6 Steps to Freedom

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What if I told you there were only 6 steps you’d need in order to become totally FREE?

In this email I’m going to give you 6 solid steps to creating freedom in your life.

6 steps so powerful in fact, that if you follow them exactly…

You’ll start banking 3K – 5K per week with much less effort than you ever imagined…

If you’re ready, then grab a cold one, or a cup of coffee because this one is going to be entertaining.

The 6 Steps Explained

Step #1 – Identify Your Super Power

We all were born with something special, and over the years you’ve developed some kick-@$$ skills that many people would die for.

So looking at those assets and abilities, whether born in you, or developed over the years…

Is there a way you could transfer those skills into someone else?

Perfect example…

During my college basketball career, I came home one summer after dropping out – and having no source of income.

Then I realized I knew the process of getting a college scholarship, so I knew I could transfer my knowledge to upcoming high school and middle school students and get paid to do so…

After putting myself out there, I got 1 client, then that client transformed into a referral…

That referral transformed into another, and then he brought his best friend to workout, then they brought 3 cousins.

Next thing I knew I was running multiple group coaching programs, working 1 on 1 with students, coaching 2 basketball teams, and running my own weekend basketball clinics and making full time money from teaching people the easiest thing I knew how to do…

Workout and play basketball.

So look at what skills and gifts you have, is there a way you can transform those into money?

Would people pay to know what you know? Is there a market that you could sell your process to?

Give that some thought, and let the idea cook in your thought (not thot) pot.

Step #2 – Tap Into Your Following
I see too many people who come to me for advice on how to get more clients…

And they say things like “Well Mike I don’t know anyone, so how do I get any clients?”

I tell them straight up, that’s bullshit because the average human knows at least 2,000 people.

So look at the people you already know, or the email list you have, or your fans, followers, tribe, etc…

Those people are the most immediate to begin with.

My first $50,000 sale came because I tapped into my resources/following.

I had a mentor and I asked him did he know anyone in the automobile industry.

Next thing I knew I was connected to a very successful luxury automobile dealership owner.

After putting in a little hustle to market for clients on FREE classified sites, Facebook, and forums – I found someone interested in purchasing a luxury infinity truck… that would cost more than $50,000.

I quickly connected the two, and the deal was done.

The guy drove off with his new car, my new connection/client had made a decent sized sale without doing much work, and I walked away as a college kid with a nice commission that paid the bills for a few months.

Maybe you don’t have a car to sell, and that’s cool brah – but I know you have people in your network, social media groups, on your EMAIL LIST that are looking to buy something big from you – or someone else.

Tap into your following, and start asking questions.

If you’ve got an email list, then start sending surveys asking what are their biggest problems so you can identify solutions – and sell solutions to them.

Step #3 – Deliver Value

This one goes without saying…

I’ve seen people come into this industry, not deliver value, or deliver rubbish – and because of that…

They’ve either struggled like crazy (and still do), or they’ve found themselves in positions where they have to move to another industry because they didn’t deliver any value to their clients.

I stand against this, and I’m always committed to delivering value because I know there is a person on the other end who has bills to pay, a family to feed, and a life to live.

You are required to accept delivering value as your duty, responsibility, and obligation.

I won’t get deep into a personal story here because delivering value is what people are paying you for.

Always take care of the people that pay you money because they are the one’s that are paying your bills, car note, putting food on your table, and so forth.

Step #4 – Sell to your following

Now maybe you don’t understand what this is about, and quite possibly have no idea why you should sell to your following.

Let me break it down into simple English for you bro-bro.

These are the people that already know you, they like you, and for the most part they trust you.

When I was in high school I was always searching for a way to make some money because I wasn’t born into privilege.

I was a popular kid, and one of the captains of the varsity basketball team, and I was homecoming king…

So I did some thinking about how I could leverage this based on my target market, and my existing following.

Then BOOM! An idea hit me.

I was in a school filled with kids who loved candy, I was popular and cool, and everybody loved me for reasons beyond what I could comprehend…

So one day after school I went and bought a box of candy with every intent to sell out the next day at school.

I sold out 2 hours before school was to end the very next day.

