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What You're Going To Get...

• All Of My Templates Workbooks & Worksheets
($300 Value)

You will get access to my templates, workbooks, handouts, and documents to guide you to success

• Access To Our Freedom Architects Private Support Community
($1,000 Value)

You will join our growing community of freedom architects that are on a similar path just like you, plus you'll be able to network with them, make new friends and connections, get all of your questions answered, and experience support from safe hands inside of this exclusive community

The High Ticket Clarity & Fast Start Strategy 
($2,000 Value)

Training on how to create clarity in your life and business foundations, which business model to focus on, plus our fast track system that will allow you to start attracting high paying clients in a matter of days


• High Ticket Funnel Marketing Mastery 
($2,000 Value)

Step by step training on how to create your high ticket sales funnel that is effective for webinars, case studies, salesletters, and also high ticket affiliate offers, so you can leverage more automation to attract high paying clients


• Sales, Persuasion, & Influence System 
($1,000 Value) 

Straight to the point training on how to improve your sales closing skills, enhance your persuasion techniques, and increase your influence


• High Ticket Traffic & Conversion Playbook 
($2,000 Value)

Over the shoulder training on how to create free organic and paid traffic, as well as over the shoulder training on how to set up profitable FB ads campaigns that allow you to generate traffic, leads, and sales everyday


• New Freedom Architect & Lifestyle Engineer Path 
($2,000 Value)

Learn how to systematize your business from top to bottom so it can run like a machine, and learn how to build a team to help you manage your entire business while it systematically grows


• ‘Inner Me Inner Key’ Blueprint 
($500 Value)

Training on how to activate your inner me to help you gain more control of your life and business


• Lifestyle, Fulfillment, Self-Love Formula 
($1,000 Value)

Insider strategies from my personal life experience with creating my dream lifestyle, enhancing your love for yourself, and finding or creating ultimate fulfillment in your life


•Bonus #1: Chrome Engage Software 
($997 Value)

Get access to our unique custom software that allows you to capture subscribers via google chrome browser, build a marketing list of subscribers, send them automated push marketing notifications, and monetize them without having to pay monthly fees 

•Bonus #2: Millionaire Secrets

Interviews with the top 1% of internet marketers, coaches, and digital entrepreneurs with multi-million dollar online businesses

•Bonus #3: Outsourcing, Hiring, + More 

Complete training on how to outsource your work to world-class employees for less than minimum wage, complete with scripts, contracts, and more

•Bonus #4: PLR High Ticket Program 

Complete high ticket course that you can sell with private label rights

•Bonus #5: The Keys To High Ticket Freedom & 
Michael's Digital Product Library 

Here you’ll be getting access to a portion of Michaels digital product library, this access comes with the 21 Keys To High Ticket Freedom video training 

Total Value Over $5,000


Listen to Monique's BEFORE
Testimonial: Her 1st Week, & Group Coaching Call 

Listen to Monique's AFTER
Testimonial: Her 3rd Week &
$6K In Sales

Listen to the Worlds Best High Ticket Closer & $200,000,000 salesman Marc Steffen and his testimonial

Listen to former professional basketball player Alessio Bond and his testimonial

Listen to award-winning software creator & super affiliate Paul O'keeffe
and his testimonial

Listen to the superstar entrepreneur David Pare
and his testimonial

Listen to the expert copywriter Aliz AJ and his testimonial

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A percentage of our sales go to charity to help educate,
clothe, and feed hungry children in need.

Here Is What You Get Inside
Of This Course To Help You 
Create Freedom Your Way!


