To High Ticket Freedom", you will get access to multiple books, multiple training programs, live training calls, access to our private community, special deals, exclsuive in house promotions, live event invites, and so much more.

Q. Am I going to be getting group coaching each month?

A. No, we do not provide monthly group coaching inside of this platform. We will provide pre-recorded monthly training sessions with 1 Q&A call. Our community is a peer to peer network which you can use for networking and supporting one another.  

Q. How long will it take for me to receive all 144 Keys To High Ticket Freedom?

A. You'll get the first 21 Keys in your first 21 days of membership. Once we move into month 2 we will deliver a thorough teaching session sharing at least 10 Keys To High Ticket Freedom with you. The entire series of 144 keys will take a total of 13 months to be delivered. 1 month for the first 21 Keys, and then 12 months to deliver the remaining 123 Keys To High Ticket Freedom - 144 Keys To High Ticket Freedom in total. You will receive access to our book "144 Keys To Unlocking High Paying Clients" within your first 30 days of membership. You can cancel at anytime.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive all of the bonus products?

A. You'll receive bonuses products each month for at least the first 6 months. During your first 30 days you'll be receiving access to 2 bonus products in addition to the "21 Keys To High Ticket Freedom" video training series.

Q. I don't have a high ticket offer, is this still something I can do?

A. Yes! Absolutely! You can do this if you don't sell high ticket offers right now. We will be sharing the foundations with you inside of "The Keys To High Ticket Freedom" on how to attract high paying clients. We also will provide you with a training titled "Offline Client Domination" showing you how to start offering marketing and consulting services to offline clients.

Q. What if I already sell high ticket, is this for me? 

A. Yes, this is 100% for you. We can't promise that you'll be learning anything brand new, because there is nothing new under the sun. However you will learn some powerful keys from my unique perspective on legacy, impact, and lifestyle. You'll be able to learn these keys that will help you better serve your clients.

Q. What if I don't know how to sell, will this work for me? 

A. This platform will show you the foundations of selling, business, and high ticket. This can work for you if you have the drive, determination, focus, resources, resourcefullness, and the ability to take massive action. As long as you can confidently follow instructions, we believe that you can move forward to accomplish your desired legacy, impact, and lifestyle goals. 

Q. Is this about launching products?

A. No, this is stricly about serving your customers and clients at the highest level with high ticket solutions. You will learn the fundamentals of creating your own high ticket offers. You will also learn the in depth strategies and practical applications of "The Keys To High Ticket Freedom".

Q. What if I'm new, can I still do this and get results?

A. Yes you can do this and make progress even if you're new. We don't promise any results with this program because we do not know your skill level, your resourcefulness, your action taking ability, your level of focus, or anything. This course is for educational purposes only. Most all of our successful clients were new to high ticket sales when they got started with us, but they achieved results based on their own individual efforts.

Q. Do you guarantee that I'll make money?

A. No, there are no guarantees in life - and we do not guarantee that you'll make any money from this course because this monthly course is for educational purposes only. We don't know your skills, your experience, your background, so there is no way for us to predict your results. 

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, we are so confident that you will be 100% satisfied that we offer a 30 day action takers money back  guarantee. Meaning that within 30 days if you take action, apply the information - and don't feel satisfied with the inspiration, education, and empowerment we deliver inside - then let us know. Show us what you did, we'll offer to help you 1 on 1 for FREE, and if we can't help you - we will send you a 100% money back refund. We only permit refunds from the prior charge, and not 2 charges. So if you ask for a refund for month 5 you will get refunded for month 5, and not months 4, 3, 2, or 1. You'll only be able to get back the last payment you made, and not any payments before your most recent payment. Do understand we are providing you with high level training, high level courses, books, and a high level community of high ticket entrepreneurs. What you are getting here in this community is one of a kind. We only want to work with people that are serious about taking their legacy, impact, and lifestyle to the next level. So if you are thinking refund, then please do not purchase this platform - instead leave now and don't waste your time, or our time.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make any claims with this platform. We believe in providing value for others, and that is what we teach our clients how to do based on their unique ideas, knowledge, and life experience. Creating freedom your way, and a successful business takes work to accomplish. We ascribe to working hard, and smart. We don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes' or in 'get rich by clicking buttons schemes' - we believe success takes work and we share that transparently with our clients. We share real business strategy on our platform that has produced results for our company, as well as for our successful clients. Our clients created success because of their individual efforts, skills, resources, and determination to succeed. Our platform is intended for educational, inspirational, and empowering purposes. Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.

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