I continued on with this until I was able to buy myself some new clothes, shoes, and have some money to blow down in Miami ;-).

Everyone loved buying from me, and I loved selling them what they wanted.

You currently have a following, be it an email list, a group of co-workers, email contacts, social media groups you’re a part of, etc.

Start your mind to thinking about what does your following want, once you come up with an idea…


Step #5 – Deliver High Ticket Content As You Go

I remember the first time I got someone on the phone to sell a high ticket program to them, which I didn’t even have…

All I had was a salesletter, and a few idea of what I could teach lol.

Well long story short, I get to the close and kid says YES!

Later that day I had 2 more calls, and those people also said YES.

My first day selling high ticket I closed 3 people, but I had no idea what to give them…

It was a mixed feeling of “Yes I did it! WHOOO” and “Holy $hit what am I gonna give these people”!?!?

Haha best problem to have when just getting started with high ticket.

Anyway, I delivered the content over a couple of weeks, and my students that took action got some really great results, and one kid went on to have a 15K month which blew me away.

But on the flip side, I did create a high ticket course before that one and it took me 2 and ½ weeks to make it…

Only to make it, find out it was too long – nobody could pay attention to 18 videos that were 45 minutes long enough to even send me a testimonial for review.

Learned my lesson there, and lost weeks of my life in the process – I’ll never do that again, ever, even if there’s a fire lol.

So back to my point, when you sell your high ticket offer, you don’t need to have the product already done – you just need to sell and see if there is a market interest…

Then once you find there is a market interest, you create the product as you go.

With my current business my partners and I have recently got a purchase order signed from a distributor who distributes to a billion dollar grocery chain that rhymes with Toll Foods ;-).

And we don’t even have the product in hand – we’re delivering once someone buys it, and they bought, now we’re producing on a mass scale.

Back to my point…

Deliver your program as you go, it’s the best way to do business is to create what people have already bought from you.

Step # 6 – Big Strategy & Growth

This one may go over some people’s heads because most online marketers, coaches, consultants, and so forth are not teaching about this.

I’ve studied IM and invested 10,000’s of my own cheese only to find everyone talking about the same things…

Build a list, sell products, launch products, sell high ticket, backend, masterminds, blah blah blah…

But no one ever talks about exit strategies…

No one ever talks about IPO’s…

No one ever talks about reinvesting IPO money into hedge funds…

No one ever talks about flipping your IM money into partnerships with commercial real estate…

No one ever talks about partnering with private equity firms to do IPO’s, mergers, buyouts, takeovers, and private equity stakes…

No this info is something that I personally will not be going into depth with because I’m literally helping build a company with the intent of the billion dollar IPO exit…

However what I will say is that you need an exit strategy.

You see, internet marketing, high ticket offers, big clients, etc…

That’s not the long term plan brah.

No no no, you must be crazy.

Have you lost your mind?

Do you really think you’ll be able to stay in this field long enough to hit pay dirt before all the other up and coming coaches, consultants, and high ticket sellers come in and pollute the game?

Let’s keep it real here…

The high ticket game is cool, but the exit strategy is even better – if you’re looking to create real wealth.

So as you’re building up your online assets always think about structuring your business in a way that becomes automated, that generates consistent revenue, be sure to track everything, document all processes so you can eventually get to the point where you sell your business system to someone for a nice 8 – 9 figure buyout.

The 6 Steps Again

Step #1 – Identify Your Super Power

Step #2 – Tap Into Your Following

Step #3 – Deliver Value

Step #4 – Sell to your following

Step #5 – Deliver High Ticket Content As You Go

Step # 6 – Big Strategy & Growth

To wrap this whole thing up, if you’re an independent thinker – then this post will fuel you to get up and go after the big ticket sales at both a higher level, and with a deeper strategy in place for the exit.

I hope this inspired you, if it did let me know and send me a testimonial when you kick some @$$ in your life & business.

Peace man,
Your most trusted online adviser,
Michael “Overdeliver” Baptiste

P.S. I had a sit down the other day with a guy who explained how he was doing up to 50M deals each month via commercial real estate. It blew my mind, but made me realize you must always think bigger in this world we live in.

P.P.S. The big money isn’t harder to get, it

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