Module 1 - The High Ticket Clarity & Fast Start Formula

  • Your high ticket vehicle, learn which high ticket business model to choose and select the best business model that suits your personal and professional needs
  • Clarity on your superpower, we show you step by step what to do in order to discover your superpower, use it to help you create a high ticket business, and attract more high paying clients
  • The 'magical goal setting formula' and believing strategies that will help you strengthen your mindset so you can send direct messages and commands directly to your subconscious/super mind to enhance your manifestation
  • The direct steps to take to leverage your existing audience to begin generating leads, appointments, consultations, and high ticket clients as soon as week 1
  • And so much more

$2,000 Value

Module 2 - High Ticket Funnel Marketing Mastery

  • Learn how to create a high ticket sales funnel that converts website visitors into leads, appointments, consultations, and ultimately high paying clients
  • Learn how to create an effective webinar funnel even if you are brand new and have never created a webinar before, we’ll also provide you with our proven template
  • Learn how to design a multi-touch point marketing funnel that allows you to communicate with your prospects in multiple different ways to increase your sales
  • Learn how to do email marketing and build an email tribe of subscribers that will open, click, and take action on your recommendations inside of your emails
  • How to keep your messaging & branding consistent across all of your channels, assets, pages, and social media so you can create more omnipresent authority in the market
  • And so much more

$4,000 Value

Module 3 - Sales, Persuasion, & Influence System

  • Learn how to use sales, persuasion, and influence to help you get nearly anything you want as long as it does not cause harm to other people
  • Learn how to do sales calls to close high ticket clients even if you’ve never sold anything on the phones before - you’ll be much more effective when you know this process
  • Our proven effective sales call templates, proven sales scripts, and training on how to use your voice and tonality to affect the results of your sales calls
  • And so much more

$1,000 Value

Module 4 - High Ticket Traffic & Conversion Playbook

  • Learn how to generate FREE organic traffic using social media, online communities, influencers, affiliates, strategic partners, and even FREE press to attract high paying clients
  • Learn how to successfully create paid FB ad campaigns that can allow you to start generating hyper-targeted traffic that is interested in your offer so you can close more high paying clients
  • How to generate paid search engine traffic from Microsoft bing ads, you’ll have another source for generating highly targeted traffic to any offer you have in order to close high paying clients
  • Learn how to set up powerful retargeting campaigns that will allow you to retarget so you can increase conversions of the visitors that came to your site the first time and did not make a purchasing 
  • How to use the press, media, and media buys to scale your offer out to the masses of people, and even land yourself on ABC, CBS, Fox, The CW, and many others in just 5 days or less so you can get more clients
  • And so much more

$2,000 Value

Module 5 - Freedom Architect And Lifestyle Engineer Path

  • Learn how to fulfill your client and design the ultimate product that solves your client's problems, and delivers your solution to them in a very straightforward way
  • Know what tools and technical solutions to use in order to provide a simplified experience for your clients, and your business system processes
  • Learn how to create systems in your business that allow you to track, tweak, improve and manage your business without being the person doing all the work all day
  • How to build a team inside your business, and how to outsource your daily work tasks - this is where you learn how to shift from the mindset of an entrepreneur to that of a CEO
  • How to set up systems and processes in your business that will allow you to have more freedom and time to do other things like live your life and enjoy it
  • And so much more

$2,000 Value

Module 6 - ‘Inner Me Inner Key’ Blueprint

  • Learn the meditation, visualization, and inner energy work I do to maintain a positive mental attitude and attract more of the best that life has to offer
  • Mindset domination strategies that you can use to elevate your mindset to greatness - this will help you ascend your thinking to that of a champion in life and business
  • And so much more

$500 Value

Module 7 - Lifestyle, Fulfillment, Self-Love Formula

  • How to go inside of yourself and find true fulfillment that resonates with you - this will allow you to find your truth, live in that truth, be in that truth, and allow you to be your best self
  • The step by step process you can apply to increase your love for yourself, and why loving yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself as well as the people you impact
  • Lifestyle tools, apps, hacks, and insights based on my years of traveling the world and living in multiple countries through the power of my lifestyle based business
  • And so much more

$1,000 Value

Do you think any of this can be of value and benefit to you and your business? Absolutely!

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Listen to Troy, He Earned  
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2 Clients & Made $3K In 3 Days!

Listen to Trey, He Earned Over 
$7K In Profits In 3 Weeks!

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Q. What exactly will I be creating a high ticket offer about?

A. You'll be creating a high ticket offer based on your ideas, courses, knowledge, experience, message, life story, or the game plan that I give you inside of the course. If you have a skill set, or know how to get specific results and can help someone else, I'll show you the entire format for how to create the system and make it work for you.

