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Our program has produced massive amounts of results for our clients, and students. 

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About our products:

FRONT END: The High Ticket Freedom Masterbook is a 150+ page in depth book covering multiple facets of high ticket (premium) business models, strategies, tools, and resources that anyone can use to build a high ticket business in 30 days or less.

UPSELL: The VIP Coaching Offer is a private workshop that was done before a group of serious entrepreneurs interested in a 2 hour crash course on launching their high ticket business. Inside of this course nothing is held back.

We walk your subcribers through the process of selecting a niche, tapping into their existing list to source clients, setting up their funnel, running targeted Facebook ads, even closing clients over the phone, and handling the fulfillment process.

They will also get a guide that will instruct them on how to outsource and hire world class employees, for less than minmum wage. 

DOWNSELL: The downsell will include the VIP workshop offer, however no access to the outsourcing guide, or additional trainings and bonuses.

Our products convert and sell.

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Your Timing Must Be Right.. or Lose Your Client!
Why you'll lose every client if your timing isn't right...
Improve your timing, and get more clients!


Hi there, {firstname}.

I’m really glad that you’re still here. I hope you’re learning something from me.

Alright, let’s talk about TIMING now. This is a little tricky, so pay close attention.

Imagine a client is like a thermometer.. He starts off cold..

Then you talk to him, build rapport with him.. make him trust you.. show your credibilility.. Slowly warming him up... and then boom.

You ask for the sale. Time it right, you can be sure the deal is done.

You need to know when exactly your client is fully ready to hire you for your services. There are certain things you need to watch out for.

If you ask for the sale at the wrong time, before your client is 100% invested in you, you’ll actually push him away! The key here is patience.

You cannot, I repeat, cannot rush this process. If you’re too fast, or if you keep pushing for the sale, it means you’re being desperate.

And you can be a respected authority figure if you’re desperate! 

My buddy Michael Baptiste has put together the High Ticket Masterguide, and it covers this in great detail.

Once you master this, landing that $10,000 client is a breeze. Michael's Masterguide teaches you the exact same thing that I use to land my $50,000.

And it only requires a little bit of my guidance and confidence to start charging more for your services.

Inside, you’ll learn:

·       The steps to become an authority almost instantly.
·       Golden nuggets on how what I did to land my high-ticket client.
·       My exact pricing strategy to charge $3,000 and above for your services.
·       My personal 5-Step system to close high-ticket clients like clockwork.
·       The secret “shift” that will change how you close huge deals.
·       How to transform simple ideas into an automated high-ticket business system.
·       Plus: The 5 core deadly sins that you MUST avoid.. or risk getting no clients at all!

Michael's Masterguide is only going for $9.97 - one-time payment with no monthly fees.

Imagine landing your first $1,000 client after going through my Masterguide.

Would that $9.97 matter anymore?

For less than $10, I’m showing you the exact steps on how I made my $50,000 client.

How’s that for value?

>> Check out High Ticket Freedom by clicking HERE <<

This low price will only be up for a short while.

I fully realize the value of what you're getting inside Michael's Masterguide and I’m not going to stick with this price for long.

The results that you’ll be getting with my guide is worth thousands. Take advantage of this low price now before I decide to increase it.

You won’t be notified when it happens. Finally, I’d like to say thank you for spending time with me, I hope that you learn something from my emails.

Of course, I’d love to see you inside with all the other High Ticket Freedom students.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Chat soon,


P.S. Last chance, my friend. Let me help you get to your dream financial goals once and for all. Let me show you how to be your own success story. Imagine the feeling of closing that $1,000.. or $2,000.. or even $10,000 client for the first time. Trust me, that feeling is absolutely incredible.. and I want you to experience it.

>> Get the High Ticket Freedom Masterguide now! <<

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Don’t Do These Mistakes!
Avoid these mistakes at all costs...
You're screwed if you miss this...


Hey there, {firstname}!

Alright! Let’s begin our lesson!

To get high-paying clients is pretty simple.. there are a few “buttons” you need to push that will “activate” your client to empty their wallets at you. Once these buttons are pushed, you can almost be sure that you’ll get the deal.


You need to be CLEAR in your sales message..

You need to have TRUST when you present yourself..

You to prove CREDIBILITY to ease his doubts..