Q. Is this about launching products?

A. No, this is strictly about launching your own high ticket products and services. You'll be able to create your high ticket coaching program with no list, no following, no website, and no strategic plan as long as you can follow directions and take action.

Q. What kind of work are your clients performing for THEIR clients?

A. We've helped our past clients create unique solutions for their individual businesses which range from info-courses, coaching programs, consulting programs, womens empowerment programs, monthly recurring group coaching programs, physical book launch events, consulting agencies, book publishing agencies, holistic wellness programs, copywriting services, health coaches, offline seminars, live events, retreats, automation services, website development solutions, corporate consulting, FB ad agencies, local business services, financial management programs, and a various amount of other business we've helped our clients create or expand. We have so much success because we inject timeless business princinples and strategies into their life and business to help them get results. Results will vary.

Q. What if I don't want to create or sell my own high ticket offer - can I still make this work?

A. Yes, you can still make this work. We will show you how to sell other people's high ticket products for hefty affiliate commissions. In fact, you can do this and build an entire business model around promoting other peoples high ticket offers. We'll provide you with a rolodex of high ticket offers for you to promote as an affiliate. This will save you hours of time.

Q. Do I need to have a big budget for advertising in order to make this work?

A. No, you don't need to have a big budget for paid advertising in order to make this work. We advise all of our clients to begin with low daily advertising budgets of $5, $10, or $50 per day - depending on what their spending capacity is. In order to get the best results, it's advised to have a monthly paid advertising budget of at least $1,000 - $2,500 per month.

Q. What makes your program different from all the others out there? Why should I work with you? 

A. We believe everyone has a superpower, our program will help you discover your superpower, turn it into a high ticket business, so you can get paid to share it and impact lives worldwide, so you can build a fun lifestyle based business, share more time with the people you love, and create freedom your way. This is a comprehensive personal and business development program that you will not find anywhere else online. You should work with us because you'll be learning from someone who has experience with closing high ticket clients online from around the world, and high ticket corporate clients like Walmart, HEB, Whole Foods, GNC, and has rubbed shoulders as well as done business with some of the business titans of the world. 

Q. Is this group consulting or is this a high ticket course? 

A. No, this is not a group consulting program. This is a high ticket course. 

Q. Do you guarantee that I'll make money?

A. No, there are no guarantees in life - so the only guarantee we can make is that if you take action on the information inside this program you will make progress. We do not gurantee that you will make money because we don't know your skills, business, ideas, situation, budget for paid advertising, dedication, focus, goals, and so forth meaning there is no way we can guarantee any financial results. This course is created for education pursoses. 

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Yes, we offer a '30 day action takers money back guarantee'. So you can try our system out for 30 days, and if you don't make any progress (meaning set up your business, set up your website, your email campaigns, generate new leads, schedule new appointments, have sales conversations), show us what you did and then we will support you to help you move forward if you are stuck. Simply show us what you did, based on the training inside the platform, and we'll provide you help with a 1 on 1 session to help you move forward. After we see the action you have taken, do the 1 on 1 session, if we determine that you are not able to move forward, then we will offer you a refund on your course enrollment fee. Truthfully if you are thinking of asking for a refund, then this offer is not for you. Thanks for stopping by, however, we only work with people that are serious and all in on their business. So if refund is in your mind - then please leave this page.


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Disclaimer: We do not guarantee or make any claims with this platform. We believe in providing value for others, and that is what we teach our clients how to do based on their unique ideas, knowledge, and life experience. Creating freedom your way, and a successful business takes work to accomplish. We ascribe to working hard, and smart. We don't believe in 'get rich quick schemes' or in 'get rich by clicking buttons schemes' - we believe success takes work and we share that transparently with our clients. We share real business strategy on our platform that has produced results for our company, as well as for our successful clients. Our clients created success because of their individual efforts, skills, resources, and determination to succeed. Our platform is intended for educational, inspirational, and empowering purposes. Please understand that all of your results are dependent upon your effort, determination, consistency, dedication, and coachability to what information is shared therein. This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way Facebook is a trademark of Facebook, Inc. All information found and provided on this website is based on the best practices, and for educational, inspiration, and empowering purposes only.

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