And finally you need to WAIT before asking for the sale..

I’ll explain all of those in more detail in upcoming emails.

First, let’s talk about CLARITY. When you market your services to someone, you to be 110% clear about what you are doing.

A lot of disconnect happens when you are presenting an offer to someone who doesn’t understand what exactly you’re offering them.

They are looking for a solution to a specific problem and you need to let them understand that your solution is the perfect solution for his specific problem Sometimes the client doesn’t know his own problem!

You need to find out what exactly is the problem they are facing and need help with. Make sure that when you present your service, you’re being absolutely clear with you how you can help them.

A good way to be sure that your message is clear is by asking someone else to read your sales message and ask them if they understand what problem your service is. Nail this down, and you can tick this off your list of mistakes!

On my next email, I’m gonna talk about TRUST next.

This is quite a big one because without trust, you won’t make a sale!

See ya in the next email!


P.S. There is another way to know for sure that you’re presenting your offers the proper way. Michael teaches you all of the steps involved inside of his High Ticket Masterguide.

Check it out HERE <<


No Trust = No Deal!    
If there is no trust, there's no deal
Can trust help you make deals?


Hi there, {firstname}!

Trust is a HUGE factor that you must have when you’re presenting your services.

Without trust, you almost can’t even land a $1 deal! I’m not exaggerating - just think of how a customer is going to pay that $1.

He needs to take his wallet out, pull out his credit card, type in personal information on a very questionable website, and not even sure what he’s gonna get.

So how do you build trust?

You need to build rapport first!

Think about it, even you will only pay someone once you feel that you can trust them.

You need to make them feel that you care about them, you understand them and that you are a real person.

This is especially true if you are planning to promote your services online.

Let them see who you are, what you do, what you like.. treat your potential prospects as a friend and that you’re looking out for them. Give them ways to contact you easily.

Trust is the most important factor in any kind of sales message.

The prospect needs to feel comfortable with parting their money on you.

In my High Ticket Masterguide, I teach how to apply deep trust into all of your sales messages.

You can check it out HERE < On my next email, I’ll share with you an aspect of TRUST you have to add into your pitch that will greatly boost a prospect’s confidence in you.

Chat soon,


P.S. One great way to add trust to your online sites is by putting up videos of yourself. Your prospects can easily see who you are and that you are a real person. Of course, there’s more that I reveal in my High Ticket Masterguide.

>>>Click here NOW<<<


Are You Credible Enough, {firstname}?
Do you need credibility?
More credibility leads to more sales?


Welcome again, {firstname}!

Today’s topic: Proving your credibility.

Credibility is, by definition, the quality of being convincing or believable.

Convincing someone to believe you is a matter of showing enough proof that you can do what you claim in your services.

Humans are very sceptical. It takes a lot to make them change their minds about something.

It’s understandable, especially after being ‘scammed’ or ‘lied to’ a few times.

Even if they haven’t been scammed, they always have this ‘wall’ in front of them they’re looking out from.

The need to protect our own selves from harm is just normal human nature.

Now in sales, you need to break down this wall.

Proving your credibility will eventually get your prospect to climb out from behind the wall and listen to you.

You do this by proving YOUR own expertise in the subject.

If they feel that you know what you’re talking about, they’ll listen intently.

Especially if you have something that they wanna hear.. something that can solve their problem.

Show credibility by sharing your own knowledge about a subject you’re most familiar with.

Talk their language.

Use terms they can recognize.

This will subconsciously tell them you know what you’re talking about.. placing you as an authority.

But what if you’re not an expert, or don’t feel like you’re one yet?

That’s where you need my High Ticket Masterguide.

I’ll show you how to place yourself as an authority and an expert in your field in no time at all.

Inside the Masterguide is a completely laid-out detailed plan from A to Z getting you from someone who has a service, to becoming an authority in your own niche.

When you become an authority, it becomes easier for a client to start looking for you to help them!

Everything is explained in detail in my High Ticket Masterguide.

Click HERE now to check it out!

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about TIMING.

Asking for the sale at the wrong time can cost you a high-paying client who’s already listening to you! I’ll share it on my next email.

Chat soon!


P.S. Ready to land your first high-ticket client?

Click here NOW! <<

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Real World Case Studies

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